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  1. rvrgf

    NO WHY They were so good, this sucks
  2. With the exceptions of Sense and Mirage, I already own all of these songs, which unfortunately won't stop me from buying both albums regardless. At least they're about a month apart which will hopefully minimise the damage to my wallet
  3. Well that fucking sucks. And with the last single being live limited I can't wait to buy it on auction for 18 times the original price, this is depressing.
  4. rvrgf

    late response, but now that release day has come and the album has, from what I've seen, yet to appear in any stores, it seems the only place to order it online is from their webshop (located here)
  5. rvrgf

    This is the cutest thing I've heard in ages, I need it
  6. It sounds like every song from VEIN thrown together. It doesn't sound like it'll be their best song or anything, and I was honestly hoping VEIN was a one-off style they never touched again, but I still like it.
  7. rvrgf

    WELL FUCK. I wasn't expecting Yakazu to leave so soon after Liru. I can understand disbanding, Yakazu composed the majority of their music if I recall. Pretty sure Hakubishin only released a mini and a single too, actually. This sucks.
  8. rvrgf

    I actually like this group, though it's mostly ironic. The thing that really irks me about them is that there are times when I genuinely can't tell who is singing, and it's not like Koichi is a good singer so most of the time it's Tsuzuku holding back. You could maybe argue that it's just the way he's singing and I'm sure that does have a lot to do with it, but honestly he just sounds like he's not really trying most of the time because on the odd occasion where he does sing with some actual enthusiasm he very easily overpowers Koichi (which I'm sure also has a lot to do with it). Anyway cute song I guess, glad the furry stuff is (mostly) gone
  9. rvrgf

    This song is just as much of a mess as the last one, maybe more. I kind of love it. That said, I really don't see the point of a 5 member band when 4 of the members are almost inaudible. If the instruments were more balanced with the synths I think they'd actually be really good.
  10. rvrgf

    Doesn't sound like Saika is in this, so I guess Yuzuki is the only vocalist now then? Kind of a shame, I liked Saika's harsh vocals. Might just be this song though, but now that Saika's out of BSC, I'd imagine he's probably not involved in this either any more, and I don't think Sadew would really want anything to do with this project so I guess it's just Yuzuki. As for the song itself, I really like it. I like the more screamy style of it compared to their more 'poppy' songs, if only for maximising the novelty of Yuzuki screaming.
  11. rvrgf

    I forgot DIE/MAY was even a thing. To be honest, once Seike left and they changed their style, I completely lost interest. Tsuomasu could arguably be considered more technically capable than Seike (though for as much as I like Seike, that really isn't saying much), but I find his voice a lot less interesting/more forgettable. Having said that, I will say the previews were a lot better than I was expecting them to be, though riotcolor's mixing skills still leave a lot to be desired and I feel like the music suffers somewhat because of it. Definitely promising, though.
  12. rvrgf

    What even is this. There's nothing new on it so it hardly counts as their second album, and it's obviously not a best album because Dystopia is on there while Dependence isn't (neither are any of their A sides either, which is probably more relevant to note), so it seems to just be a random collection of B sides. That's not inherently a bad thing, given how much I usually like their B sides, but it seems like a bizarre decision to release something like this. Given that I own most of these songs anyway there's really nothing to make me interested in this album, and I can't even hold to any sort of hope that the older songs have been rerecorded because of how abysmal the rerecordings were on VICTIM. I genuinely don't understand what this band is even doing any more. Edit: I forgot to note the fact that Greed and PSYCHOPATH are both from their first album, and given how low the price is, I'm pretty sure this is actually just a B side collection album, which I'm fine with.
  13. I get that this band has all the members of Blood Stain Child in it, but I still find it bizarre to see Yuzuki being mentioned on this forum. It's good to see the band is actually sticking together though, I was kinda worried it'd be a short-lived gimmicky side project (on both Yuzuki and BSC's part) and that they'd split up after touring around with the material from their album for a bit, so it's nice to see they're still writing new stuff.
  14. Not sure, but there's only one edition of the single and it doesn't come with the PV so I imagine they'll probably upload the full thing eventually. It's pretty common for bands to put out music videos a week or 2 after release dates, and because the single only comes with the one song (plus the SE), they might just be waiting a bit before putting up the full PV, considering the PV would basically be the entire single.
  15. I love it! If the full version is as good as the preview makes it sound, I think this could easily be their best song.
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