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  1. suji

    the only thing that was shady was the fact that he bailed on his band from out of nowhere, rather than be upfront with them about wanting to leave either that or he couldn't wait out for a ~last live~ especially due to covid and shit
  2. suji

    Gara from Merry (lately I've alternated between him and Rei (Marco)) yeah i'm not actually him
  3. Crucifixion has announced that Gt.琉華(Ryuka) has left the band as of 9/15. The band has also paused activities going forward due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
  4. suji

    yep! just contact @Seimeisen or @CAT5
  5. suji

    Contact an admin and they can change it for you! ^^
  6. THE VELVET, which has been active for more than 10 years, has announced they will disband on 11/16 after their oneman live at Ikebukuro CHOP. Although its current incarnation has been active since 2008, THE VELVET first formed in 2002 after the disbandment of then-visual rock band VELVET EDEN, and then disbanded in 2005. They will release their last single, "BLACK STAR" (1650 yen) starting at their live on 9/22; mail order is currently undecided. [tracklist] 1.BLACK STAR 2.ピアス 3.J'adore [remaining schedule] 9/22 Ikebukuro CHOP 11/10 Ikebukuro CHOP 11/16 Ikebukuro CHOP
  7. ma boi Tsubasa is back!! can't wait for this band to have a revamped lineup and an alter ego band in the next two months or so!! they sound way better than Sunawachi Saga in that single preview
  8. suji

    ok Karen
  9. kisaki trying to resurrect ojisan miyavi from the dead for quick cash
  10. MERRY Marco Megaromania Madeth gray'll Misa (Babylon, David/shito:aL, etc) if any bands don't start with an m, they suck
  11. this gives me Pami flashbacks...
  12. holy fuck, that's a doozy. they've been around for a long time. i'm sorry for all their fans...
  13. Check it out! https://ssl.twitcasting.tv/ikebukuro_chop/shopcart/20996
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