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  1. Tanishi

    It annoys me when bands re-record songs for an album and they end up worse than the originals. I don't mind if they're put as B-sides on a single or on a separate release and I like the rare times when a re-recording is better than the original. The first example that comes to mind is DIAURA's Incomplete best of. Yo-ka grew heaps as a vocalist and I like all the remakes on it better than the originals. MUCC's 2017 remake albums are good too, Gallo's Lucifero, Lar~Mia's S/T, and The God and Death Star's After the Addle Apple come to mind as well
  2. If anyone has Dimlim's Watashi please pm me. Only times I have seen it on auction sites it's been from sellers who've blocked proxies...

    1. Axius


      Are you talking about a rip or the cd to buy. 

    2. Tanishi


      Preferably a rip but I'm looking to buy if it's not possible

  3. Tanishi

    Album is up on spotify, but not on ototoy. https://open.spotify.com/album/4M33dTtP4L074fi0Qr3WLA
  4. Tanishi

    Gonna post a bunch of stuff that's related to this forum: Kiryu Coco has said she was a bangya in the past. She did a stream talking about it, 'exposing the mysterious and strange rules of the bangya world': She also sings L'Arc-en-Ciel and Golden Bomber songs in her streams (possible others too but I don't follow her much) and here's a small snippet of her singing An Cafe. She's the worst singer in the group but singing was far from the main reason for hiring her. The drummer of Golden Bomber was the focus of an episode of a vtuber sitcom that aired on TV that featured some hololive members and others. At the end they sing memeshikute. I posted about it here: https://monochrome-heaven.com/topic/56652-visual-kei-popping-up-in-unexpected-places/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-694729 And not hololive related but a Nijisanji guy did a live 3d concert covering 9mm Parabellum Bullet, THE BACK HORN, ONE OK ROCK and other bands. The 3d tracking on all the instruments and such is super impressive and he's a really good singer. afaik it has the superchat record and views record for vtuber streams. And don't forget to subscribe to haachama channeru
  5. I could really use a pv song or preview for the new Slothreat album right now

  6. Tanishi

    I tried listening to The Insulated World today but I just couldn't. I'm not usually too fussy about this stuff but there's a certain plastic-y sounding quality fused with the rawness of the production that gets to me more than nearly any of the other poorly produced records I enjoy on a daily basis. Production on the two most recent singles sounds just as low-fi and low effort but for some inexplicable reason I enjoy it much more. I hope they keep this production for their next album (of course an improvement would be nice too).
  7. Tanishi

    I paid more than 1200 yen just for Oboreru Kingyo single and that was only 11 minutes of music
  8. This is basically what I expect from vk these days. RIP.
  9. Why do all the rarez I want sell out so fast?

    1. Arkady


      They wouldn't be true rarez if they didn't. 😟


    2. Enki


      The curse of VK

    3. Tanishi
  10. I really wish Key party would do this.
  11. Tanishi

    This is surprisingly good especially considering they're basically a reformed Matina band. It's available on ototoy btw Edit: after listening to it werefolf is by far the best song, hyakunen no koi... is good and the rest is average.
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