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  1. IGM_Oficial

    The new look, bigger:
  2. IGM_Oficial

    These singles will be released on CD too. The physical versions are limited to the webstore, and the last one will also be sold at a live performance. Additionally, they released a live-distributed single called "Ningen shikkaku" in August 13.
  3. The new look: Shou: Hiroto: Tora: Saga: Nao:
  4. The music video for "Minami" is out That's how the single looks like
  5. The lyrics for their new song. The "kowareta joukei..." part is also sung in the beginning. Original: Romaji: Credits: the band, for making the text available on the music video, and me, for transcribing it.
  6. IGM_Oficial

    What about these high-quality old covers? This is really precious.
  7. IGM_Oficial

    This is gold. Thanks!
  8. So, this basically means that they're disbanding. This is so bad.
  9. Does anyone know what happened to the other four singles?
  10. Nicolas announced a new single. It will be released in September 19, and it will be sold through their webshop. Title: ミナミ/夕暮れ に リストカット (Minami/Yuugure ni wristcut) Tracklist: 1 - ミナミ (Minami) 2 - 夕暮れ に リストカット (Yuugure ni wristcut) (oh, really?)
  11. IGM_Oficial

    I see. Thanks!
  12. IGM_Oficial

    This is unique. This remembers me of Nocturnal bloodlust. Did they officially state that they're going visual kei?
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