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  1. Umbrella's first ever released song, "Powdery snow", was the theme of an erotic VN called "Bangyaru!!" lololol



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    2. Elazmus
    3. colorful人生


      I can't believe I took the time to do this.

      The VN is free and can still be downloaded off some eroge sites. I downloaded it and extracted the bgm folder from the arc.nsa (I haven't pulled visual novel assets in years, lmao...It was for a missing OST track, get ur minds out of the gutter.)


      There's a ~2 minute ver. of the song and a handful of "quality" tracks:


      The umbrella song is labeled b-kando


      There's a bunch of voice .wav files I could upload, but they're mainly sex noises... o_o

    4. IGM_Oficial


      @colorfuljinsei there's also some o s h i k k o

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