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    As long as M-H is still alive I'll post a thread! My friend postd this on Facebook but I didn't comment because they wouldn't know any of the bands I like lol. (trust me I've tried to show them. ) So I thought this would be a fun little topic here. This is gonna be kinda hard definitely need 5. 1.) SWARRRM 2.) DIR EN GREY 3.) An Autumn For Crippled Children 4.) Maximum the Hormone 5.) ギルガメッシュ
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    1) Phantasmagoria 2) Megaromania 3) Elysion 4) Synk;yet 5) Misaruka
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Please love this baby.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    I need a haircut but you could land a plane on my forehead.
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    1: Yukiko Okada 2: KAMIJO 3: Malice Mizer 4: Hiromi Iwasaki 5: UnsraW
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    1. Kra 2. 彩冷える (Ayabie) 3. 華族 (Kazoku) 4. ナイトメア (Nightmare) 5. アンティック-珈琲店- (AN CAFE)
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    Your last music-related buy!

    The box is now complete... ♥
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    ghost's drawings

    Been thinking about this drawing since the beginning of the year. I've been missing nature: Closeups:
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    I'm considering making a blogspot for Visual Kei downloads, a-la evil-en-lucifer, because I'm gonna be real, MH is probably gonna die and those 10+ years of hard to find vkei downloads could disappear. So I was wondering if any old-school collectors would want to help with my project. I have a lot of Vkei CDs I inherited from my ex who doesn't like Vkei anymore, so I can start it off, but this is gonna have to be a group project.
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    my heart skipped a bit at first, but when you follow those guys for almost 20 fuckin years, there's certain things your gut tells you Ryo has always dealt with mental health problems, kei first solo act was born after Ryo's biggest breakdowns. I mean, the dude has written a book on the matter Cancelling tours and suddenly suspending activities points me to another one of those. Kei has been working on solo stuff for a while, so I'm sure he was somewhat prepared for something like this This saddens me AF, but I'm pretty sure we'll hear more from Ryo in due time. Hope he rests, get well, and make a comeback ASAP. If not, we just lost one of the most influential acts of 00's VK. Cheers to a legendary one!
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    so it's not just me and my taste bias, their recent music is actually physically exhausting and detrimental for mental health
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    New band "EYENêS" has formed

    New band "EYENêS" has formed. "EYENêS" members: vo.優燈(Yuhi) (ex.DIVEIN) gt.健登 ba.霧葉 dr.鱒(Masu) (ex.ドットジパングロマンチカ(Dot Zipang Romantica)) Twitter
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    Lareine The Ghost inside of me Kizu Versailles Malice Mizer
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    Hmm... probably - MEJIBRAY - DIV - Lustknot. - LOST ASH - Diaura
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    left tape is tower records, right is like an edison
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    MALICE MIZER Plastic Tree cali≠gari Guniw Tools The last spot is tricky but I'm gonna give it to an old favourite... LAREINE
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    Moran Jikkendai Marmot DELUHI Kamijo (or Versailles as Kamijo isn't a band) SHiSHi Now, I wonder what they'd sound like all mixed together...
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    MERRY Marco Megaromania Madeth gray'll Misa (Babylon, David/shito:aL, etc) if any bands don't start with an m, they suck
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    You can read this interview also directly on jrocknroll https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-ranze/3/ Today an interview with Ranze, you might know him from La Madame Rochas, MAGIER SEXALICE or DRESS or NUDE. He was kind enough to answer some quick to go answers with some strong powerful words. Please enjoy reading it. --- Please introduce yourself to your readers. I’m RANZE(ランゼ) from DRESS or NUDE Please describe yourself as a Kanji. 美 (Bi)(beauty) Doesn’t make something beautiful make you somehow nervous? Could you confirm and complete this band history? ○ La Madame Rochas(1987~1991) ○ MAGIER SEXALICE -> Waltz Veronica (2008~2014) ○ DRESS or NUDE(2017/08~) ○ POISON D’HERMÈS(2016~2019) Why did you want to become a vocalist? Well, I was actually a guitarist. Back then the vocalist was ill, so I decided to sing our songs. Also I was singing while I was playing the guitar. When you started your first band, “Visual Kei” was still not named. How did you call your own style? I didn’t transmit anything from myself. I left it up to the sensitivity of the fans’ perception. Back in the days, which bands or things inspired you the most? Pete Burns Why did you decide to wear strong make-up? I was able to transform into the other me. I’ve seen that “地下室の旋律” was an inspiration for “La Madame Rochas”. (a one shot manga from 1994). Why did you like this manga so much? A part of the story is about me. (laugh) Later when the term Visual Kei was used for bands who wear makeup. Did you embrace that term? Or did you dislike the term? I hate the word “visual kei” Visual Kei has really changed completely in the years hasn’t? The current scene is rotten. Everything is imitating. It’s just fake. Do you mind if people call you a “visual kei” band/artist? Please tell us the reason. As I said before, it’s up to my fans and third parties. When you look at visual kei nowadays, what do you think and feel? It’s over. I can’t look at it. You are already long in the music world, what changed the most in all those years? There are really less musicians who really play music with the heart. They only can say “We are the coolest!”. But only a few people really put effort in their own music to be really the coolest. What’s the most difficult thing about being an artist? SNS Are there more instruments which you can play? Guitar You formed DRESS or NUDE in 2017/8, what’s the biggest difference from your past bands? Making a sound which also gives sex appeal to adults. How did you meet the members of DRESS or NUDE? We are all acquaintances Why did you choose to name your mini album “PARADOX UNDERGROUND“? This one came to my mind straight away. So we chose this one. What was your biggest inspiration for creating 「PARADOX UNDERGROUND」? We’ve put on the most popular songs of that time. It’s like a business card. Please tell me the concept of each lyric of “PARADOX UNDERGROUND. 揚羽 / It expresses the mind’s dependence. 歪に曲がる / The madness which is hidden within you. SWEET SLAVES / A complete play on words. TANZANITE / A song about dependence and madness. DRESS or NUDE 1st mini album “PARADOX UNDERGROUND”, is it possible for an overseas fan to obtain it? Yes What is your inspiration for writing lyrics? It depends on how I feel at the time I write a song. Are you planning to release a new CD? I want to release a new CD as fast as possible. Do you have planned activities for the near future? Or will you wait until covid-19 is over? We will adjust our activity to the world’s situation. You have many tattoos. Are you still happy with all of them? Or do you regret a few? I will get some new ones! What does tattooing mean to you? To be able to express myself What’s your favorite tattoo? Butterfly What’s your most beautiful memory? That I was born into this world. What is your biggest loss? Also that I was born into this world. What’s your favorite place to write new songs? In my car or inside my room. What’s your biggest future goal? To stay beautiful Please tell me some words of wisdom. Wolves live and pigs die. Please say some words to your fans and readers. Let’s do our best to be able to stand on stage again as soon as possible in this world.
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    it varies, but that would be my palate of the right now: 5 luna sea Verxina 4 femme fatale 3 ラヴェーゼ 2 𝕯𝖚𝖊𝖑𝕵𝖊𝖜𝖊𝖑 1 adderall j... underfall justice
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    What are you listening to 2?

