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    Just found out that one of my blog posts was used as a reference in the J-fash Wiki so I think I can call myself a credible Visual Kei historian now
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    Here's a summary of the post: Kana was diagnosed with adjustment disorder in January 2018 and he told the president of B'Forest Inc., but the president didn't understand and told him he was sick and fired him. In March he got an attorney and in June he filed a lawsuit against the president for power harassment and for money he was owed. In the first trial it was confirmed that B'Forest Inc. owed Kana 3.2 million yen and that the president did indeed partake in power harassment. The court ordered B'Forest Inc. to pay Kana 3.7 million yen. However the president made an appeal, and at the appeal hearing in August 2020 they reached a settlement in Kana's favor of 3.3 million yen and an apology for the president's lack of consideration towards Kana's disorder. Kana received the settlement in September. He couldn't write about it before because it was part of the trial, but he had been suffering from power harassment for years and eventually developed adjustment disorder because of it. Apparently the president never admitted to power harassment. Kana does not forgive the harassment and was initially adamant about the court's decision because he didn't want it to keep happening to his former label mates, but after the president appealed he just decided to accept the settlement. He wants his former label mates to be paid properly or to stop working for the label. He also made it a point to say that the president did apologize so no one should slander him or harass him because of this. In regards to how he's doing he says he is physically and mentally healthy. The trial took a long time and he had to get treatment for his disorder but he's glad he worked so hard and was rewarded by the trial. He didn't want to leave all the people that were concerned about him without answers, and he wanted to talk about his feelings over the last two and a half years, so this is why he made the post now. He would like to return to the stage again some day and hopes everyone is doing well during these times.
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    Didn't see this mentioned anywhere yet but Misui are set to release their second single "Kokyuu" on January 27th 2021. No artwork or samples shown as of yet but so far it seems it'll only be released in one type containing three songs. 01.呼吸 ‪02.いないいないばあ ‪03.理想のカノジョ I'm looking forward to this one as so far their stuff has caught my attention and seems promising. Nice mix of traditional VK with a bit of a heavier edge and plenty of good riffs.
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    Tonight i finally made the decision not get a divorce. Wish me luck that I will get to keep my kids.
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    ghost's drawings

    it's all confetti I'm bad at drawing feet. It was taking too long. I didn't care.
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    random thoughts thread

    I used to be neck deep in love for vkei, pure DEG and GazettE stan. Now, these days I listen to lots of pagan folk metal or ambient music. WHAT. HAPPENED. Most people on the forum, probably:
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    Found a night club in FF14 that's really legit and I'm spending my Saturday dancing there with friends. Socialising in time of corona, everybody.
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    Plastic Tree new Blu-ray "Plastic Tree Symphonic Concert 【Act Ⅱ】at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA" will be released at 2021/03 it will include scenes of their symphonic oneman live at 2020/11/17 at LINE CUNE SHIBUYA (Blu-ray + 2CD + photobook, 12800yen) Setlist : • 眠れる森 • リプレイ • 蒼い鳥 • ガーベラ • まひるの月 • ツメタイヒカリ • アンドロメタモルフォーゼ • 幻燈機械 • メルト • 春咲センチメンタル • 真っ赤な糸 • バリア • 「雪蛍」 • 雨ニ唄エバ EN スピカ
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    What are you listening to 2?

    The perfect song to listen to while packing everything up and getting ready to move house. I fucking hate moving (I don't just mean moving house right now either, like I'm so tired I just hate moving my body in general) but it'll all be over soon. Hopefully this is the last time I'll ever have to do it. 😔
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    Satoshi speaks out about girugamesh’s disbandment https://jrocknews.com/2020/11/satoshi-girugamesh-disband.html
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    Excuse me if I correct you but Kei is not the guitarist of the Wagakki Band, he participated as a guitarist in the solo project of Asa (Bassist of Wagakki Band) after all Kei has always been a support guitarist for many bands, one that comes to mind is Wing Works.
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    I'm so ready to throw money at GazettE again.
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    What do you do when you're sad?

