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  2. holy damn, hide and seek dorothy is so much better than I expected. like the first 30seconds of maze were like hmmh okaaaai, but its so good actually  and Pageant slaps so good! doing you a recommend righthere!!

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  4. Happy birthday, Cinny Minny :glitter:I hope you enjoy the rest of your special day! 

  5. Don't forget to read the interview with MOB


  6. Yesterday
  7. I have a new found love for REVIVE 

    1. Mihenno


      They're so great ❤️ 

  8. Nervously laughing when we're going for a walk and he's wearing high heels. 


  9. I wonder which next visual band I should try to contact for an interview, please don't point me to too big names.

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    2. BrenGun


      @suji do they actually have any interview in Japanese?

      If there any, please link me to it. 

    3. Paraph


      what about kebyo, Spookjack or ロゼ?

    4. BrenGun


      I doubt I can reach to spookjack...


      but ロゼ might be fine. 


      kebyo I contacted yesterday... but I have low hopes.

  10. Finished reading Gantz and it has a ridiculous amount of missed potential

    1. Jun_


      The last chapter is complete garbage xD

    2. Manabu


      @Jun_ Agreed, the entire giant arc was really underwhelming and so lazy

  11. Did 舞-mai- ever release the version of Kaos ~貸せ殺せ埋めろ~ heard on the Image 漆黒 ii VHS on a CD? I like the organs in that version 

  12. Last week




    FF 16!!

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    2. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      MMO? I disagree, it appears to be single-player with the same combat system seen in 15. 

    3. platy


      @Total Saikouthe graphics look like FF14 but even lower, that's why I thought of MMO. I'm hoping it's because it's really early days in development, but I'm not the only one who thinks it's graphically disappointing. 

    4. 123Sandman321


      I was horrified in the first minute, but then it very slowly won me over.


      I don't know how you imagine the graphics would improve in terms of character model and texture quality with the art style the last few games have gone for. All the lighting, shadows and other effects looked amazing. 


      What was a bit jarring, tho, was that the supposedly main character was shown fighting the monsters alone and not just once.


      But, I mean, who gives a fuck, we ain't gonna play til 2030 rolls over, at minimum :D

  14. music reminded me today how much I miss ex-xenon's Leo, whereever you are remember, how dare you leave the music scene!

  15. The RAGE when you still cannot remember the title of a song you already listened for HUNDREDS of times in 20 YEARS. (I have an awful memory for song titles I cannot link them with the melody for the life of me, I'm more of a visual memory person)


    1. Arkady


      Please, help me regain my sanity and to not waste an entire afternoon searching among Lareine discography. What lareine song is this melody from? I know it's one of the most obvious ones, I can hum all of it, but I cannot connect the title with the melody.


  16. washed-up nü-kei h8r reporting in to say: キズ rules

  17. Imagine your favourite Eroguro song but 4kids dubbed

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    2. fruitfork


      No, I don't think I will,

    3. Himeaimichu


      Amano from Guruguru Eigakan already fits the bill for "kidz bop singer"

    4. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      You really didn't have to roast him like that @Himeaimichu


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    2. Linh-san


      @Elazmus oh really? I'm not sure what I'm missing out at the moment but I only found one full album so far, but its good already * o *!

    3. Elazmus


      Y'know what it's probably about the same amount of songs between the two, but I think the album has most of their songs included!

    4. Linh-san


      @ElazmusAlright! Good to know that haha

      now gotta keep an eye on them for each new release:wan-44:

  19. Yo! Is that a Kei Okazaki avatar I see? Noice.

    1. Linh-san


      @beni Yes it is! I'm totally fan of CollarxMalice! Got the 2 otome games and 4/5 character CD's too haha Kei Okazaki is my favorite^^

  20. What if MADAME EDWARDA's recent liveshows are online just because all the members are people at higher risk for corona 

    I swear I'll bring you all my money when corona will be defeated 

    1. fruitfork


      Link to said liveshows pls >: )

    2. 少女椿


      @fruitfork ? what do you mean


      ACT :
      †13th Moon†

      ◆開演 18:00予定(17:50~配信開始)



    3. fruitfork
  21. Today on Kiryu YT- Torture. And I suspect that Junji is a sadistic sumbeach.

  22. Help me upvote this pic on lastfm

    >> https://www.last.fm/music/Mother/+images/8f1e4ec0a8a8100faf7f2f1cd3873441  Thank you :3

    1. Mamo


      There ya go

    2. Linh-san


      Thanks everyone for helping me out! haha

  23. listening to doginthePWO and having a weirdly specific nostalgic flashback to a time i was sitting in the park in the city centre in the August sun with my weeb friends, we were all arguing about death note ships. we had my oshare folder playing on shuffle on a portable speaker. we're all wearing studded rainbow belts and have awkwardly gelled spiked hair in some kind of budget-vk/scene kid combo. one kid literally just wore his L cosplay and took his fucking shoes off outdoors in a public park to complete the look. the same kid brought his copy of the first volume of black butler (which had JUST come out in english) and we all huddled round and read it over his shoulder lmao, with A9 and paradeis playing in the background like it was the most normal shit ever. i really miss those times ;-; 

  24. goddd i want to go to a live so bad i'm tempted to risk it with corona and go to a random indie af vk band just to FEEL SOMETHING

  25. Always fascinating how many insanely good totally underground japanese metalcore bands exist out there. 

    My latest found "GOAT" GROOVE OF AGE TEDIOUS.



  26. it's hard suffering from depressed . just say "i'm back" but not really come back to see this everyday , also work .  but i'm still into visual kei , i listened to others but still into visual kei .

  27. I'm not sure I will hear something more romantic than "if we have no choice, let's drown and die together",  jesussss 😭

    1. reminiscing2004


      if we are reborn, let's meet again

    2. 少女椿


      @reminiscing2004 we're both manga maniacs, so this was, like, between the lines wwwww


  28. tfw i managed to be into vkei for this long and only heard LAREINE for the first time just now

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    2. Arkady


      Welcome among Lareine fans. 😃

    3. Jenova


      Blue Romance is such a good album 😭

    4. 少女椿


      Welcome to the club and give me some blood ~

  29. Earlier
  30. Holy hell I want this Maximum the Hormone water bottle.


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