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    Returned from the dust (O.O ! )

    Hey everyone! It's been a while! (Probably 5 years since I stepped down as moderator here, damn!) I'm kinda back into VK/J-Rock and stuff, so I'm probably trying to start hanging out here more like the old days. I hope everyone is still doing fine and well! I wonder who are still active here from the time I was active on this forum. Anyways, like old days, hope to get a chance to talk through the chat! Also, I'm open to any band recommendations, hit me up with links as spotify and such. Maybe my lastfm will help with some recommendations ^^ I'm currently still into MEJIBRAY and I also like bands such as ACME, HAKLO, Versailles, Diaura, Nocturnal Bloodlust, Royz. Hope to see my old friends again as meeting new friends! Yoroshikuuuu~~
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    Nazare was all we had of this style since retsu ruined dimlim
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Please love this baby.
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    SHOXX vol. 5 + vol. 8 full scans

    Here I go logging in for the first time in (like...) six months. I've made it a (painful, admittedly) project to scan in all of my magazines in full and have them available for download. The reason being, a) it's cool to have images and know where/when they're from and b) I think it'll be good for newer fans especially to see where bands they know came from/the culture at the time. I tend to get slightly frustrated when people seem to completely rip bands apart from their context or not really be aware of the wider culture at the time. I'm putting this up on a blogspot (please enjoy my very marketable skill in web design) and here's the links. I'll add some previews to this post (they'll be quite small, apologies). The next one I'm scanning is volume 29. I need to put up volume 15 too; the scans are each about 2GB (zipped) so it's for the very dedicated. Enjoy ! from vol. 5: from vol. 8: page links: volume 5 : https://biological-slicer.blogspot.com/2020/09/shoxx-vol-5-september-1991-full-scans.html volume 8 : https://biological-slicer.blogspot.com/2020/09/shoxx-vol-8-1992-full-scans.html
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    w-what??? but wasnt he on the series already?!
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    Hello (yet again)

    Hello again!! I used to frequent here quite a few years ago and have dropped off since. I've made a few "hello again" posts and have dipped in and out but im hoping I'm here to stay for good I wonder if any of our veterans on here remember me... I've not actively listened to VK in a long time but I rediscovered my old hard drive with all my music on it and fell in love yet again Bands I have kept listening to despite falling out of touch with VK are Dir en Grey, MUCC, Plastic Tree, Buck-Tick, Kiryu, Awoi, Kagrra, DEZERT, Versailles and lynch to name a few (not much new stuff on there I realise!!) There are also a few non vk Japanese bands I love such as humbert humbert, kinoko teikoku, envy, MONCA URANGLASS, The Oral Cigarettes, LITE, Kenshi Yonezu, TK from Ling Toshite Sigure and amazarashi Excited to delve into this world again 😊
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    New Band 病葉〜わくらば〜 Wakuraba Voc:翼 Tsubasa (ナルコレプシィ→てけてけ―――。, 即ち性。Sunawachi Saga [Hiatus] , "#パロル" (#parole)) Gut:JUNICHI Ba:シン Sin 1st Mini Album「疫病は冷たく嘲笑う」(Ekibyou wa tsumetaku azawarau) 2020.11.xx recorded music「断絶」(Danzetsu) Preview https://twitter.com/wakuraba_info
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    I'm considering making a blogspot for Visual Kei downloads, a-la evil-en-lucifer, because I'm gonna be real, MH is probably gonna die and those 10+ years of hard to find vkei downloads could disappear. So I was wondering if any old-school collectors would want to help with my project. I have a lot of Vkei CDs I inherited from my ex who doesn't like Vkei anymore, so I can start it off, but this is gonna have to be a group project.
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    my heart skipped a bit at first, but when you follow those guys for almost 20 fuckin years, there's certain things your gut tells you Ryo has always dealt with mental health problems, kei first solo act was born after Ryo's biggest breakdowns. I mean, the dude has written a book on the matter Cancelling tours and suddenly suspending activities points me to another one of those. Kei has been working on solo stuff for a while, so I'm sure he was somewhat prepared for something like this This saddens me AF, but I'm pretty sure we'll hear more from Ryo in due time. Hope he rests, get well, and make a comeback ASAP. If not, we just lost one of the most influential acts of 00's VK. Cheers to a legendary one!
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Haven't posted here in ages! I think my best debut photo ever was last year @ Seoul Fashion Week 2020ss in South Korea, in October with my younger brother and my friends! (Original link, click here!) And my most recent photo is...
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    please help, i think my son is addicted to rarez. he's stopped caring about anything else. he hasn't showered in weeks, he just sits in that room looking at zenmarket all day. he punches holes in the wall whenever a sniper bid denies him a live-distributed demo tape from a show attended by 10 people at some venue that closed its doors in 2001. at first i was so proud because i thought he was taking up learning french, but as it turns out he was just naming old japanese goth twink boy-bands? what do i do?
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    ADAPTER。 new album "虹始見。" (Niji Hajimete Arawaru) will be released at 2020/09/09 (3500yen) [tracklist] 01_大義乃唄 02_残念な子 03_また咲き誇る頃に 04_みちしるべ 05_記憶桜 06_合縁奇縁 07_ご自由にどうぞ 08_超越論的主観性 09_沈黙の中の君 10_凸凹へちゃむくれ 11_奇しき運命 12_好事家な君 13_僕と君の世界で 14_僕と君の幸せ 15_四季並べ
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    random thoughts thread