    A year ago, heck maybe even a few months ago, I might've said something edgy like "listening to sad music", but nah I'm doing better now (trying to anyway). I try to focus on things that make me happy and surround myself with things that make me happy. It can be anything, no matter how silly other people may think it is. And it really might sound silly because right now I'm addicted to plushies and cute/pretty things that brighten up my day. I want to surround myself in them, and I also want to try planting flowers in my apartment/patio when it gets warmer. I lived in my parent's basement for about a year and half before moving into my current apartment. The ceiling was warping, there were mice inside the walls, half the room was storage for my family, and seeing a bug (sometimes dead) was a common occurrence. I'm happy I got out of there. I mean, I've had other things in the past that f'ed me up, but that living experience was rather awful (honestly, living at my parent's was always awful). Ofc, I will still cry sometimes depending on what I'm sad about, but right now buying things for my new apartment and building a comfy living space makes me really happy. 😊 Also, cutting toxic and abusive people out of your life is really important, if you can. They will drain you and deteriorate your health horribly, especially when you're at your low. If you cannot cut them off, set your boundaries and distance yourself from them as much as you can. Hold on to those who care about you and who will support you in everything you do because you can only do so much on your own. Some people might think they can take care of themselves on their own, but the truth is, sometimes we all need a little help and support from others and that's okay! If you don't have anyone, you will find them someday! I don't know if I consider anyone IRL as someone like that, one of them lives faraway, and I have another friend in town but I think I made it uncomfortable for her several times when I was really down and broken, and I feel bad about that........but as I said before, I'm trying to do better. I do love all of my online friends tho and am happy to have them! ❤️ Please take good care of yourself!
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    So happy to see MEJIBRAY now on spotify! Although not everything is available from my country, it's still cool to see their work finally being up there on the streaming platforms! ٩( 'ω' )و spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6VeP6EHKYyGJrN60TlAPpo?si=_mkIWszWQXOtcQLUfA_H9g
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    sleepy coffee

    ヴィルシーナ (Verxina)

    New song is gonna be titled "prayer", no idea if itll just be a mv or included on a single as well but at the very least it looks like we have something to look forward to
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    "Where in the World is Yoshiki"

    He posted this earlier this month... how much more patient can we be lol
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    Show Yourself (again)

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    It's a bit like situational depression. An event has to happen that triggers a significant negative response in someone, and the person ends up having excessive anxious/depressed/abnormal thoughts and behavior. It's usually not permanent though, the person's symptoms improve with treatment and after the stressful event has ended, but if the stressor is ongoing than the disorder can become chronic
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    If this tweet reach 200RT they will publish unreleased artist photos, 300RT and they will publish the photos and a new video
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    Show Yourself (again)

    I don't remember my last post. Maybe 3-4 years ago. Here's me with a real dinosaur at a zoo on Halloween.
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    What do you do when you're sad?

    Try to get better at something. I try to turn negative energy into positive energy because otherwise I'm too complacent to get stuff done.
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    More information is coming out https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/efb36c125f80e468cd3f27355eedcf34c1b1526a Translation of above article by codomo dragon spain: https://codomodragonspain.blogspot.com/2020/11/codomo-dragon-special-translation-to.html Some notes: There is some discrepancy between the machine translation/my interpretation and the translation by codomo dragon spain. I don't think Kana has contacted anyone from Codora since 2018. Rather, it was his "bandmen friends" (who are not from Codora) who suggested that he hold a live in the future. (From here: バンドマンの友だちに連絡をとったら、『ちゃんとファンの前で公表したほうがいい』『ライブを一度やったほうがいいんじゃないか』と言われました。 and this: 仲の良かったコドモドラゴンのメンバーたちとも会えていない。 ) Their profit split was originally 50:50 between the band and company but the band had to take a smaller cut due to a 2017 scandal. (Chamu pls) Tweet from CEO of BForest/BPrecords saying he will refrain from further comments on this matter. Fun fact: Kana's attorney composed a song for HKT48 lol
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    The general Metal discussion thread

