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  1. hitsuji-hime

    Megaromania - Desperate with Fuck Boy ♥
  2. hitsuji-hime

    Banned because pervert signature.
  3. hitsuji-hime

    ^ Nuther rule breaker :v
  4. hitsuji-hime

    Can I see the Mana postcard?
  5. hitsuji-hime

    because fuck the rules
  6. hitsuji-hime

    Merry - Fuck Boy Market ♥
  7. hitsuji-hime

    Banned because Lycaon.
  8. hitsuji-hime

    My lab walks sideways sometimes. My rat terrier sometimes walks (or rather, hops) with 3 legs, although there's nothing wrong with the fourth one; she usually lifts that one leg up when she pees too.
  9. I've rightfully earned the right to have Violet Chachki as my avatar. *_*

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    2. JRD


      She's a likeable bitch though :o Love her Sass.

    3. hitsuji-hime


      Me too, I'm in love ♥

    4. saishuu


      hope she gets a personality in the show soon

  10. hitsuji-hime

    Plastic Tree - Nerveless Smile
  11. hitsuji-hime

    Megaromania - Cathedral of admirer
  12. Megaromania - Birth of an Idea (w/ signed photos) [feedback ♥] Came in good condition, except the photos were slightly bent and a bit dusty. Not really noticeable however, so it didn't bother me much. Other than that, CD and case came in excellent condition. Thank you so much ♥
  13. hitsuji-hime

    Megaromania - Birth of an Idea (w/ signed photoset) Can't wait to preorder Lin's Memento Mori.
  14. hitsuji-hime

    Oh boy...here we go again.
  15. RIP random thoughts thread. :'(

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