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  1. I like sukekiyo but their prices are stinking horseshit. Especially now when many of us have been stuck at home for almost a year without income. Come the fuck on.
  2. Nowhere Girl

    What's wrong with DOZING GREEN? That song is great. If you'd said Hageshisa was boring, I'd have understood. It's okay, just terribly overplayed.
  3. Nowhere Girl

    Try to not hurt myself.
  4. Nowhere Girl

    Hit the nail on the head.
  5. I am so bummed that us normies don't get a physical single... :/
  6. Nowhere Girl

    Anyone know what this CD is? Are these songs just cut from the DVDs or are they exclusive to this release? https://www.discogs.com/DIR-EN-GREY-Tour16-17-From-Depression-To-________-Mode-Of-鬼葬/release/10175693
  7. Nowhere Girl

    That's cool. Glad that someone in this community is getting hold of it!
  8. Nowhere Girl

    Yes. Dir en grey/DIR EN GREY/whatever is a trademark. I'm sure there's some legal nonsense behind the scenes that we're not privy to. Slight change of topic. Is anyone here lucky enough to be receiving the new physical single?
  9. Not sure if it's the exact same. It's certainly gone through a few iterations. From what I've seen, it's rare that he'd sing the studio version live.
  10. Nowhere Girl

    Actually, Arche is not as bad. It's loud but has a much cleaner sound. TIW feels like they threw overdrive over everything on top of whacking it all up to '11'.
  11. Nowhere Girl

    Production =/= mixing =/= mastering. Production is song creation, choosing instruments, recording them, crafting them to get the right atmosphere for the project. Mixing is the balance of the stems recorded for each song. Mastering is making sure all songs across an album are balanced the same, and getting the final 'sound' of the album with effects like EQ and compression. For example, The Insulated World is a pretty well-produced album (a little laziness in writing aside). The mix is okay, but it's absolutely destroyed by an atrocious master that makes everything sound far too compressed, creating a fatiguing listen.
  12. Yes, the only good version is from「楓」~if trans…~. Definitely. In all seriousness, Ash 2018 is cool. All versions of Ash are cool. I'm actually glad they re-recorded it, as it meant I was able to see it live in person. Great song forever doomed to be a b-side.
  13. Nowhere Girl

    That's funny. I also listened to it this morning. TIW - TWOM single - TIW bonus disc. Although I don't think this is anywhere close to their best material, I still very much enjoyed it.
  14. Never liked CEH from even the first listen. It's the only song I still can't get into. Maybe I'm being unfair. It's... okay. I just feel that it's another loud, bleak, boring song with not much really going for it, and it bogs down the already difficult first half of the album. No way! Downfall is great!
  15. How dare you put those songs in the same sentence. =P Edit: Fuck, I just realised the live version of Followers on the Ochita single is the same performance from that London gig!
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