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  1. Shir0

    not baad they sound promising! gonna keep an eye on them
  2. @Elazmus so that's what their insta post was about lol awesome news Im always excited for new Zigzag stuff
  3. wow this is messed up I heard a bunch of bad things about shimizuya but this is horrible and even more so when you can be sure he's not the first one whom this happened exactly what I was thinking
  4. This! love it Also only noticed this now 👀
  5. Waiting for Karma to add a price tag to his newest art 👀 loll


    1. Himeaimichu


      Didn't know Karma was rich and snobby enough to make post-modern art lmao

    2. 少女椿


      Can I have a copy pls 


  6. aww ugh 😞 I wasn't THAT sad about everyone departing I like rands but AvelCain's disbandment hit me more but this MV was sweeeet..now Im sad lol
  7. Shir0

    The demos sound greeat
  8. That's so impressive it turned out so pretty :))
  9. what I’ve read at first lolll this sucks tho 😞 already seeing the “hiatus” coming but yeah I wouldn’t mind a solo project wasn’t rands one in the beginning too?
  10. Shir0

    it's beautiful :))
  11. Yaay love their new look! and the preview was better than I expected
  12. Shir0

    These demos sound sooo good 😧 and I’d love to hear the full version of magical suicide stardust land (what a title lmao) hopefully they are a thing now if not they really need to!
  13. Shir0

    Awesome to hear they're back I quite liked Meidara
  14. Congrats on finally turning 21 mentally  you can officially drink now hah 

  15. Shir0

    really warmed up to how DEZERT has changed this MV is nice!
  16. This lol but it ain't that bad I quite like it tbh so gonna keep an eye on these guys mainly for fixer members tho lol
  17. Shir0

    This is perfect [2]
  18. Shir0

    sounds pretty good to me tbh I'm actually really looking forward to this after their last single was so dissapointing lol
  19. Shir0

    I'd like to believe that this is actually Karma with his mom lol so cutee the song is pretty chill too
  20. Shir0

    Great news! Looking forward to previews You sure? It sounds kinda weird that someone would post a wrong set list just because they dislike a band XD
  21. Shir0

    DEATHTOPIA > VITCH but only musical vise the visuals here are so fucking great ❤️ lmao might be their most fun MV imo
  22. To all monochromians~ could y'all report this IG account for pretending to be Elazmus/using his profile pic without permisson? appreciating every heelp:)


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    2. Shir0


      @Zeus nope I dont think so? It seems like this dude is really named Sam too lol 

    3. IGM_Oficial
    4. Shir0


      yeah just noticed it too the issue seems to have been cleared  tho  thanks :) 

  23. Just when I thought Suibotsu is nice but kinda missing something they completely destroyed my doubts whether I like this song or not with that last minute lol the previews sound good too looking forward to Hana saites full version
  24. Shir0

    not bad they caught my attention gonna keep an eye on them
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