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  2. holy damn, hide and seek dorothy is so much better than I expected. like the first 30seconds of maze were like hmmh okaaaai, but its so good actually  and Pageant slaps so good! doing you a recommend righthere!!

  3. Ada Suilen

    https://open.spotify.com/album/3vxEtzZJuVEwKgatRGqmTC?si=PnrVmmbBTvueNhjxrUbvfAhttps://open.spotify.com/album/3vxEtzZJuVEwKgatRGqmTC?si=PnrVmmbBTvueNhjxrUbvfA Koochewsen's latest album, weird and freaking good!
  4. shane

  5. shane

    Yeah we know... He said there's more "press conferences" coming so look forward to more CMs I guess.
  6. Jun_

    I was searching for some files on my backups DVDs and found a Diaura cover of yours LOL That's like...a long time ago HAHA
  7. Bear

    Oh hell yeah! The concept of this found footage movie isn't anything new, but the execution is just awesome. It's made during the corona pandemic and is kinda similar to both Unfriended, Unfriended: Dark Web and The Den in many ways, but the execution is just so much better. And one of the reasons for that is the lenght of the movie. It clocks in at 55 minutes and it's not a single dull moment tbh. The scares works really well, even the cheap ones, and the atmosphere is really nice. Thought this was fantastic. @Jigsaw9
  8. anadentone

    Anyone know about the ages of the guys in Jin Machine?
  9. AoiMoon

    Pessoal! Queria divulgar o recrutamento do novo membro do VK ONEE SAN: O time do VK ONEE SAN, canal especializado em VK, está a procura de um novo membro! As inscrições estão abertas até o dia 02/10/2020 Se você sabe editar vídeos, não pode perder essa chance! Não há requisito de idade, gênero ou local de residência. Todos que quiserem ajudar a promover o Visual Kei pelo mundo são bem vindos! A pessoa selecionada será responsável pela área de edição dos vídeos semanais do canal. Logo, os requisitos são: - Habilidades em edição de vídeos em programas como Premiere Pro, Filmora ou similares (corte, ajuste de cor, inserção de efeitos, ajuste básico de áudio, etc) - Habilidades básicas em edição de imagem em programas como Photoshop ou similares (remoção de fundo, ajuste de tamanho, inserção de texto, etc) - Nível intermediário/avançado de inglês - Disponibilidade para reuniões presenciais ou por vídeo chamadas (a depender do local de residência) O trabalho de todos os membros do canal é VOLUNTÁRIO, ou seja, sem remuneração. Porém, é uma ótima oportunidade para refinar os seus conhecimentos e até mesmo incrementar o seu portfólio! Se interessou? Preencha o formulário de inscrição até o dia 02/10/2020: https://forms.gle/xqBu558DWdmxdUVo6 Esperamos por você! Quem é o VK ONEE SAN? Fundado em 2019, VK ONEE SAN é um canal que se propõe a trazer conteúdo variado sobre visual kei com leveza, desmistificando o estilo e tornando informações e curiosidades acessíveis aos fãs internacionais. Com uma audiência concentrada em EUA, Brasil, Suécia, Malásia, Alemanha e Japão, é um dos canais que mais cresce no nicho!
  10. Eh, starting a rock track with an edm beat isn't exactly something exclusive to the GazettE. Seems coincidental at the most to me, and the tracks go off in considerably different directions after the first 10 seconds anyway. Anyway that track sounds quite a bit better than anything I've heard from A9 in quite a while. Nice to see they can still put out some cool stuff from time to time.
  11. enyx

    This is a strange way of looking at it. I don't think anybody would criticise him if he'd simply told them "I've decided there are other things in life I want to pursue, so I'm leaving the band as of x-date", but completely ghosting your friends/colleagues/bandmates/whatever without warning is just scummy regardless of the reason (unless you literally died or became incapacitated somehow).
  12. Happy birthday, Cinny Minny :glitter:I hope you enjoy the rest of your special day! 

  13. heresytrash

    Isshi from Kagrra,
  14. Don't forget to read the interview with MOB


  15. I don't listen to Gazette much anymore but wow, the intro and tempo, definitely
  16. EvilHippy

    Or it's a side-project for Takumi (since he's doing piano and synths in the band)
  17. Seelentau

    I really, really wonder why they put emphasis on the new artist name, tbh. Almost seems like they want to avoid paying the actual band, DIR EN GREY, so they use a different artist name for the Ambient Collection... but I don't know their contracts of course, so it's just an uninformed assumption lol
  18. anakuro

    @Jigsaw9 yeee boiiii you'll need to message me your address at some point you know lmao it should arrive on the 29th according to amazon i'll send you those spicy tracks once the CDs arrive of course 👍
  19. Jigsaw9

    NICE. Can't wait to receive that pinky boi in the mail.
  20. anakuro

    yep, the tracklist was also revealed with the names for the 2 new songs: 『ブルーフィルム -Revival-』 01. Sex On The Beach  02. エロトピア 03. ミルクセヰキ  04. ポラロイド遊戯 05. 音セックス2020 06. デリヘルボーイズ!デリヘルガールズ! (ニュウ!作詞作曲:桜井青 ) 07. 真空回廊 08. 原色エレガント 09. さかしま (ニュウ!作詞作曲:石井秀仁) 10. ブルーフィルム 6 -> deriheru boys! deriheru girls! // prostitute boys! prostitute girls! (ao song) 9. -> sakashima // reverse or upside down (shuuji song) 6..9....nice
  21. shane

    Album covers revealed
  22. nekkichi

  23. nekkichi

    muh honmei deserves their 『shiawase』! ! ! how dare u judge him and his choices????????
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