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  1. zombiesatemycereal

    We have J-pop that sounds like K-pop, and now we have K-pop that sounds like J-pop
  2. zombiesatemycereal

    I haven't listened to that much yet, but here goes
  3. zombiesatemycereal

    Not as good as You're Pitiful, but still good. Praise Yezus.
  4. zombiesatemycereal

    NIPPONNO ONNAWO UTAU BEST is so damn good, gonna be listening to it all week. Like the new format a lot!
  5. zombiesatemycereal

    New 4minute is perfect as always, some real Volume Up vibes.
  6. zombiesatemycereal

    I guess compared to butt rubs and vagina imagery everywhere, this is pretty innocent. Also what a fuckin jam. God bless Hyoeun <3
  7. zombiesatemycereal

  8. zombiesatemycereal

    Not the best option but there's an extension
  9. zombiesatemycereal

    be·ta ver·sion a version of a piece of software that is made available for testing, typically by a limited number of users outside the company that is developing it, before its general release. As before, you don't understand what beta means. It doesn't mean relaunch the site in its default state a broken mess, and then take FOUR months to add basic features back. Do you even use the site?
  10. zombiesatemycereal

    I doubt this is more than somebody hacked their page/ still had passwords and is screwing around. Unless somebody was actually dumb enough to give them a shitload of money? If they were actually coming back I would think they would have a better announcement than some dumb meme. Honestly I enjoy dub so much more even though it's still kinda clunky. It's at least run by people who know what they're doing, and they update it fairly frequently.
  11. zombiesatemycereal

    Probably too little too late, but you can finally change your charts to display 8 artists, and have more than 10 tracks displayed at once.
  12. new koxx, Bonjour Suzuki, and Suiyoubi <3

    1. Chi


      the new koxx album is p sweet

  13. zombiesatemycereal

    Even Perfume looks like they want nothing to do with the song
  14. zombiesatemycereal

    Oh My Girl has a new song and it's wonderful
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