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  2. BrenGun

    Don't forget that Minami Ozaki work "Zetsuai" characters are also kind of based on "Vkei" artists. So is Koji Nanjo inspired on Atsushi from Buck-Tick and that manga started in 1989. https://www.google.com/search?q=Zetsuai+koji+nanjo&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjWsuefmp7tAhUisKQKHfsgDx4Q_AUoAXoECAUQAw&biw=1745&bih=881#imgrc=J4wP2Nq5y0k4pM
  3. meat

    The whole thing is here: https://jpfiles.eu/japanese/japanese-dvdiso/bdiso-dir-en-grey-落ちた事のある空-パッケージ版-blu-ray-2020-08-03/
  4. BrenGun

    Another OROCHI..... mm... I guess they are an idol girl band. at least the member tweets feel pretty much idol like.
  5. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Slap that link in Y2Mate and boom. + Beware of random booby pics that will pop up at you. haha.
  6. Kabukichoatmidnight

    I wonder if they're fans of King of Fighters. haha.
  7. rekzer

    anyone have DL links for this?
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  9. Yukami

  10. LIDL

    Well, get ready https://youtu.be/y85Ri7ebGc8
  11. Excuse me if I correct you but Kei is not the guitarist of the Wagakki Band, he participated as a guitarist in the solo project of Asa (Bassist of Wagakki Band) after all Kei has always been a support guitarist for many bands, one that comes to mind is Wing Works.
  12. Can someone bail me out on Jpopsuki? I forgot how the site even works. I haven't used it in like 10 years. But apparently i'm like... really in the red. My download to upload ratio is ridiculously bad. 

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    2. BrenGun


      That's a lot 😂


      But what exactly do you want to download on jpopsuki?

      Maybe someone can download the stuff you are looking for.

    3. Furik


      Nothing specific. I just wanted to get in good-standing so I can use the site again. lol

    4. YuyoDrift


      If you are not seeding the files you download, then your ratio will not change. That is, of course, dependent on how popular the releases you downloaded are and if you didn't delete the torrent file in your downloads folder immediately after finishing the download (this would make you a leecher lol).


      I'm sure you know how torrents work but you'll need to have BOTH the torrent file and the actual file completed where they are until the seed ratio is 1.0 or close enough, before you can delete them.



  13. 団長×広末慧 (Dancho x Kei Hirosue) 2nd single "DIVA" will be released at 2020/12/09. "団長×広末慧(Dancho x Kei Hirosue)" members: vo.団長(Dancho) (NoGoD) gt.広末慧(Kei Hirosue) (MASQUERADE) supports: ba.シンイチ(Shinichi) (月光グリーン(Gekko Green)) dr.遠藤勝彦(Katsuhiko Endo) (破天航路(HATEN KOHRO))
  14. Karma’s Hat

    I will necro this thread to add that so far the earliest example of the Eins Zwei Drei Vier that I have found comes from ZI:KILL's NIGHT CALL from the album DESERT TOWN released in the March of 1991. The second I have I Luis-Mary's song from an album released in the June of1991. Then there's Penicillin and Luna sea later on. After 94 I'm sure the trope started to live its own life in vk, but I reckon this theory is correct and based on my google "research", ZI:KILL was the first to do it.
  15. They have decided to change the name of the band on 2020/11/22 and have commented that it is the second chapter with new components. The first live will be on 2021/02/22. The initial project started in 2014 with REMI and YUIKA. "OROCHI" members: vo.REMI gt.YUIKA ba.HAIBARA dr.KANAE 1st song "HAYATE" Twitter
  16. New Halloween chekis added!
  17. FIVE NEW OLD feat. Masato from coldrain new digital single "Chemical Heart" will be released at 2020/12/18.
  18. nekkichi

    her singing voice is incredibly annoying
  19. Total Saikou

    I wanted to talk about this as a reverse take from the CD sorting topic, so I figured it's better to necro than repost. I keep my small/medium-ish CD collection within two separate boxes, one up high on my bookshelf and the other on my floor (because my shelf is out of room for it). Originally, when I was getting into VK around 15, I kept my CDs in this emptied, old Christmas chocolates tin. I only had about like 10 CDs total because I didn't have a job yet and therefore no disposable income. All my VK CDs were gifts from my parents or western ones I bought at the record shop for cheap. After I saved up enough money from my job I began buying some because the collector love had been planted in me. After fleshing out my faves selection and my MM collection, that old tin was dangerously overflowing. The CDs even tipped over and hit me on the head one time (My only Rouage CD nearly took my fucking eye out) which made me realize that I had to upgrade. I noticed a nice, big soft box at my work for sale a few days prior so I decided to go with that one. What an upgrade that was, if CDs could talk I bet they'd thank me for taking them out of that cold old tin and into the cozy soft box. My collection grew slowly until quarantine this year, wherein quarantine spending made my collection triple and get too big for the box. So I bought another, less softer one that was smaller, yet managed to fit more CDs in it, somehow. To point where I could just put all my normal CDs in the small box and all my other VK stuff (books) and awkward shaped CDs (collector boxes, 8cms) into the big one. TL;DR: I put my CDs in a small box on my bookshelf, and my books/collector boxes/8cm singles into a bigger box on the floor. The small box has officially been filled up, and I've transferred the end line of my collection (for clarification, the "end line" of my collection is as designated by my current sorting status, which can shift from being my western CDs, my Kanji artist-name CDs, etc.) into the big box but I wonder what will happen when I manage to fill it up too... I guess it's another box for me! Though I am thinking about investing in a CD rack at this rate.
  20. Total Saikou

    I'm going to try a new sorting format I just thought of for my collection, I will write it here so I don't forget about it later. By release format: Single -> Maxi-single -> EP -> Mini-album -> Original full length studio album -> Best album/Compilations -> Misc. (Gonna throw my Collector Box and 8cms in a separate box, fitting them in with the rest is such a hassle). Order within each category shall be done by artist name, purely phonetically.
  21. cheesy_VK_Freak

    yeah, seeing the live without audience in a better quality was definitely worth the watch! i just realized I got tired of the insulated world live. the setlist bores me.
  22. Yesterday
  23. togz

    Not gonna lie this photo took up so much space i thought you were posting a dinosaur as yourself for a second and then i scrolled down. CRAZY THO I'VE NEVER BEEN THAT CLOSE TO A REAL DINOSAUR BEFORE.
  24. shinganmousou

    Something in the format of "Dynamite Tommy"... so unnecessary but so impactful
  25. New items on the store!  Come get X JAPAN, BABYLON, LAREINE, and Versailles! https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  26. New items on the store! Come get X JAPAN, BABYLON, LAREINE, and Versailles! https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added
  27. Kaoru will release a new single with her UNKNOWN DEAR FOREST solo project. Lost Technology will be released on December 1st via iTunes and also can be previewed already via iTunes. Lost Technology music is provide by Sousi Kamijou and the music is arranged by Yoshiro Makimoto. https://music.apple.com/nl/album/1541787028 Who is Kaoru? Kaoru is a female visual solo artist who has had years of history in the music scene. She’s been consistently putting out material for years, and most notably she has served as lead vocals in her band SICth (inactive as of now), and recently she has focused on her solo project, “UNKNOWN DEAR FOREST”, which their first released was produced and written by the giant visual scene figurehead, Kisaki (ex. Mirage, Phantasmagoria). text written by @Katt
  28. I actually liked Starry Sky, it's gives a nice boost compared to all his other releases
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