    Deux by the GazettE has been playing nonstop lately.
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    If it can only be bands: 1. Polyphia 2. Half Moon Run 3. the Novembers 4. Chon 5. Her Name in Blood But if it can be any kind of artist 1. A.C.E 2. Ph-1 3. Polyphia 4. the Novembers 5. Chon
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    Show Yourself (again)

    This is me at Japanese Restaurant in my city LOL
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    ok so who's gonna buy me this sweet portable B-T record player? ;< https://victor-store.jp/item/154990/
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    Some previews, heckyeahhhhh
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    https://recochoku.jp/album/A2001823438/album?ds=1009681292 in case you want a short teaser of the song i stumbled upon this
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    I'll be spinning Sug Life today and thinking about the good times.
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    tfw you tour with choke and youre like hmmm lipstick
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    Top 5 favourite animes

    Unfortunately, I don't watch anime as much these days, but I still enjoy going back to watch old seasons or series I've missed in the past. I've watched some newer ones on occasions. I think I first began watching anime with DBZ and Pokemon. Time flies! Choosing a top five is tough! There's a lot I like watching even if it's just for nostalgia or something else. If I had to choose (in no particular order): Yu Yu Hakusho - Love this series. Comedy was hilarious, and the dynamic between the characters are unforgettable. Trigun - It's got 90s animation all over it, but I highly enjoy the plot. The goofiness combined with the dark depth underneath made for a great combination. Ranma 1/2 - Extremely funny and the whole gender-bending "issue" made all of it even better. .hack//sign - Virtual world gaming, but with a whole lot of psychological issues and other serious elements Death Note - Interesting concepts of Death Gods and the Death Note. The two opposite rivals was neat, too. Honorable Mentions (if my list of favorites could be even longer XP): Inuyasha - The plot and the characters were great, but there was way too much filler towards the end in the original series ^^; Wolf's Rain Evangelion Saiunkoku Monogatari Fushigi Yuugi Akatsuki no Yona Rurouni Kenshin - I'd say the whole series, but it's been too long since I last watched it. I distinctly remember the Shishio arc, though. FMA - Sadly, I've only watched the original one. But I've heard the Botherhood series is really good. I need to watch that someday to compare, lol. Fate/Zero Mai-Hime - Starts off silly and nonsensical, but it gets quite serious towards the latter half of the series. Love the music in this one.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Uhhh I have like one whole selfie on my phone that I don't even like that much, so have that lmao I hope to improve my look this year (earrings and hair mainly)
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    Anne Claire

    Show Yourself (again)

    Gratuated college today
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Me and my 15 yr old nephew (on the left) at one of my homeboy's weddings a few days ago
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Best picture ever
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