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    MH JRock Awards 2018 RESULTS!

    RESULTS! Thanks to everyone who participated this year! Judging from many of your recommendations, there definitely still exists some talent in the scene! Without further delay, here are the RESULTS! By recent request, I have added the runner-ups for each category! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Best Overall Artist/Band Best Album Best Single/Maxi-Single/EP Best Cover Art Best Look Best Newcomer Best Veteran Best PV Saddest Disbandment Most Overhyped Band Most Overhyped Release Most Underhyped Band Most Anticipated Release Band that Changed their Sound for the Best Band that Changed their Sound for the Worse Band that you spent most of your money on in 2018 What the hell were they thinking!? Award Best Revival/Returns An amazing display of results if I may say 😎. Definitely some close calls there, I'll tell ya. Thanks again to the participants of the MH JRock Awards 2018 for your contributions. The staff and I here at MH hope to see you and more future voters here again at the end of the year! Until then, enjoy 2019 😁!
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    This just screams blandness. Already calling that the PV will be in tasteless 60 FPS, compensating for a lack of cinematography with shitty effects and taking place in a random warehouse #3206 (since all the other ones were used by lynch. in the past and we have to keep it slightly original). ...yeah and don't forget the synths, the trebliest synth samples with the lowest bitrate they can find.
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    Lets just be honest,If TODAY were Chiaki's solo album or his side project, everyone here would be loving it.That album was pretty decent,not a total disaster like 8P-SB...just not the mad DEZERT we know. Let's see if they plan to please the old school fans with this one
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    Do you ever just cling on to an old band way, way too tightly? And I don't mean actually listening to their stuff. I mean just saying you love them when you're actually kinda over them and much prefer someone else. So, for me, that band is DELUHI. Yes, they disbanded before I even knew what visual kei was. Yes, I do still like them. But I keep telling myself they're still my favourite band even though I'm pretty damn sure it's DIAURA.
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    Gu.薫 (Kaoru) is ex-Berry-->Larme'-->Envus-->jubily-->HOLYCLOCK and Gu.蓮 (Ren) is ex-Noisy Panic-->DELUCIDE (support)
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    Worst Band Names in VK?

    omg a Zayn stan maybe? the other names are practically this meme in VK form:
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    Worst Band Names in VK?

    As much as I stan them, their names make me super embarrassed, especially Ricko's, which in Spanish is read as "rico" and means "tasty", but in Chilean Spanish it's also an adjective for a hot dude (but like, Hollywood type, not VK type of hot). I gotta ask Boogie about his, cuz it really gives me second hand embarrassment to say out loud.
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    I remember seeing some concert footage from around the time they'd recently returned from their hiatus and it felt like half of the music was done with backing tracks, nowadays they occasionally seem to drag in actual saxophone players and that kinda stuff right? Also... RANK THOSE ALBUMS MOTHERFUCKAS! I think my personal top 5 is probably something like Dai 6 -> Dai 7 -> Dai 5 -> =/= -> Saikyouiku Migi/Hidari I'd say 1 (the mini w/ the remakes of the noise rock songs) is probably at the very bottom for me, that one was totally unnecessary and didn't really add anything at all to any of those songs as far as I'm concerned.
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    this honestly does scream 'band that kaisans within a year' on all fronts
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    Worst Band Names in VK?

    While mot VK og Japanese at all, there's already bands named both Yersinia Pestid and E.Coli. Heh. Really like Yersinia Pestis as a name. Awesome bandname!
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    first hot take of 2019 people can make all the comparisons they want and its pretty much justified since all the members are huge diru fanboys, especially Sho, but CHEDOARA is still better than anything diru have ever done
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    random thoughts thread

    I just got a new job, a job that I wanted, that I was so excited for, and was SO worried that I bombed the interview. Turns out, I ACED it, and they're super excited to have me on board! And I'm so excited to be working after being unemployed for almost three months. It has been a long couple months, but I am kind of glad my old job let me go, since I now have a job that I want, and wouldn't have really pursued it otherwise.
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    random thoughts thread

    Fuck China. It is a beautiful country (geographically) and I would kinda like to see those mountains and rivers and historical buildings in person, but I am not setting foot there while it's a communist dictatorship. Besides that, since Canada arrested the Huawei lady, I run the risk of being arrested/tortured/executed for being a spy. Also, I don't really understand how this happened, but my mother, who grew up in China and had her family's property and assets confiscated during the Great Leap Forward and had to escape illegally to Hong Kong, is still extremely patriotic to China and Mao Zedong. Every time the news mentions the Huawei situation, she starts ranting about how Canada is stupid for arresting her, and China is justified in arresting those Canadians. I've explained "extradition treaty" to her 3 times but she doesn't understand. (She's also very happy Xi Jinping has become supreme leader or whatever, and thinks it's totally fine that Chinese citizens who criticize the government get jailed and worse) By the way, go look up what's happening in Xinjiang province with the Uyghurs (and other minorities). Disgusting and abhorrent. Fuck China.
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    ZON have revealed a new look !

