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    I don't believe in Lizard people, but Coonmala Harris damn sure looks like she could be one.
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    now thats what i call cover art
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    What are you listening to 2?

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    Gt.薫(Kaoru) has also left the band.
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    I have no problems with mainstream media being biased as long as they admit it. But when a news outlet or journalist claims to be objective while reporting a story in a certain narrative or a point of view, then I can't take them seriously.
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    I guess to prevent spamming from new users
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    Hi! I wish someone could help me with this. About a month ago I discovered that I could not upload status updates or edit my posts. Greetings!
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    アンフィル (Anfiel) new mini-album "DEEP INSOMNIA" will be released at 2020/11/07 (7 songs, 2800yen) [tentative tracklist] ・世界はこんなにも愛で溢れている ・abyss ・no escape ・cuddle ・創造ガラパゴス + 2 new songs
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    17 days for Halloween 🎃
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    I'll go ahead and enable status updates. We've also started limiting post edits since they were being abused, so you can only edit a certain amount per day.
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    Am i the only one hoping Revive goes full Egyptian with an album release?
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    I really don't care about what I've heard there lol but I find the sissifying impact of VK mitsu on normie bands very inspirational!
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    Next Live: 2020/11/15 in Shinjuku club SCIENCE. "RegÐ'alii-レグダリ-" members: vo.Izumi (ex.Rutiru, Tokami, シュヴァルツカイン(SchwarzKain)) gt.Yu→ (ex.BLADE, La'veil MizeriA (support), LIV'ERT) dr.Hakuya (ex.Louder, La'veil MizeriA (support), NightingeiL) supports: Ba. わたる(Wataru) (ex.コントラリエ(Contrarie)) Ba. Ayaka (ex.シュヴァルツカイン(SchwarzKain))
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    What are you listening to 2?

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    桜樹 和哉(Sakuragi Kazuya) (ex.2nd Awake, ロドウェル(Rodwell), WERKMARE) 4-month consecutive digital singles will be released. 2020.11.25「Ego denial」 2020.12.23「??????」 2021.01.27「??????」 2021.02.24「??????」
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    I can't believe it's been 10 years already, holy shit
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    Total Saikou

    What are you listening to 2?

    Um, BTS who?! Man's got more moves than any Kpop group 😤 Memes aside, Mr. Kaneko is clearly a professional and I'm in awe. There's a lot of musicians in this forum but y'all mind if this dancer goes off? His form is so nice and straight--see how even the tips of his fingers are disdended when he preforms his pirouettes? That's the kind of presence and form every dancer aims for. Even after many years, I find it quite tricky! Also his more taxing moves (such as moves that transition him from the ground to upright) have this smooth, well-balanced quality that takes a shitton of practice and also physical effort. These moves often throw off your centre of gravity so sometimes you'll end up with jerky movements when getting off the floor, but Reijiro here maintains his balance perfectly. Also, the parts around the 4:00 minute where he pretends to be off balance as he travels across the floor (for dramatic/artistic effect) are another showcase of his strong form--never once do his arms or legs show any release of tension as they maintain deceptively smooth movements.
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    What are you listening to 2?

    Do i have to feel guilty because i am lowkey digging it
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    New band "EYENêS" has formed

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    Tracked down a reasonably priced copy of Parasite Eve II. Very different than the first one but still pretty fun.
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