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    new look for "David 3rd Anniversary&SUI BIRTHDAY Oneman「Gothculture」" to be hold at 2020/01/24 at Takadanobaba AREA and his live-limited single "Gothculture"
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    On 14.03.2020 they'll hold a male only ONEMAN and in addition to that on 28.03.2020 there will be a female only ONEMAN. Starting from their first live they'll sell a new double A side single for which one song will be "devilish" and the other once "angelic". Further detail about the ONEMAN and the single will be released at some later point.
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    HAKLO new single "DEADbyBYE" release

    Covers 4th SINGLE 『DEAD by BYE』2019.12.31 TYPE A 1.Beginning of END (SE) 2.DEAD by BYE 3.OVER TYPE B 1.Beginning of END (SE) 2.DEAD by BYE 3.デリートデリート (Delete Delete) SPOT デリートデリート (Delete Delete)
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    MOB new look + new member

    New live-limited CD "偽善者ナ君ヲ撲殺/監禁マイルーム" has been released at 2019/12/11. Preview:
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    random thoughts thread

    so you're out here spilling her business for likes and kiis instead of blocking her on FB and moving on like you probably should?..
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    Since this is not Visual-Kei news, I will just post in my Status Updates! A deathcore band called "Divertimento" will release their first single "THIS IS" on December 15.! As the preview, vocal is really sick! The pitch-changing and the whistle tone! But it looks like a Live-Limited single since it will be released in a live on December 15.! And there's no further details with B-sides! (Maybe just including only one song?!) Damn, I really hope it will be accessible to get!
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    Cover art 1st Single Gerbera 29.12.2019 (it will also be released in digital versión) Teaser Single tomorrow 15.12.2019, 20 hrs japan Lyric Video Teaser 22.12.2019, 20 hrs
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    Just a few things I bought ^^ In no particular order: Kagrra, - Chikai no Tsuki Kagrra, - Genei no Katachi Kagrra, - Yotogi Banashi Kagrra, - Nue Jessica - Ultima VII Vidoll - Bastard vistlip - Revolver (both types) vislip - Crack & Marble City the Gazette - Madara the Gazette - Gama Nicolas - Echo of Silence Scapegoat - Gekkou (both types) Sadie - Kagerou
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    I'm curious to see how Angeloof will sound
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    v[NEU] will perform

    v[NEU] mysterious countdown has been revealed on their official Twitter account. It will end at 2019/12/29 at PM 07:00
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    龍夜 (tatsuya) (ex-Syndrome) has announced that he will appear at a "legends event" at Takasaki club FLEEZ on June 22-25. He says that Kaiki (founder of the Soleil label) and many other visual legends will appear - I believe one of those appearances will be made by Mirage, whom Kaiki announced would be performing at some point.
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    New Band テラトマ Teratoma

    1st Look Members: Voc. アクル Akru Gut. Kuma New Ba. ウミ Umi https://twitter.com/u_m_i_7230 Dr. Saku What happened whit Bass Sui? Apparently he retired https://twitter.com/sui_trtm
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    random thoughts thread

    It was bound to happen. A friendly break up is rarer than a unicorn. Block, cut ties and save yourself a lot of headache and pain. She's not gonna cater her social media/words to you mate, she's made it obvious from the start your feelings come in second place even when you were together.
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    That couldn’t come up with a more interesting drum part
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    2nd full ALBUM『モダンケイオスショー』(Modern Chaos Show) 11.12.2019 Digital ver. 14.12.2019 iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Tracklist 1. in vitro 2. 証言 (Shougen) 3. 死んでからのお楽しみ (Shinde kara no o tanoshimi) 4. BRUISED WAR 5. the missing key 6. 悪魔の調べ (Akuma no shirabe) 7. in vivo 8. Greedの庭 (Greed no niwa) 9. an omen of death 10. 業 (Gou) -requiem- 11. liquid 12. 針と意図 (Hari to ito) 13. ふわり (Fuwari) https://linkco.re/amp/E6Yett17?__twitter_impression=true
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    he was renamed to タピオカ様 “Tapioca-sama”. https://twitter.com/SiREN_CTK
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    Tomorrow they will upload the full MV.
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    random thoughts thread

