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  1. Saishu

    It’s probably just because it’s not actually anyone in DEG making this stuff.
  2. Saishu

    Jin’s voice is like all the popular VK vocalists’ worst aspects rolled into one. The boring part of Ruki with the nonsense of Kyo.
  3. Saishu

    Lol, scrolling thru the comments and people were comparing them to DEG 13 years ago.
  4. Saishu

    I think the bigger crime here is that Jin keeps starting new projects but the sound never really changes on a fundamental level. It all comes down to the skill level of who he’s working with at the time. Like honestly to me The Black Swan mostly sounded like “what if Jin wrote music for Deluhi”
  5. Saishu

    Does it? Seems like “oni” is just being used as a metaphor for a predator type.
  6. Saishu

    He also says “ryoujoku no ame” in the 2011 version of Tsumi to Batsu.
  7. Saishu

    That sounded more like 2012 era 12012 to me
  8. Saishu

    Anyone who thinks working 30 hours straight in the studio is okay should probably just work solo. No one should work under those conditions.
  9. Saishu

    This just makes it worse. Why have him continue to perform?
  10. Saishu

    So Mio has been asking to leave since January because of family issues. He’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder with symptoms that continue to get worse and they’re still waiting until January 2021 to disband? if I were Mio I’d tell Issei to go fuck himself.
  11. Hasn’t Kyo been singing it that way pretty much since the Vulgarism tour though?
  12. I love showing all my dudebro friends the sick skronky riffs in Erode
  13. Saishu

    Best sounding recording ever
  14. Saishu

    That’s kind of impossible. I mean at the end of the day it’s still a matter of preference. Someone could point you in the direction of a song from the remastered Uroboros as an example of a good master, but I personally can’t stand it. Most people here don’t like how The Insulated World sound, but I do. So I don’t know. Someone else can tackle this.
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