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  1. Xerath

    My first thought when I saw their look was "okay so a lost november remaster" and the look itself has literally no flavor, it so boring you dont even want to look at it.
  2. music reminded me today how much I miss ex-xenon's Leo, whereever you are remember, how dare you leave the music scene!

  3. Well not to be rude but that was straight up boring
  4. Happy b-day!

    1. Xerath


      aww thanks a lot ! ^_^

  5. lay about world's album version of red is so bad like my favortie parts of the song are changed completely and it literally isnt enjoyable anymore

  6. Am I high or did someone of chantys yt channel stream sekiro for a few minutes lmao 

  7. dieze's recently released songs are bangers you cannot change my mind 

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    2. Bunny


      'ai' is great.
      BTW, Do you know who's that dude on their covers !?

    3. Xerath


      https://www.dieze-jpn.com/ the band i mentionend AND on their cover I honestly just thought its shogo with facepaint lmao

    4. chemicalpictures


      freaking bangers indeed, specially 021story

  8. Just saw takashi's(ex avanchick vo.)  "New" "band" and watched the MV..... I couldnt believe that its the same person wow

  9. Xerath

    0:24 = when the nose is itchy.
  10. This smells to 92% like grimoire
  11. Xerath

    Smart boi
  12. Usogao is solid but not really the biggest fan of you are my love, sounds like 3 or 4 older songs thrown together idk, maybe i need to listen to it a few more times
  13. It feels like its been forever Cant wait
  14. Ok so i just listened to initial l's EP and holy shit its awful from beginning to end. Disappointing

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Apart from the debut single, the whole band is a damn delusion, compared to what they were previously (we're talking about Lycaon, just for a remind) 🤦‍♀️

    2. 123Sandman321


      There are some cool ideas in each of the songs, especially the last one. I let go of the Lycaon sentimentality long ago and Initial'l are actually quite enjoyable if you don't peek too much behind the curtain.

    3. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Yeah, the basis is promising, but it lacks of depth and emotion, a thing that in Lycaon's songs didn't happen so often... maybe I miss them too much.

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