    My ex fiancé is bragging on her fb story about sleeping around even though I told her it made me uncomfortable to hear and that I’d appreciate it if she kept it to herself Yeah somehow I don’t think I can be friends with her anymore
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    random thoughts thread

    I've kinda mulled over this topic for a while now, but it's quite strange how the prominent Western (predominantly American) YouTubers are so insistent on speaking on the behalf of YouTube as if it was "theirs" the whole time (most of that understanding solely experiential.) Yes, constant coverage of these "YT Armageddon" topics are obviously for quick revenue, so maybe they purposefully gloss over the reality of it on-screen, but YT has always been a platform for everyone (including large companies.) My experience w/ 2006~09 YT was not just gag comedy, but a majority niconicodouga re-uploads, music videos, random shit people posted online, and TV/DVD/VHS content split into 5 parts (with at least one part taken down for some reason.) Currently, everyone tries to up their "relevancy" on what they perceive as the whole "platform", but if you take the time and switch between countries (many of which are beyond their actual reach/scope), you'll see how little crossover there is in trending content because people naturally like what's culturally relevant & understandable (language). The fact that the "Worldwide" setting disappeared several years ago should be a clear sign how large these country/region-based communities have grown (to the point where "worldwide" is too big/broad to make sense.) One counter-argument is that only the top 3% of channels make 90% of the revenue, which has a large concentration of English-speaking YouTubers (I could be wrong on that stat) concerned about the system. So they have the largest stake in what YT does, but if you look at the data a bit closer, the breakthrough mark for 3% starts out at only $16k in annual revenue. This implies that the actual number of prominent voices (those dependent on stable, actually livable revenue) are that much smaller and effectively makes the remaining >97% of channels (perhaps closer to the 90% mark) hosts for the same plain 'ol mish mash of unmonetized content that's been on the site for years. Even if large creators leave, even making noise on the way out to alternative platforms, new ones will take their place on the platform b/c YT continues to be a large, centralized place for viewership, brimming with those looking to be part of the <3%. TL;DR: Not trying to diminish large creators naturally fending for themselves and their collectives, but the whole idea that YouTube is on the path to impending disaster is a seriously flawed argument. They'll keep growing unfettered until they're regulated as a monopoly for internet-video content, but even that's tricky b/c "video streaming content" currently includes the likes of Netflix, Hulu, etc. and YouTube also serves large production content (Red) which muddies that distinction. It's like how many in the U.S proclaim that Facebook is just a dying haven for MLM hunnies and crotchety boomers without realizing the platform's continued significance in the Asia-Pacific market where, for example, India's active user-base has more than doubled to 300 million since 2015 (additionally outranking user totals in the U.S by over 10 million.) Bigger TL;DR: YouTube and the major SNS players are literally too big to fail for the foreseeable future.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    I'm bored so here have some new pictures I took a few weeks back
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    Jui the Duckling


    I was a member of this place several years ago, but I lost all my account info and stuff. I'm mostly just into Takeru (ex-SuG) and Jui (Gotcharocka). Still, I thought I'd come back and do some exploring. I'm also autistic, so I tend to be pretty shy and asocial around new people. Just give me a chance, and I'll open up! Jui and Takeru are also two of my heroes btw.
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    Your last music-related buy!

    I’ve been told by my family what I’m getting for Christmas (if that can go on this thread) My parents have got me: Gauze - Dir En Grey The Gazette - Repeated Countless Errors Tour 2007 DVD The Gazette - DECADE And my grandmother has bought me Mejibray’s live DVD at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall and the band score for Nightmares album ‘Majestical Parade’
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    Mirage will perform soon...oddly the date has not been announced as of yet. I believe it'll take place in June 2020, where Pami (Tatsuya, ex-Syndrome) will also appear, but details have not been announced. Lineup: Vo.AKIRA Gt.YAYOI Gt.TADAMITSU (GRUDGE CURSE) Ba.KISAKI Dr.SHION (Syndrome) Originally posted by Kaiki, founder of Soleil
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