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  1. Alkaloid

    バレッタ - 取扱説明書 MUCC - アゲハ (Regular Edition) ベルベット - 蠍 (Type A) chariots - Jade/cold pray (Type B )
  2. NEVERLAND will disband at 2021/3/1. Their best album "-LOST CHILD-" will be released at 2021/2/10.
  3. Alkaloid

    Sleep My Dear - Ask for Eyes Virgil - -Desert- ALCX5 - NINECE DOG inTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ - Doggy Style III
  4. Alkaloid

    When did Yuuki leave?
  5. Alkaloid

    12012 - SHINE 彩冷える - ドラマティック Dolly - ムーンライトディスコ 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 = 玲在‐REAL‐モニタァ内部の電脳~デジタル・メイド~隷娘
  6. クロノ×クラウン (Chrono Crown) members new band "Magick" has commenced formal activities at 2020/8/17. Vo.亜芽-Ame- (ex-三途〜SanZ〜, 黒船-クロフネ- (Kurofune)(support Gt.), now inクロノ×クラウン (Chrono Crown)) Gu.摩耶-Maya- (ex-Rabbit Hour, now in クロノ×クラウン (Chrono Crown)) Gu.愛史-Aishi- Ba.音夢-Nemu- (ex-CREA-->ラムフ (Lamf)-->Drastic Will, now inクロノ×クラウン (Chrono Crown)) Dr.色葉-Iroha- Their 0th single "Wonder Cat Dance" has been released at the same date. (2 TYPE, CD only, 1,000 yen) 1. Wonder Cat Dance 2. Merry Go Round (included in A-type) 3. サラボナ (Sarabona) (included in B-type)
  7. Alkaloid

    Luckily, that's not their name. That's just the name of the event. They were called "DECADE" and only released one live-limited single, as far as I know.
  8. ex-Sick² Dr.大志 (Hiroshi) has formed a new solo project "ろっしー (Rossy)" . his new full album "ろっしーanるーれっと (Rossy-an Roulette)" release [track list] 1.宇宙人も恐れるほど大胆に世界を変える (Uchuubito mo Osoreru Hodo Daitan ni Sekai wo Kaeru) 2.profitable 3.ぱにぱに (Panipani) 4.らぶろっしー (Love Rossy) 5.meaningless 6.うらはら (Urahara) 7.らぶトゥギャザー (Love Together) 8.等身大beautiful (Toushindai beautiful) 9.出会いのタイミング (Deai no Timing) 10.らぶサンキュー (Love Thank You) 11.友達以下恋人以上 (Tomodachi Ika Koibito Ijou)
  9. Dr.悠介 (Yusuke) (ex-Dieu-->弾丸 NO LIMIT (Dangan NO LIMIT)) has joined BugLug at 2020/8/9.
  10. Alkaloid

    He is ex-Lucy Monostone's Vo.Kaiser.
  11. Alkaloid

    GREED will go on indefinite hiatus at 2020/9/6.
  12. Alkaloid

    ABOO has disbanded at 2020/7/31.
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