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  1. Found a night club in FF14 that's really legit and I'm spending my Saturday dancing there with friends. Socialising in time of corona, everybody. 

  2. platy

    Nah, it's a step down from the last album. That hit the spot, this is a snooze.
  3. What's adjustment disorder?
  4. platy

    17mins of set list perfection
  5. platy

    It's something that would rely on contributions from everyone. I know there are people who keep up with a variety of bands, so I would hope they organically contribute. And it's true, the amount of livestreams has lessened but it doesn't mean the ones that do happen should go unnoticed.
  6. platy

    This is a really good idea. As far as I'm aware I don't think we have a place specifically for those but I'll make a thread for it later.
  7. 'hey' or 'mornin' I don't really talk aloud to myself. But if by 'say' you mean in my thoughts it would probably be some kind of 32 page essay of various rants.
  8. Golden Wind update: Trish has Sxxx Gxxx for two seconds and is already dishing out one liners like arrivederci, SIT DOWN!!


    i didn't expect her to get a cool stand, but she doesn't need to be thinking she's hot shit after doing one thing lol.


    And also....Abacchio :tw_dissapointed_relieved:

  9. platy

    I understand millennial humour is dark and about self deprecation, I do it all the time myself - but only to people I'm close with. It's all well good to normalise therapy and mental illness via humour but idk, maybe a dating website/app isn't the place to do it. If I'm looking for a hook up or even a life-long partner, am I more likely to go the person who's a self proclaimed alcoholic or the one who just says they like football and a beer? (realistically both would be my nightmare, but you know what I mean?) These things shouldn't become a personality trait or something you use to sell yourself/brag about. And what you said about the ott stolen reddit joke, I came across several people whose profile said 'current status: cooked for two, ate for both'' hurr durr I guess it's hard to stand out among a sea of desperation where your odds are pretty low to begin with.
  10. platy

    we need a 'where is gackt' thread
  11. platy

    So now that I'm in the singles club, decided to browse tinder. Not my first experience with it, but there's a weird trend I've been noticing on dating apps (and this goes for even queer dating apps) Why are yall describing yourself as 'borderline alcoholic' and 'crackhead' on your profile? Or outright saying 'I've got a ton of issues' 'Depressed bitch' 'Looking for someone with mommy issues' I know we all have problems in this day and age but why are you giving me a list of all your mental/physical illnesses before I even say hi. And describing Ted Mosby as your spirit animal? I actually have to type this profile out cuz this shit is unbelievable Scott, 26 I like to keep a gun under my pillow so incase of a burglary I'm able to shoot myself to avoid social interaction with another human being jfc, either I'm too old for this or the world has gone insane. Impossible to swipe right on anyone, yall suck at selling yourself. It makes me even appreciate the simplicity of that one guy whose profile just said "we go to pub and then we fuck." Anyway after spending one evening on it and losing a trillion brain cells Time to get back to my collection of husbandos and waifus, I am not looking to deal with other people's bullshit (I'm actually having fun being a full time weeb again and frustrations aside, enjoying my time alone)
  12. platy

    I was gonna say, 2020 would be THE year where Issei coming back would be possible lol And YES uta needs to join dimlim, the guy is good. But maybe too visual heavy for the new damlam (I love his style and would hate to see it be replaced by suits and clean face )
  13. platy

    btw, just went on their spotify page and they have COVID-19 support thing going. (edit: you can only see it via the spotify app) Looks like you can donate your coin directly to them here: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/dimlim
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