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  1. Since most of us don't speak Japanese, the translate tool is essential in spreading vk news to this site and other outlets. However, as it is automated, it's not gonna be 100% correct, so I always welcome any corrections from native or fluent speakers if necessary.


    What I don't like however is when I or anyone else is being accused of starting rumors all because of a mistranslation or an error. That's not helpful at all - that's just being an asshole. If you're unhappy about that, then maybe speak up sooner or contribute once in a while.

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    2. BrenGun


      @Zeus Well, then still sometimes people are saying such words as Suji wrote, or they say, don't translate if you can't understand Japanese enough etc. 

      I've got a lot of bad words (around the web), and yet often people who know Japanese still don't even think to help out.  Because you simple have to learn the language your own! 

      But how can you learn a language if nobody helps you with learning it?!....


      I think if someone knows someone did translate it wrong or even misunderstood it, that someone who understood it correctly simply could write down a translation. I mean, translating doesn't cost that much time if you understand a language good enough isn't?! 


    3. cheesy_VK_Freak


      we cannot force one to translate. This was a good example that we all should be more cautious about the news and translations we are spreading. I can understand that with heavy news like this, people might get upset. Of course not justifying being rude towards you.

      So don‘t take it too personal, let’s learn from this and move on👍

    4. suji


      @cheesy_VK_Freak if those people expect us to do all the work for them, even while knowing we're not fluent, then they shouldn't get butthurt by the end result. js

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