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    fellas is it gay to turn your -core band VK
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    Dir en grey

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    random thoughts thread

    Lying to people in order to "spare their feelings" is a selfish cop-out imo. I think when people do that, it's more about them being inept and immature rather than having genuine concern for the other person. That said, feelings do matter. There are ways to relay the truth to someone without being a dismissive asshole about it. So people who do the opposite and say shit like "i don't care how i come off, the truth is the truth" are equally annoying.
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    random thoughts thread

    it's probably the typical 200 ml can. from the looks of it he doesn't know using several different hairsprays does the fixation better and instead layers a relatively weak formula until he runs out of the entire can - there're like other ways to do it.
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    New Band XXXDOLL (クロスドール)

    Gt.竜哉(Tatsuya) and Dr.ハク(Haku) left the band in August.
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    Today on BPRecords..... Komateh-sama playing ABCD with the boys and the way Hiyori is patting Toramaru on the head is sooo freaking adorable, I just cant T_T
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    Uhm guys and gilrs, what happened to Deviloof? They Changed their Facebook from "Deviloof Official" to "Deviloof UO", their Website is down and some of their Youtube Music Videos are set to private. Are there any news I missed?
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