    Man, the world is just so fucking weird. About 6-7 years ago I used to take the night bus home drunk and kept meeting the same guy, a "thrasher" who had similar taste to me, and we always talked about music, girls and whatever. And we usually joked about starting a thrash metal band together, inspired by Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust etc. But just as a joke of course. Over the past 3 months or, me and a very good friend, have had some of my good friend's friends play stuff for us as neither of us play any instruments (I've written the songs, but I can't play any instruments so we need session musicians). I know the drummer and bassist from before, but the guitarist, who is a friend of my friend, is someone I did not know who was. I do know his band and all, but not who he was. I did however meet the guitarist for the first time yesterday as we were filming some promo stuff and god damn it, it was the guy from 6+ years ago. And now he's playing with my band, playing thrash metal inspired by Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust etc. It's so fucking random and weird. How the hell? Hahaha! But fun of course. Always seemed like a really nice and cool guy, so that's a huge plus.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    This is me at Japanese Restaurant in my city LOL
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    Total Saikou

    random thoughts thread

    Imagine going on a date with a girl and tricking her into thinking that you speak French just by saying a bunch of VK band names like it's a sentence. Lareine Versailles? emmurée. Moi dix Mois, Baiser, L'arc en Ciel. Noir Fleurir... Noi'x.
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    I gotta go

    @Forever alone @Keiyuh Please stop talking to yourself. We know you're both the same person. I'm sorry you talk about yourself like this, especially in front of an entire forum, and I hope you get some help. Take as much of a break as you need, we'll be waiting for you.
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    アリス九號. (Alice Nine) new album "黒とワンダーランド" (Kuro to Wonderland) will be released at 2020/11/11
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    New band "EYENêS" has formed

    New band "EYENêS" has formed. "EYENêS" members: vo.優燈(Yuhi) (ex.DIVEIN) gt.健登 ba.霧葉 dr.鱒(Masu) (ex.ドットジパングロマンチカ(Dot Zipang Romantica)) Twitter
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    As long as M-H is still alive I'll post a thread! My friend postd this on Facebook but I didn't comment because they wouldn't know any of the bands I like lol. (trust me I've tried to show them. ) So I thought this would be a fun little topic here. This is gonna be kinda hard definitely need 5. 1.) SWARRRM 2.) DIR EN GREY 3.) An Autumn For Crippled Children 4.) Maximum the Hormone 5.) ギルガメッシュ
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    Develop One's Faculties new maxi-single "ヒューマノイド" (Humanoid) will be released at 2020/09/23 (3 songs, 1650yen) [tracklist] 01. ねえ (Nee) 02. Virus 03. kernel
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    https://twitter.com/gulu__i/status/1304098370005344258 I'm so happy that Ai enjoys my weird humor sense 🥰
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    Show Yourself (again)

    I need a haircut but you could land a plane on my forehead.
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    I fucking hate how I can't create an account on anything anymore without putting in a phone number. You shouldn't need to have to pay for a fucking phone service just to fucking use twitter and facebook. Oh and burner number apps don't fucking work with twitter
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    ジグソウ (Jigsaw) new look reveal

    ジグソウ (Jigsaw) new look has been revealed
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    ARTiCLEAR 2nd ONLINE EP 「異形の夢想」 (igyou no musou) will be released in December 2020.
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    Your last music-related buy!

    i got some content delivered yesterday as well... too lazy to take pics so you'll have to imagine the cover art yourself Plastic Tree Hide and Seek Puppet Show トレモロ ツメタイヒカリ スライド. Parade ロケット プラネタリウム 蒼い鳥 cali≠gari 第6実験室 ‎ 第2実験室 改訂版 舌先3分サイズ 青春狂騒曲 (that bonus minidisc that came with the Good Bye compilation) mothercoat Patchwork shiki special thank to @anakuro..............
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    "Where in the World is Yoshiki"

    Ready for what shoot? A porn video? I mean we are inside the bedroom...
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    Normies: "Ew, metal is so gross, isn't it annoying listening to guys scream all the time?!?!" The music they listen to:
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    I'll never understand why Shoya is always the only member with less makeup/ always same hair (He seems to want to look like a Kpopper) I miss his old look...
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    Wow i haven't been active on here in awhile. Just coming out of hibernation & dropping by to say that by sheer accident I happened to find out that the rip of the Outo/Oyasuminasai demotape that's been making the rounds online for all these years is FAKE! I stumbled upon YT uploads of the two tracks and these versions sound completely different from the Dai 2 tape versions - both have the trademark Ao Keyboards and Outo has some kind of sax or other tooting instrument in it. Wild.
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    1) Phantasmagoria 2) Megaromania 3) Elysion 4) Synk;yet 5) Misaruka
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    ghost's drawings

