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  1. I bet Kyo covers his nose when using a mask, this guy was obviously was a fraud ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. Licio123

    Globus pharyngis is pretty annoying. I have it sometimes, after very stressful events. To a vocalist, it must be unbearable.
  3. Licio123

    Sad, really sad. All we can do is wish him a speedy recovery...
  4. Well, I'm happy they will return. Loved them and always will, regardless of their weaker recent output.
  5. Licio123

    this topic is why I pay internet for! hahaha
  6. Licio123

    Man, I wasn't aware of this. What a bummer. RIP, YOU!
  7. Licio123

    As much as I love this band, they should have done something. At least kicked Wataru out (even though I think they would disband if that happened).
  8. Licio123

    Well, at least some good news are turning up in the fuckup of a year (yea, I know you hate them, but still)
  9. Licio123

    BEST NEWS OF 2020! I am confident they can even erradicate covid-19 from the face of the earth. Really, man. So unexpected in these dark times, I am happy as fuck!
  10. Licio123

    Coronavirus has gone too far this time. Quarantine is really affecting people, man.
  11. Licio123

    I wonder why people need so much toilet paper. The freaking virus does not make you shit your pants off!
  12. Licio123

    Jesus, they are soooo active. I haven't even "processed" their previous album!
  13. Licio123

    they had some good tunes 10 years ago... RIP
  14. Licio123

    12012 with Juri on vocals... I'd love that.
  15. Licio123

    Finally watched The Babadook for this Halloween. Very good; it stems more from psychological distress than an horror entity IMO, but still a harrowing experience. Essie Davis was amazing!
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