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  1. Luca

    I've been told many times over that I have horrible taste in guys. A lot of the dudes I've ended up going out with (mostly due to settling for a guy who I thought, "oh, he's kinda cute, I can deal with this") were just... weird. My last ex turned out to be not only terribly weird but also emotionally abusive. I'm also one of those with a tendency to fall for dudes who are assholes and/or have zero interest in me whatsoever. [Fair warning, I'm also venting here because nowhere else to vent.] My most recent big one though was, I had a huge crush on a musician friend of mine for years but never got up the courage to tell him when I had the chance. He ended up prying it out of me, only to basically tell me I wasn't skinny enough for his taste and that we could still be friends then randomly start ignoring me and blocking me out of the blue later. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to stop thinking so much about a guy who I know now would have been a terrible choice. I don't know if I miss him or the friendship more. It just hurts that such a long friendship that at one point was so close, it seemed like at times he reciprocated my feelings, seems to have meant so little to the other person. There are so many happy memories I can't look back on and music I can't listen to without getting sad because of this stupid guy. I was the person he messaged at 3 AM to vent when he had girl problems and sent pictures to and talked about intimate topics with. And then he claimed he had zero interest in me. When I could have sworn on multiple occasions he was flirting with me. Maybe it was just in my head, I don't know. *sigh* I'm struggling to believe I'll ever find someone I'm attracted to that won't turn out to be a weirdo or a total asshat.
  2. Luca

    Is that how little 4 years of friendship meant to you?? ONE thing changes, and suddenly you don't want anything to do with me??
  3. Luca

    Having a soft spot for someone while at the same time hating their guts and feeling angry to the point of nausea or wanting to cry upon thinking about them is the worst feeling ever. :/
  4. Luca

    [ramble incoming] I don't really have this experience here much as I just don't talk on here ever, this is mostly about people on Facebook VK forums, but. Whenever I try to make VK friends, I get a vibe from the people I try to make friends with that they think they're better than me for whatever reason. I want to go like "sorry to burst your bubble but you're not better than anybody, honey". Then again I could just be imagining it. It's really hard for me to make friends with similar interests, so I think whenever I do find a friend I interact with them too much and freak them out, I guess. So that could be why, idk
  5. Luca

    ^^^ lmfao. Almost 24 and still a virgin here (technically but I'd rather not go into the details). Before maybe a few months ago, the concept of getting intimate enough with someone to have sex with them scared the piss out of me. I find it hard to open up to people enough to make close friends as it is.
  6. Luca

    I've given up on relationships for the most part. I'd much rather use my single time for casual dates, maybe play the field a bit while I can. Apart from that, I haven't dated anyone since a little over a year ago mainly because I tend to have a shitty taste in dudes. Most of the guys I've dated or even found attractive, period, have turned out to be assholes, and most of those times I've either failed to pick up on that or refused to acknowledge it. That and because most if not all of the dudes that become interested in me seem to think of me as a manic pixie dream girl. :/ It's depressing because I can hardly make/keep male friends without them catching feels.
  7. Luca

    Replying to keep up with this topic as I can't manually follow on mobile... but damn, the fuck did he have to do to get outed like that? :0
  8. Luca

    Funny thing is, I work at a pizza joint... *offers pizza?*
  9. O.o He looks like a completely different person. I'm still shocked that he quit music for good...
  10. Luca

    It worked! Thanks a bunch
  11. Luca

    I'm getting an error message that says "You are only allowed to send 0 messages a day, try again later". Is this a glitch, or did I do something to merit that, or...?
  12. ...I don't regret pre-ordering type B at all
  13. ^ I fucking love Yuuki for this shit right here. lol Pre-ordered type B <3 can't wait for it to be in my bedroom
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