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  1. 自我-ジガ- (jiga) will disband after their last live at Ikebukuro Blackhole on 12/5.
  2. suji

    why do they all look like they just woke up
  3. suji

    I guess to prevent spamming from new users
  4. suji

    I'll go ahead and enable status updates. We've also started limiting post edits since they were being abused, so you can only edit a certain amount per day.
  5. Edited my post to clarify that the weight is the total amount of all the members 😂😂😂 had a good laugh tho!
  6. Visual Laboratory has announced that it has changed to non-visual band "UNLIMITED××性" (UNLIMITED××Saga) after Ba.まっふぃ (Mahiro) (ex-Affective Synergy --> ONLYYOU) joined on 10/7; as a result, Ba.みざりー (Misery) has switched to Gt. They will hold their first live on 10/26 at Kyoto mojo. This change in style apparently resulted from the band members' total weight exceeding 300 kg (~661 lbs) which apparently isn't considered vk??!!??! (this just sounds like an excuse to cover up how much of a flop they are tbh)
  7. Ariabl'eyeS's music is now available thru digital streaming!! https://www.tunecore.co.jp/artist/ariableyes
  8. He also made this little music video as part of Willard's physical release. I love this movie ♥
  9. pretty sure everyone knows this one but Jackie Chan also Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars was good but now they're shit ever since Jared got more involved in Hollywood
  10. rem † non † rem new album "0.01" has been released digitally on October 1! [tracklist] 1.Lost 2.フカイモリ (fukai mori) (Deep Forest) 3.再世 (saiyou) (Regeneration) 4.劣花 (retsu hana) (Deterioration) 5.蝕罪 (shoko tsumi) (Redemption) 6.Paradise Lost 7.落ち、眠る (ochi, nemuru) (Fall & Sleep) 8.黒白 (kuroshiro) (Confession) 9....Find https://linkco.re/qUVHR8SN
  11. suji

    Akira is pregnant 🤰 https://lineblog.me/akiriot/archives/13265462.html
  12. suji

    Gothculture -Decadent Art- 11/25 Release (3 tracks, 2000 yen)
  13. Ariabl'eyeS new mini-album "聖戀ファムファタール" will be released on 10/25 via Melonbooks and it will feature KOKOMI (MISLIAR)! [tracklist] 1.Prelude -Siren- 2.聖戀ファムファタール 3.Dearest you 4.Reverie
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