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  1. Hello everyone! 😃 I'm selling my entire GACKT collection which I have built in many years of purchases from CDJapan, eBay and Yahoo Japan auctions. As title says, it is EVERY GACKT release from 1999 (solo debut) until 2006. All Albums, singles, mini, and even VHS. The only releases missing are the DVDs. Basically the first half of his musical solo career, and this includes many rare releases which are really hard to find right now. All of them are wrapped in protective plastic sleeves and in perfect condition (I only buy albums in perfect conditions 😋) I would like to find a dear fan of him looking to buy the entire collection, but I understand that it could be a little hard so I can also sell the releases one by one. We can discuss pricing looking at the actual selling price on the web. If you are looking to buy the entire collection you can send me your offer 😊 Any other question is welcome! Sorry for the bad quality of the pics:
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    Hello! I've visited this fantastic forum a lot in the past years as an invisible guest. Today I woke up and decided I wanted to interact with this community. So here I am, I love japanese music since I was 18 (I'm now 27) and my tastes are on the heavier side. I love oldschool VK, Nagoya Kei, but I also enjoy a bunch of new metal-ish and dark VK bands like the one in my avatar. (ok fine that's a doll not a band...) The first japanese album I've owned is 'Gauze' by Dir en Grey and you will find that artwork in my Last.fm avatar http://www.lastfm.it/user/unburial_rice (which is a new account and since I listen to a ton of new releases will not represent much my actual music taste right now but hey I'd love to have you there!!) My favourite album from 2015 so far is '皮肉な種の卑屈な芽。' by 黒百合と影 followed by 'into the shadows' by Anoice. (I also enjoy many non-VK japanese acts) I'm from Italy (sorry for my English) but I'm going to live in Tokyo starting this April. See you!
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