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  1. Alin

    Enjoyable song , I expected something else , but is nice . Yo-ka with a guitar , nice .
  2. Alin

    Welcome !
  3. Will take up almost the whole day. A good many hours, around five/six hours and over. If i didn't had school , I would stay almost all the day.
  4. Alin

    I saw that idea on 9gag and I tried to do something similar , but with monochrome. I'm not really good , especially at choosing colors. I wasn't sure about what logo to make and what motto to use ... I just found a logo online... I like v2 more.
  5. I can speak Romanian and English. I know a lot of words in Japanese , but I can't speak . I am better at Japanese than Franch and i do Franch at school .
  6. Alin

    I hate One Ok Rock , every time i hear that stupid name i want to punch something. Overrated band , in my opinion. Nasty music.
  7. Alin

    Excited for the season 6 , almost there. Tomorrow is the premiere , right ?
  8. Alin

    Not funny ,just bored.
  9. Alin

    This is the name i got when i was born , is my real name , but in my language can mean to calm somebody , to comfort somebody "He comforts me = El ma alină " PS@ Alina is the feminine version of my name
  10. Alin

    That hairstyle of Shoya is pretty awesome. And I like that one from Gackt too, he look really handsome with it.
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