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    This is the best and the worst thing I've seen today
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    MALICE MIZER is the greatest manifestation of art in the entire history of humanity.
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    random thoughts thread

    Everytime Cat5 writes a lenghty paragraph on the forum I fall deeper in love with his morals.
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    ex-変態集団AnimA members have shared this image. More details will be announced soon. Members: Vo.柏 (Kashiwa) (ex-GremlinS, 変態集団AnimA) Ba.SiA (ex-Galtz, Lost Humanic, 変態集団AnimA) Dr.KAZUYA (ex-GremlinS, 変態集団AnimA)
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    BUCK-TICK new maxi-single "堕天使" (Datenshi) will be released at 2020/01/29 (3 types) Limited SHM-CD+Blu-Ray edition (2380yen) Limited SHM-CD+DVD edition (1880yen) Regular SHM-CD edition (1000yen) [CD tracklist] 01. 堕天使 (Datenshi) 02. Luna Park 03. 「THE DAY IN QUESTION 2019」 LIVE TRACK (Limited edition only) [Blu-Ray/DVD tracklist] (limited edition only) ・「THE DAY IN QUESTION 2019」 LIVE TRACK収録 ・Blu-ray:「堕天使」MUSIC VIDEO収録 ・スペシャルデジパック仕様
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    BAROQUE new live DVD/Blu-Ray "VISIONS OF // PEP-LIVE at NIHONBASHI MITSUI HALL 2019.04.30-" will be released at 2019/12/25 (Blu-Ray: 7480yen / DVD: 6380yen) it will include scenes of their oneman at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall at 2019/04/30 [support members] Ba. 高松浩史(THE NOVEMBERS) Dr. 山口大吾(People In The Box) Key&Mani.hico [tracklist] 01. BIRTH OF VICTORY 02. PUER ET PUELLA 03. STARRY BOY 04. FLOWER OF ROMANCE 05. ヒトのイロ 06. SKY WALKER 07. SKY FITS HEAVEN 08. SWALLOW THE NIGHT 09. SILENT PICTURE 10. AN ETERNITY 11. CELEBRATE 12. LAST SCENE [Acoustic Ver.] 13. PURIFY 14. PLANETARY LIGHT 15. DREAMSCAPE 16. G I R L 17. YOU 18. RINGING THE LIBERTY 19. PERFECT WORLD 20. BONUS FOOTAGE
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    Chikage (ex-Megaromania) plays guest guitar in the first track. 2nd track is confirmed as "Abyss". Third track must be a SE which must be why there's only 2 tracks in the sample...
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    [Off-topic] bandmen brothers

    Geomatrium is noice, Zahnrad is their best release so far
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    250 copies? shit, that's one we'll never see online such a shame, love his projects
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    Ro plz

    Worst To First: Dir en grey

    Facts. BIG facts.
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    random thoughts thread

    I have the next four days off and I don't know what I'm gong to do beyond video games, laundry, and cleaning out my room tbh.
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    Worst To First: Dir en grey

    i will say some shit right now.... feel free to agree or disagree with this onion: riyuu/wake belongs to the top 10 greatest songs these dudes ever recorded
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    random thoughts thread

    I agree with you here to an extent. I do think there are functional and dysfunctional ways to raise children and i'm all for informing others on what's healthy and functional, but here's why I think it's no one's business: we simply do not know enough details to judge the matter. Everyone is in an uproar over a soundbite, essentially. We don't know the relationship that T.I. has with his daughter. We don't know anything about their family, their dynamics, or their history. We don't know his daughter's perspective and we barely know anything about T.I.'s perspective. outside of a 15 sec. audio clip. So everyone is making assumptions based on very limited information. Not a wise thing to do in my opinion. I do think that T.I. may have made a mistake by making this public knowledge. But who knows? Maybe it's not a mistake? Maybe the discussions that have spawned out of this are conversations that need to be had? This really depends on how you view family, fatherhood, and sex. I can't speak for T.I., but I can tell you that from a Hebraic/Biblical perspective, a daughter is supposed to remain under the protection/covering of her father until she is married, and then she becomes her husband's responsibility. And this has nothing to do with trying to control women, or women being "weak" or "helpless" - certainly not - it's about protecting that which is valuable. Sex outside of marriage is also viewed as dysfunctional, because it doesn't serve any sustainable purpose and the harm it causes is not worth the pleasure of a 15-second orgasm. Personally, I subscribe to the Hebraic worldview simply because it's functional and it emphasizes unity, harmony, and peace. I've experienced and observed in horror how ideas like feminism/the "independent woman" and unbridled sex have absolutely decimated black families and given rise to nothing but division,chaos, confusion, and pain. Those aren't the only culprits, but they are major contributors. Before blacks started adopting these ideologies, our families were generally intact. Not only does history clearly illustrate this, but almost every black woman I know that was alive before these ideologies started taking root tells me the same thing: "we didn't need no damn feminism". Why? Because the black man and woman worked together, and black men were not lording over their women. Black women did not feel oppressed by their men. The oppression and racism black ppl faced was much more overt back in those days, so we worked together and relied on one another. Because we're all we had. And we realized the strength that came from family and unity. Feminism was largely a movement headed by white women that eventually recruited black women, much to our demise. (note: when I say "independent woman" - i'm referring to the notion that black women (or women in general) don't need a man, because that's destructive. there's absolutely nothing wrong with women being autonomous and being able to fend for themselves tho. in fact, women should be able to. but as i stated earlier, the notion that men and women don't need each other is antithetical to life itself). But I digress. I'm not sure how T.I. views things, but If I were as famous and rich as he is, I'd probably be overprotective too. You're not being hostile and and I don't feel attacked at all! I'm just glad that you're willing to discuss and share your opinion. Discussions like this can get pretty intense and heavy, so I have nothing but respect for you for engaging with me in a mature manner and speaking your mind! That's a very brave thing to do, especially on the internet where you have cowards that would sooner attack ppl for having different opinions or go talk shit in private amongst a bunch of yes-men like hoe-ass simps instead of just addressing people directly. Believe it or not, you've got more balls than a lot of grown-ass men . But yeah, Gesu, I got nothing but love for ya! And I feel where you're coming from. I do think we have to have a critical eye towards our past generations, as to learn from their mistakes and not continue to reproduce their dysfunction. But I also think it's wise to take into consideration advice and admonishment from older generations too. Personally, I remember being a kid and pretty much hating my dad. I disagreed with a lot of his ways well into my adulthood. But now as i've gotten older myself, and as i've been seeking to take on a lot of the same responsibilities he did, I'm starting to understand why he did things the way he did. And i'm thankful that I had him as a father. Some things I don't think we can understand until we actually have children ourselves. That said, I do think that there needs to be open and honest dialogue between children and parents, youth and elders. And I think both parties should keep an open ear, and an open heart towards one another. Because gray hair doesn't guarantee wisdom, and youth doesn't guarantee the lack thereof.
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    did he have a stroke writing the second half of the title
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