    Been thinking about this drawing since the beginning of the year. I've been missing nature: Closeups:
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    In my case, it’s actually a huge excitement factor. Some faces in the VK scene are so prolific with their involvement that they basically become a seal of quality when their name is attached to a project (like say, Sharaku Kobayashi, Kozi, Shuuji Ishii, etc). When I see that a bandoman who has continuously delivered is going to be part of a new band/side-project, I just know that I’m gonna love it. There's also the "brand new dream team" factor of new bands with old names. I remember when Roman Kyuko formed and I as a fan of both Siblebashir and Sex-Android, was wondering what power-house vocalist Izumi and obscure-style-lover Toru would sound like together (they sound amazing, Toru's love of Rockabilly 'n punk + Izumi voice = perfection). Of course, I get attached to some band members and follow every single one of their side projects/new bands and even their off-stage activities. Some of these guys make the kind of art I want to see in the world and I wanna do everything I can to support that (and them). Plus most of these guys are just interesting people who passionately share their love for art and their personal artistic processes, so it's fun to get to know the people behind the instrument and root for their success because you like them as a person in addition to their musical outputs! It can also be inversely, where I go backwards and check out some old and/or obscure band one of my favs was in it. From humble high school garage bands to subterranean hidden gems to one-time team-ups, going down the band name rabbit hole is something that I think is, as it is, special to the VK scene.
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    Social media platforms needs to come out and clarify whether they are a platform or a publisher. Whatever position or viewpoint a person holds, all voices deserves to be heard, not censored or silenced.
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    Gotta say, having your own place is certainly sweet. Back in the day I had to order VK CD's in secret lol.
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    Hmm I think it does, for example I've been following: Chisa (Vo. NEXX > DIV > アクメ). from アクメ I noticed they have HAL (Drums) in their lineup and I know him from ARTEMA and just the type of music are sooo different but to make something new out of it is for me always mindblowing! I'm just always curious about their previous work if I don't know them well. But same as their new works to see if they have changed their style in music, come up with new things and so on. I think it really does make a lot of difference. I probably get more or faster interested into a band if I know any of the members in some band that I already been listening to.
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Received some valuable visual sex education material today.......
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    Total Saikou

    What are you listening to 2?

    I always thought this Vivid was a Mandela Effect/Hallucination where I thought I misremembered some old school band as having the same name as ViViD but nah, they are real. I think I just witnessed one of the cheesiest PVs in Visual Kei history but the song's kinda a banger tho 😳
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    When you look so much forward for your VK package to arrive that you even dream about it...
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Just a bunch of cali≠gari shit, praise be All in all, a very good batch. I was thinking of getting more while I had time, but I decided to stick with what I have for multiple reasons. Might take a pic of my cali collection on the shelf when I'm done ripping everything. I'll also be taking some more pics/scans later on, there's a lot of great artwork here. I copped 回想、睡蓮と向日葵 for ¥2,600. I was expecting something to be missing/broken, but turns out, the worst thing about it is a small tattering on the obi band. I think everything I got here was for a reasonable price, although マグロ was ¥5,000, 残響、睡蓮と向日葵 was ¥2,500 (sealed though), and the 職業病 mini was full price since it was from Ao's shop. Everything else was a good deal at worst.
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    Top 5 favourite animes

    I'm extremely surprised that SHIMONETA, a *modern* ecchi series with extremely childish jokes is in YOUR favorites. But even I, senior hater of ecchis and harems, enjoyed that series. It was super entertaining, cleverly dumb and the characters were fun. I'm also surprised Prison School is there too, but the first half of the manga is in my all time faves. This is why we get along @YuyoDrift My top 5 Started watching late 90s/00s when I was around 5 or 6. First anime was either Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura. 1. FMA Brotherhood (we're never getting this level of quality in the industry again) 2. Space Dandy 3. Kill la Kill 4. Yu Yu Hakusho 5. Rurouni Kenshin (Shishio Arc only) I would add Cardcaptor Sakura somewhere in my list, but I'm gonna rewatch it first to see if it's still as good as I thought. Previous favorites that got booted off the list after a rewatch include Sailor Moon and 2 seasons of Rurouni Kenshin. Honorable mentions: Devilman Crybaby, Samurai Champloo, Made in Abyss, JJBA Battle Tendency, Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai
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    Total Saikou


    Smh I can't believe that kids these days don't know about Kisaki and his legacy and his various crimes against humanity and especially under-aged kids 😤😤😤
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    Your last music-related buy!

    so more cali gari has arrived. I know i posted seishun earlier, but now i have completed the set of 2017 remakes with maguro👏👏👏
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    "Where in the World is Yoshiki"

    Yoshiki onlyfans coming christmas 2020. If you subscribe for 3 months you get the new X Japan album.
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    Might be an ironic parody but I've been unironically loving this song for years
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