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  1. anadentone

    Anyone know about the ages of the guys in Jin Machine?
  2. Today on Kiryu YT- Torture. And I suspect that Junji is a sadistic sumbeach.

  3. I ordered some wireless ear phones on Amazon for $25 and they came today but turned out to be airpods. Not sure if they're knock offs or real but the box and all seem legit. I know I didn't order knock offs but just dupes.

  4. On HZ's Yt - Rio speaks Arabic? =O

    1. Himeaimichu


      Assalam Aleikum, motherfucker

    2. IGM_Oficial
  5. I found a Attack on Titan bag at goodwill for $2.99.

  6. Today on Bebiki channel- finger painting BabyKingdom.

  7. if this happened in America: SNL would be shut down (which would be good) but so would all the cool shows and magazines and tiktok
  8. gazstans don't like any one saying or doing anything about the gazette, whether its good or bad.
  9. aww yuss a dome shaped jungle gym!
  10. Today on Codomo Dragon YT- Nasty ass ice cream

  11. not sure if this is the Becky syndrome (Becky Connor from Roseanne where 2 different people play the same character and the cast is like "you look different") of if they lied to us about leaving Masato.
  12. I just now found out Adorable chan (Zigzag) has his own yt channel 龍矢さん【インスタライブ】質問回答

  13. anadentone

    fuck Someone build a time machine so we can go back to 2019 and skip 2020 Worst year ever!
  14. anadentone

    I'm not gonna lie, that skeleton top bedhead song is banging.
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