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  1. I went to see REVIVE tonight. I think I found my '''2017 favorite band''' *^* 

    1. VkBrutaliaN


      saw 'em live on 20.05.2017 and yea they kick some serious ass!

      in case you bought their minialbum which was released today can you give a brief opinion on it once you listened to it?

    2. VkBrutaliaN


      also could you please tell are they all "real" songs on the minialbum? just wondering because it seems like they haven't played any single song off of it yet on their lives and lastly could you also tell is the price really just 500yen or was it just a typo on their flyer?

      sorry for all the questions but i am really thinking about getting it once the chance comes...^^

    3. Jiyo


      I think it's more a "concept" mini album.
      It's different than their previous releases. Songs are quite short (2~ 3 min) and they are pretty agressive with few clear voice.
      And unfortunately production is less good than singles (recordind sounds like it was in garage).
      So it's probably not an "official release" 'cause they don't have new look, there is no promotion about it, no video, and they never played theses songs live.


  2. - Hitori -

    NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST - SUICIDE Only one CD this month for me, I'm poor (._.)
  3. Happy b-day Hitori! <3

    1. - Hitori -

      - Hitori -

      Thank you very much ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノ

  4. Happy birthday dear! Have a wonderful day! ♥

    1. - Hitori -

      - Hitori -

      Thank you so much ♥

  5. - Hitori -

    I'm not surprised! This band is full of creepy perv ...
  6. - Hitori -

    Only two albums for me this month (^^) NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST - THE BEST '09-'17 Moth in Lilac - M.i.L
  7. I'm back bitches ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶

    1. nostalgia


      Welcome back~

    2. - Hitori -
    3. shiroihana


      Welcome back then! ^_^

  8. - Hitori -

    I finally got my Mediena's best of ... FINALLY. And I tried this female visual kei band : Azazel. It's not bad but little boring (;_; )
  9. - Hitori -

    I recently got these stuffs in Japan I really love the Chronogear CD, this is probably their best song!
  10. - Hitori -

    Finally, I was able to take a copy of the first mini-album from マーブルヘッド I began to despair :v
  11. thanks for the uploads:happy:

  12. - Hitori -

    UP! I added Mediena & ELYSION cheki
  13. - Hitori -

    I got a new rare live limited for my collection : DiSPiИA - 被害妄想と嘘吐きなメリー(頭部破損) <3 And I found the last's ATRUS for a nice price! \m/
  14. - Hitori -

    Finally, I got a copy of REMINISCENCE from Lydiar! <3
  15. Happy Birthday! (◕‿◕✿) 

    1. paradoxal


      thank you hitori!! <3

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