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  1. Zalemu

    AFI LAREINE Versailles HIZAKI grace project SHAZNA I'm sorta drifting away from vk and checking out more non-Japanese metal and indie music lately. The above bands (excluding AFI) have had the most traction in my vk playlist, though.
  2. Zalemu

    edited bc i don't think it actually fit the aesthetic after all lol
  3. Zalemu

  4. EVE and Alkaloid. ❤️
  5. Zalemu

    I noticed a difference when I heard a 192kbps rip of a song I had only ever heard at 96kbps, lol. It sounded nice enough to make me start ripping my own CDs at 192. Aside from that I don't really care about bitrate.
  6. Zalemu

    Juka, Kamijo and Hizaki.
  7. Zalemu

    Nice. I've been waiting for them to try something new/different and this is it.
  8. Zalemu

    I am screaming
  9. This reminds me of when Tatsuya (ex-Syndrome) came back in a generic synth kei band and it flopped.
  10. Zalemu

    Kamijo, David, gulu gulu, Rands, Virge, ChainxmaiL, La'veil Mizeria, Crucifixion, SIRENE.
  11. Zalemu

    tfw just now getting into Animal Crossing New Leaf when a new AC is right around the corner
  12. Zalemu

    @ this whole thread
  13. No idea what it's called because I have zero knowledge of drums, but I hate that drum sound during the chorus. "TCH TCH TCH". The song would be so much better without that, I think.
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