    Full EP is out.
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    Bitches who haven't washed their face, brushed their hair, or bathed in a week and using Bath & Body Works body mist to cover up their coochie stank be like "I love Visual Kei!"... Like girl, you're worried about the wrong visuals.
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    Attended their one man gig in 2016(Warsaw, Poland) already being a huge fan. Went through some stuff having Fascinating Violence as a first choice in my mp3 player. I've traveled from another country to see them and had high expectations. They gave me even more. Small but nice venue. Not a lot of visitors of course, but in the end all of them showed some dedication during the performance. They are great musicians and performers, so there is no need to say that everything went awesome. Mosh wasn't that intense, but was a good addition to the powerful dm riffs and fast mad shredding. Also was great to catch Shuji's wristband and receive a pick from Ryoji who gave it to me directly (and special thanks to Stacy for giving some more cool things at after-party 😻). They turned out to be super rad, humble, down-to-earth and absolutely comfortable with chatting and drinking with those who stayed after the concert. Even gave some pizza to us. Remember that it was goddamn difficult for manager to take them away from fans because it's obvious that Gyze is exactly that type of the band that do care about "their" ppl Unforgettable experience. Great band that I will support till the last day. Only adoration and respect to them. P.s.: wish Shuji will fix everything with his health and come back stronger than before. Just the finest dude to drink with.
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    As someone who loved their last two albums, this is just a'ight. This one reeks of chasing that anime OP the most.
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    Next Live: 2020/12/19 in KASHIWA Thumb up. "RegÐ'alii-レグダリ-" members: vo.Izumi (ex.Rutiru, Tokami, シュヴァルツカイン(SchwarzKain)) gt.Yu→ (ex.BLADE, La'veil MizeriA (support), LIV'ERT) gt. 凪斗(Nagito) (ラヴェーゼ(Labaiser)) ba.わたる(Wataru) (ex.コントラリエ(Contrarie)) dr.Hakuya (ex.Louder, La'veil MizeriA (support), NightingeiL)
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    What are you listening to 2?

    The song isn't my favourite, but wow, I thought he couldn't get any hotter after Sexual Healing, and I was wrong. Lol, that nurse cosplay at the end alone.
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    What are you listening to 2?

    17mins of set list perfection
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    I wouldn’t call it that, and I don’t think anyone else did either.
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    Anne Claire

    What are you listening to 2?

    Today finally started playing AI: The Somnium Files. And oh boy, the OSTs already slap ass
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    Ada Suilen

    What are you listening to 2?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rf-_M43tsVU Buck-Tick's album Abracadabra is so good and so unexpected, even for them... Loving it!
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    What do you do when you're sad?

    Well, for me there's one song that makes me cheerful again whenever I feel sad and that's this one: Check the lyrics too (see spoiler), it's quite motivating. Anyways, I usually listen to oshare kei whenever I need to genki up my spirit
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    Man this is such a deep topic with a complicated and non-straight forward answer as everyone will cope differently. But I guess from my experience the only way to pick yourself back up if things are that bad is to go for a bit of a change of lifestyle. Like make big changes, not saying dress differently or change your music taste but more like, think about your job/studies, the area you live in, your social activities, the people you hang out with etc.... are all these things satisfying for you? Do you need a change of scenery? Or even just an adventure somewhere completely new, meet some new people etc?? Even if just on a vacation or whatever. I guess basically it's a case of, if what you're doing isn't making you any happier you need to switch things up until you do feel better. Like I wont go into my own situation too deep as that would take forever but one example I have is quitting drinking made me feel a lot better, not getting into the same dumb situations, not hanging out with people who weren't healthy for me to be around and mainly that not drinking just made me feel a lot healthier in general, not feeling so damn tired all the time and never going to miss those hangovers. So that was one thing I changed that showed clear positive improvements. So figure out what works for you and go with it, isn't an easy road but determination can take you there!
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    Total Saikou

    random thoughts thread

    No matter how many times you rub an eraser on yourself, you can't erase your being a mistake.
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    Marvelous Cruelty 1st single will be released at 2020/07/01. Kaina has opened a twitter account.
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    Sounds way more interesting than La veil Mizeria and anything else that has been trying to put out 90s underground VK aesthetics recently. Looking forward.
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    Both songs are great! Can't decide which one I like the most.. 🤔 love the aesthetic as well
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    They have changed the release date to 2020/09/09. The single is titled "夜葬曲".
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