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  1. Coldrain will be releasing a DVD/Blu-Ray featuring both days of their Blare Fest performances on 2020.10.28. Limited edition comes with a booklet and a "backstage pass". Regular edition will just contain the live. Day 1 1 REVOLUTION 2 ENVY 3 THE SIDE EFFECTS 4 FIRE IN THE SKY 5 PERSONA 6 F.T.T.T 7 JANUARY 1ST 8 THE STORY 9 MAYDAY feat. Ryo (Crystal Lake) 10 24-7 feat.MAH(SiM) 11 THE REVELATION feat. Koie(Crossfaith)/イイカワケン(HEY-SMITH)/満(HEY-SMITH)/かなす(HEY-SMITH) Day 2 1 THE REVELATION 2 FEED THE FIRE 3 TO BE ALIVE 4 COEXIST 5 F.T.T.T 6 ENVY 7 NO ESCAPE 8 SEE YOU 9 REVOLUTION 10 FINAL DESTINATION Pre order Amazon/Tsutaya/TowerRecords/Hmv Cdjapan
  2. aww how cute its very reminiscent of their right evil look
  3. Sounds good but tbh im more interested to know whos making the artwork now cuz that is some amazing stuff!
  4. -NOVA-

    finally some good news this year
  5. -NOVA-

    Long Live Art-Kei Mercari is a blessing and a curse Sioux - filled (Final live-limited single) amber gris - hollow sound (feel me pv making) amber gris - Children + (Thank You @Danao)
  6. -NOVA-

    "...he is still a member of the band but he is not playing for some time." Well thats good to hear honestly the band is doing really well including outside of Japan. Can't wait to see what that exciting news is
  7. English statement below
  8. eh not impressed... riff is basicly Ugly by gazette and the vocalist sounds so uninterested
  9. Ok but ¥16,500 yen for the "complete" version .... Comes with a photobook, keychain, and a "mysterious ticket." Only sold on their webshop for those interested since its made to order. aside from that it sounds like the Arlequin we'are used to. Im glad im always happy to hear more from them.
  10. Crystal Lake have started crowdfunding in order to make this release possible. In just a few hours the campaign already surpassed its goal. The album will release on August 5th 2020. Crystal Lake's former vocalist Veron will be doing guest vocals. The album will be a compilation of 3 of Crystal Lake's early releases.
  11. -NOVA-

    wow that was actually really nice
  12. -NOVA-

    I just hope they film the last live, I would love to see the ending to this tale. Hard to believe its been 5 years. I remember everyone scrambling to get the first release since it was going to be live limited. What a ride this band has been.
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