    Sweet look but I still just remember them as the band that "passed" Gas
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    DEZERT new double A-side single, "血液がない!(Ketsueki ga Nai!) / Stranger" (3 types) will be released on April 3. CD tracklist: 1.血液がない! (Ketsueki ga Nai!) 2.Stranger 3.(title tba) DVD: Limited edition/血液盤 (Ketsueki-ban) (2000 yen) : 3 songs from their tour at Zepp DiverCity on 2018.11.18 Limited edition/Stranger盤 (Stranger-ban) (2000 yen): PVs of "血液がない!" (Ketsueki ga Nai!) & "Stranger" Regular edition: (1200 yen) : N/A, CD only Those who preorder either limited edition will receive a tour invitation seal (?) for their tour "血液がない!" (Ketsueki ga Nai!) which runs from April 19 to June 22.
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    SPARTA LOCALS new album release

    Finally, after having reformed in December 2016, the post-punk/indie rock band SPARTA LOCALS announced a new album for 2019! Scheduled for February 6, this is the first album for 11 years with the album "Leecher" released in 2008! The label that will have the hard work to release this eighth long-awaited album will be P-VINE. More details will be revealed later. http://spartalocals.net/
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    that inconsistent censorship tho
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    Love Lucina and Zero Suit Samus, I’ve not played as King K. Rool, but I’ve had my run ins online with some hard to beat KKR players
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    Worst Band Names in VK?

    I always called them "the micro head four en es" I feel SOOOO stupid now.
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    hated first dimlim mini but damn this single goes in hard, they sound so much better w/o issei
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    I like 14 much more than 13. It was a bit hard for me to get into 13 but got into 14 instantly. Felt much more like the cali≠gari I like. Liked 12 more as well.
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    @-NOVA- thank you for briefing, insulting someone in dms is obviously no good. it seems he does have a personality to have issues with, i just prefer not to fuck too much with all that personal stuff. so i'm kinda sad because nazare gets all this hate although issei does nice job as a composer, and there are three more talented musicians who have't done anything wrong and still get hate. but yeah the way they deal with international fans is stupid. on the one hand they don't have to care about them that much because international fans won't bring them much money, but that uta message messed the things up. now if we get the chance to listen to their music and it will not appear to be, like, really good, things will be over for them overseas
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    General KPOP Thread

    Choreo is on point again Also sounds like the Korean version of Memoria is more natural
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    Thanks for creating this thread. I'm an avid fan of cali gari and have been attending their concerts every year since they came back in 2010 but I couldn't really get into '14' as well. The songs were ok-ish in general but there were no striking songs like '色悪' (13) or fist punching songs like '紅麗死異愛羅武勇' (12). I already bought the ticket for the '14' tour final but still considering whether to make the trip or not (cos I got no lives to attend on 21st Mar haha) Here's the setlist from yesterday (curiously missing '月白' from 14): cali≠gari 2019.01.14 本八幡Route Fourteen cali≠gari 25th Caliversary”1993-2019″ TOUR 14 -The time is out of joint- SET LIST(セットリスト) 01.カメラオブスキュラ 02.ゼロサムゲーム 03.マシンガンララバイ 04.キル 05.トイレでGO! 06.トカゲのロミオ 07.オーバーナイトハイキング 08.動くな!死ね!甦れ! 09.コバルト 10.拝啓=BGM 11.天国で待ってる 12.ファニソン 13.淫美まるでカオスな 14.マッキーナ 15.飛燕騒曲 16.-187- 17.火葬遊戯 18.死は眠りを散歩する EN 01.冬の日 02.ラストダンス 03.ブルーフィルム 04.いつか花は咲くだろう
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    Worst Band Names in VK?

    4 = フォ。 headphone = ヘッドフォーン。 Let me know when you see it.
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    random thoughts thread

    yikes.... I've noticed that many Western intellectuals and philosophers of today seem to practically worship IQ/the intellect. I've also noticed that many of them cannot see the forest for the trees.
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    I'm not sure I have a main, as I am pretty casual still. But if I was forced to pick, I would say it's between Lucina, Zero Suit Samus, and King K. Rool.
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    Why all the hearing problems?

    Update on the idol case, if anyone cares. http://aramajapan.com/news/maho-yamaguchi-apologizes-again-management-finally-release-statement-on-her-assault/94545/
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    I completely forgot that Porno Graffitti was still around. Lord, I feel old. XD
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    Glad they got rid of those stupid boxes, but man that look is generic. Very underwhelming. Definitely kills the mystery gimmick they were going for.
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    I can't be the only one who misread the topic as "meatbeat"...
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    Game of Thrones

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    According to https://neotokyo2099.com/2019/01/13/luna-sea-vocalist-kawamura-ryuichi-had-surgery-for-lung-cancer/ it seems the cancer cells were removed and that it's unlikely he will need further radiation treatment. Wishing him well.
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    sleepy coffee

    Hello guys

    hi there!
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    its so hard to give a shit about this band considering they have only live limited shit so far and issei
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    new band "Cid Pain" formed

    They look like Mamireta trying to be more serious.
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    2019 Japanese Music Ratings

    I'll try it too this year if i don't forget halfway through
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    2019 Japanese Music Ratings

    Cool! I'll give it a try this year ^^ Everything is ordered by date under each respective category. Ratings are subjective (personal tastes/opinions), meaning it doesn't reflect the quality of the release~ Subject to change. Ratings List Release List
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    Anne Claire

    Show Yourself (again)

    ayyyyyy, long time no see
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    Worst Band Names in VK?

    Sugar or dry
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    [tracklist] 01.薄荷 02.サニーゴーサニー 03.good night my love 04.藁の犬 05.ママイズジャム 06.永遠の子 07.君に決めた 08.funky ghost hollywood 09.life is beautiful 10.夜を歩く葡萄
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    Maria Cross vs Kisaki for biggest trash in vk
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    0.1g no Gosan vs mathilda LMFAO
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