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  1. Me too, there is something drama about Sana too? I think he is a nice guy (even if he walks a lot in the shadows)
  2. Serox

    I'll never understand why Shoya is always the only member with less makeup/ always same hair (He seems to want to look like a Kpopper) I miss his old look...
  3. Serox

    1) Phantasmagoria 2) Megaromania 3) Elysion 4) Synk;yet 5) Misaruka
  4. Serox

    This is me at Japanese Restaurant in my city LOL
  5. Serox

    CULA announce something on 09/30/2020 (Probably the beginning of their 2nd chapter) Vocal : SUI https://mobile.twitter.com/_David_SUI/status/1299000681915850759 Guitar : Yuhma https://mobile.twitter.com/XNVL_Yuhma/status/1299011889213530112 Bass : 70. (Nao) https://mobile.twitter.com/XNVL_70/status/1299003612622856192 Drums : Tomoya https://mobile.twitter.com/XNVL_Tomoya/status/1299003620134752256
  6. Kaya will release the new version of his song "Hannya" on 26 August 2020. referring to the information on Kaya's official website (https://kaya-rose.com/discography/single/909/) : “Hannya” was originally released in 2007 on Kaya’s concept mini album “Hyakki Yagyou”. This re-recording has been rearranged by BUCK-TICK and Angelo’s manipulator, Kazutoshi Yokoyama. (https://blog.goo.ne.jp/thinkyokoyama) Tracklist : 1) Hannya (2020 version) 2. Hannya (Reading aloud) 3. Hannya (2007 version)
  7. Serox

    Will we miss it (???)
  8. I never understand why visual-kei band become very famous, most of the members inside form a solo project... 😕
  9. "Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we have a large amount of debt and our future activities are in a difficult situation. However, I would like to fulfill the promise to all the people I met on this tour by finishing the "47 prefectures x 2 laps tour" which is a long-cherished desire of all members and fans to FINAL. Therefore, we would like to ask for your urgent support." https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/298204
  10. Kisaki or not, these are money that will go for a good cause.
  11. Serox

    Kaya release a "special video" for the 2nd track of this single, take a look! ^^ : He is FABULOUS! ❤️
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