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  1. platy

    Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean are all veggie/vegan (ish) friendly and I love spicy stuff, however I'd love to get more into chinese cuisine but real chinese food has a lot of meat so I haven't had a proper opportunity yet. African food also has a lot of meat based dishes, but otherwise is fairly similar to brazilian food and the things I have tried are all great. Real Indian/Pakistani food = awesome, but I have less opportunities to try it. I love latin american cuisine, of course I'm biased to Brazilian food but that's one of my favorites. From pastries, to an incredible range of deserts, best cheese, best breakfast, variety of beans, fruits, vegetables... LOVE IT ALL. I think any country whose diet revolves around rice and veggies ends up on my favorites list 😅
  2. and despite all this he still respects the members and label? Right.
  3. platy

    After reading this thread I think we deserve a 'vomit' reaction, 'yikes' and 'wtf' aren't enough
  4. platy

    Kouki from dauto.




    FF 16!!

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    2. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      MMO? I disagree, it appears to be single-player with the same combat system seen in 15. 

    3. platy


      @Total Saikouthe graphics look like FF14 but even lower, that's why I thought of MMO. I'm hoping it's because it's really early days in development, but I'm not the only one who thinks it's graphically disappointing. 

    4. 123Sandman321


      I was horrified in the first minute, but then it very slowly won me over.


      I don't know how you imagine the graphics would improve in terms of character model and texture quality with the art style the last few games have gone for. All the lighting, shadows and other effects looked amazing. 


      What was a bit jarring, tho, was that the supposedly main character was shown fighting the monsters alone and not just once.


      But, I mean, who gives a fuck, we ain't gonna play til 2030 rolls over, at minimum :D

  6. platy

    I have endometriosis which comes with a variety of crippling things such as sciatica and IBS. Compared to other sufferers of the condition, I have it really good. But it's still debilitating. Mental health is a whole other story, no diagnosis of anything but thanks to therapy I can lead a fairly normal life (I think)
  7. How do you usually browse MH? I prefer doing it from my desktop because of how the website is laid out. I also try to use the browser version of most websites if I can.
  8. platy

    This is sooo valuable. Thank you for all your efforts ✨
  9. platy

    - Sukekiyo - 9 GOATS BLACK OUT - 愛狂います。 - Nobuo Uematsu - Tekashi 6ix9ine
  10. UPDATE: Most of my CD collection going on sale. Magazines and fliers available as detailed in the first post. Accepting offers on everything. Aicle. Psycho x Letter Que Sera Sera Yeti Unbalance GRIMOIRE Uranometoria (both types) フラブジャスナハト Psychomachia (limited edition) Zonbi Daikirai Tokyo (with photoset) Mix Speaker's Inc. Corpse Carnival (signed) Hello Ghost House Dokuro Kitchen Jack in the Toy Box Tower Records recorded event CD (from 2016? Not sure) 9 GOATS BLACK OUT CALLING SuG Pink Masquerade. Missing Tokyo Muzical Hotel Sick's (both editions) Mamireta Shiin: Kurashi xaa-xaa SOLDFuko na Meiro (album) Yuki Tokei Shitai Dakedesho Kamisori Dosuguroi (with photoset) Yomei
  11. There's such a deep shift happening this year, globally. Just when you think you might be safe for the rest of the year, an identity crisis hits. 

    1. saiko


      What's the matter?

    2. CAT5


      Its the beginning of the end. Which really means its the beginning 😉

    3. platy


      @CAT5 couldn't be more true.


      @saiko not to get too deep, but I've not only observed a change in the world (as we all have) but also in many people around me. Lots of people discovering themselves, changing aspects of their life etc. I thought of myself as only the observer, but then realised I was going thru massive changes as well. 

  12. i like how the just falls over while sat on the drums after he's finished playing lol
  13. platy

    This belongs here I guess it means he's doing another song for SnK (tbh i really liked red swan)
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