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  1. Kiryu999

    The reason behind his departure will probably always remain unknown but the fact that he left the band and completely vanished from the music scene makes me think that he wanted to quit music and do something else in his life, but who knows ?
  2. The single is now available on various digital platforms
  3. Kiryu999

    If this tweet reach 200RT they will publish unreleased artist photos, 300RT and they will publish the photos and a new video
  4. To celebrate their 10th anniversary together, コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon) will release their best-album titled "WORST" ! Webshop limited edition 2CD+DVD+54p booklet+4 masks (¥11,000+tax) will be available at the end of January and the regular edition 2CD+32p booklet (¥3,500+tax) will be available 2021/02/03. Link for purchasing the limited edition best-album: https://bpr.stores.jp/items/5fb21df88a457234a69bb3b6 (Orders can be placed from 2020/11/17 00:00 until 2020/12/08 23:59) Tracklist: [DISC:1] 01.平成マキシマナンバー 02.LETHE.(Re-recording) 03.naked(Re-recording) 04.RIGHT EVIL 05.NEPENTHES. 06.チルドレンズドープ 07.【VIper】 08.SODOM 09.WARUAGAKI 10.アリア(Re-recording) 11.クロトアカ 12.HEMLOCK [DISC:2] 1.WOLFMAN 2.この世界は終わりだ。 3.毒虫 4.DIRTY×DIRTY(Re-recording) 5.脳壊ス。 6.棘 7.想葬 8.DOUBT 9.アノニマス 10.PEST 11.KARISUMA 12.New song (available only on the limited edition) [DVD] 01.RIGHT EVIL 02.NEPENTHES. 03.チルドレンズドープ 04.【VIper】 05.SODOM 06.WARUAGAKI 07.アリア 08.クロトアカ 09.HEMLOCK 10.WOLFMAN 11.この世界は終わりだ。 12.毒虫 13.DIRTY×DIRTY 14.脳壊ス。 15.棘 16.想葬 17.DOUBT 18.アノニマス 19.PEST 20.KARISUMA
  5. They're making more money releasing tons of singles instead of an album
  6. Hm have you read their statement ? Because it's not the typical "if this amount of people don't come to our live we will disband" thing.
  7. キズ (Kizu) will hold a one-man called 「 望」(which means "hope") on December 5 at SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE to decide if they can resume their activities or not due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Translation of their message can be read here: https://crimsonlotus.eu/kizu-a-live-to-decide-on-their-future/
  8. Kiryu999

    Xanadu isn't even out yet...
  9. the Raid. will release their best-album in December, it will only contains love songs such as "歌舞伎町レイニー" (Kabukicho Rainy) and "殺し愛" (Koroshi Ai). More details will be announced later. They also released a MV spot for a new track called "涙傘ララバイ" (Namida Kasa Lullaby) :
  10. Kiryu999

    Pretty standard Xaa-Xaa song, I like it. The looks and music video are pretty
  11. Dressing up as MORRIGAN for halloween I see
  12. Kiryu999

    This piqued my curiosity... no idea who's the vocalist tho
  13. Kiryu999

    White is very good ! Looking forward to hear the mini !
  14. That's awful but kinda sad at the same time, like pretending to be someone else for 10+ years, getting the same tattoos etc.. what a sad existence
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