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  1. Today
  2. Everybody is offended by Maria Cross, I don't know why people particularly talk about that time he offended some dude named Sex

    1. anadentone


      lol reminds me of the story of a guy who got kicked out of the KKK for being too racist/violent towards minorities, it's like , damn wtf?

      does the little shit even have a twitter account?

    2. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Yeah, I think I found his account... his username is @/beautymaria4. Looks and talks just like him but I don't use Twitter so I can't say I know for sure that's him.


  3. You guys have probably never heard an Albanian song, so here's a rock ballad. If you listen to it, please tell me what u think about it 


  4. Yesterday
  5. We’ve added CURE, SHOXX, Malice Mizer, Laputa, and more!  Come claim your rarez https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added


  6. Kote bands always make me wish I was like 10 years older than I am.... born in the wrong generation feels are very strong

    1. Himeaimichu


      I get the same feeling too sometimes. I wish I could time travel to 1997 Japan and spend a few years there then come back with all the Vkei rarez lol

  7. Man, I miss Wowaka. Dude was such a genius at creating melody.

  8. Last week
  9. Can someone bail me out on Jpopsuki? I forgot how the site even works. I haven't used it in like 10 years. But apparently i'm like... really in the red. My download to upload ratio is ridiculously bad. 

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    2. Furik


      Nothing specific. I just wanted to get in good-standing so I can use the site again. lol

    3. YuyoDrift


      If you are not seeding the files you download, then your ratio will not change. That is, of course, dependent on how popular the releases you downloaded are and if you didn't delete the torrent file in your downloads folder immediately after finishing the download (this would make you a leecher lol).


      I'm sure you know how torrents work but you'll need to have BOTH the torrent file and the actual file completed where they are until the seed ratio is 1.0 or close enough, before you can delete them.



    4. Naaaaani
  10. New items on the store!  Come get X JAPAN, BABYLON, LAREINE, and Versailles! https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  11. Does anyone have downy's 7th untitled album and/or The Novembers' At The Beginning please? 

    EDIT - Nevermind, @Rize did me a solid! 😊 


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    2. togz


      @monkeybanana4 maybe not their original song but i really like their cover of fukai mori : o
      as for their original stuff so far i really like the song Ignite .___. but really all of their stuff has been so good it's hard to pick even a handful. 

    3. cheesy_VK_Freak


      their drummer be blastin like crazy

    4. togz


      @cheesy_VK_Freak he really do be though. ;___; me likey that very much

  13. I'm so ready to throw money at GazettE again. 

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    2. platy


      I'm convinced they don't want any money at this point 

    3. togz
    4. solaris05


      saaaaaame. SO READY

  14. Wow. I can't believe I waited this long to listen to Nalsist.

    1. Messenger84


      Livin' in a dream...

  15. I quit my job 😐

    1. platy


      Congrats (?) and I hope you can find something better 

    2. KrumpingChihuahua


      I am sure you had a reason to quit. So congrats, let's hope you'll find a a better one 

    3. Desqui


      Aww thanks guys. Me too. 

  16. karma: my… 『…deep』narcissism… can u even… re:late?…



    yoshiki: anyway here’s my 3rd self-produced biographic documentary I’ve been tirelessly working on since our band came back and never released that album we’ve been crafting together since 1994 please enjoy the original bluray and its separate 🔴youtube shitshow™ director’s cut - 『extended authentic producer  vision ver. — GESAMT • 快作 • KUNSTWERK— 』 - for a separate subscription fee exclusive to yoshiki master-card you can only use for fxxkin spicy craft chips purchases otherwise,


     lots of love - Y

  17. Found a night club in FF14 that's really legit and I'm spending my Saturday dancing there with friends. Socialising in time of corona, everybody. 

  18. Just found out that one of my blog posts was used as a reference in the J-fash Wiki so I think I can call myself a credible Visual Kei historian now

  19. Tonight i finally made the decision not get a divorce. Wish me luck that I will get to keep my kids. 

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    2. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Stay strong, and good luck 

    3. Rize


      Goodluck! ♥️  I hope everything will work out for you!

    4. platy


      Good luck 🍀

  20. So happy to see MEJIBRAY now on spotify! Although not everything is available from my country, it's still cool to see their work finally being up there on the streaming platforms! ٩( 'ω' )و 

    spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6VeP6EHKYyGJrN60TlAPpo?si=_mkIWszWQXOtcQLUfA_H9g

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    2. Rize


      Oh lol it didnt appear to me when I looked it up but now it does! Thanks! ^^

    3. Karma’s Hat

      Karma’s Hat

      Lol how come they are spread out like that

    4. KrumpingChihuahua


      one account from koichi, one from mia ?  
      Could it have to do with the labels they was or wasnt contracted to?
      Or they had a spotify account, staff forgot about it, lost password whatever and made a new one

  21. Earlier
  22. I keep forgetting I'm actually sort of known for making weird, cringey comments on YT as a teenager,

    and so I occasionally have people I have never seen before reply to me "How did you get here?" on certain videos lol

  23. Bitches who haven't washed their face, brushed their hair, or bathed in a week and using Bath & Body Works body mist to cover up their coochie stank be like "I love Visual Kei!"... Like girl, you're worried about the wrong visuals.

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    2. cheesy_VK_Freak


      There is no problem with dis IMO.

    3. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      I hope bands start getting ad deals with hygiene products, or that y'all at least stay at least 10 ft away from me

    4. fruitfork
  24. More CDs and the return of cheki await you on today’s store update!  We’ve added DEZERT cheki, LUNA SEA, LAREINE, JILS, and more https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  25. Best decision I made this month was changing the showtime date for Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel 3 to an earlier day of the week. Due to lockdowns (again) (also, FU to all state gov promoting it), all future showings have been cancelled.

  26. LYNCH's ULTIMA is still album of the year. 

  27. That spotify velveeta cheese ad is straight up disgusting. It's like spotify wouldn't approve the ad until it was repulsive enough to convince basic users to upgrade to premium. Well played spotify but your tricks won't work on me.

    1. anadentone


      I don't have spotify, but on a scale of teacup kittens to Gary busey how chaotic is it?

    2. ghost


      uhm.....Gary Busey inside a teacup? lol. It's just ok. It tries to throw a lot of curated recommendations at you so it's really bloated. Works well enough for making playlists, but it's somewhat user hostile. For example, on their mobile app you can only play music on shuffle. And they throw in random songs in the queue. 


      It does have a lot of stuff I listen to though and it's pretty good for finding similar artists.  I'll use it for discovering new k-indie.

      The worst part is the ads which are all insufferable.

  28. Bring back DEATHGAZE!

    1. nekkichi


      I want Nokia Naoki to start something as good as dexcore tbh, the scene needs more variety and darell sounds literally like straightforward deathgaze#2 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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