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  1. zombieparadise

    I'm sensing an ODD SMELL coming from this band
  2. Why would you give money to someone you perceive to be rich and famous? Were they fans? And if they were fans, how could they not tell this wannabe apart from the actual Kyo? So many questions 🤔
  3. zombieparadise

    Nice! Big fan of the title track and the first B-side is perfect.
  4. Loving the ability to watch high quality heidi. live streams during all this nonsense. Hope it continues!

  5. zombieparadise

    Really liking that indie sound. Takes me back.
  6. zombieparadise

    Yikes! Might be their worst album cover.
  7. zombieparadise

    PIERROT's Pandora no Hako Album cover. I always found isolating and mesmerizing.
  8. zombieparadise

    I love diving deep into past members band's of the bands I really admire. Previous band's are usually super indie and sound like hot garbage, but if I'm lucky enough to find any releases I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt : >
  9. zombieparadise

    What's wrong with paid livestreams? More bands opening up lives for overseas fans is great, I hope more bands keep this trend when things go back to normal.
  10. It is nice to see these guys are still around, even if I'm not the biggest fan of what they've done the past few years.
  11. zombieparadise

    Bought the red version. Never bought Dexcore music before, looking forward to something fresh : >
  12. zombieparadise

    Nice! Gotta love that yearly album release schedule.
  13. zombieparadise

    I like them! The size is neat, though I'd agree they're a little difficult to position on a shelf. I wish bands did them more often.
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