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  1. Glad to see the band revived ,but I expected at least 3 or 4 new tracks... let's see.
  2. One thing that I just noticed and I really miss about Ai's singing style is that deep intonation on his voice (track below for example)...he used to do that a lot in MM era,hope we can get it in the next GG's tracks.
  3. Moments when staying positive is just difficult.

  4. Agree with disposable...they sound too formulaic. I remember when KtK debuted with Yokusou single,that shit left me in the corner asking myself wtf happened. Like he said,Gulu Gulu just sounds like a poppier version of KtK, which is frustrating af. For while I can be satisfied simply with the fact that Ai didn't give up and still around making music instead of disappearing into the void of anonymity.
  5. I imagined but didn't believe that 2020 would be so dark.

    1. nekkichi


      it's quite a year astrologically all the way up to the december holidays too

    2. saiko


      @nekkichi I acknowledged that astro info since a year and a half, but yikes, how is it that one can never fully expect how the worst scenario is actually like even when somebdoy else makes you aware of such ideas to start your mental preparation accurately... 


      That said, I'm not joking on astrology anymore in my life. Period.

  6. My sister is in the hospital and I'm simply not prepared to face all of this

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    2. platy


      My feelings go out to you. I hope everything will end well :(


    3. Euronymous


      I wish I had the strength to explain the whole situation,but i just can thank u guys for all the support, I knew I'd find some comfort here

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      So sorry to hear this... Praying for both of you...

  7. Finally something awesome in the middle of this coronashit He's just 2 years late... '--'
  8. This band is serving well for those who dropped the "modern" DEZERT .Thank you,Ryo.
  9. I vote for Roku (ex grieva) to be Karma's studio member
  10. Euronymous

    Sorry for reviving this dead topic without any further news. It's been basically 1 year since their last release, seems that losing the 2nd guitarist kinda affected their scheme of releases,idk... Hope they come back with a new gu. and at least a mini, I miss these guys
  11. it would be interesting if Ryo trackmaker had produced the DOBE stuff.i like the edgy vocalist ,but something about them is just off to me

  12. We are just sheep among the sheep.

  13. Can anyone please tell me the current status of ARCHEMI? They disbanded already? Is there any new release since their guitarist left? I'm lost

    1. Jigsaw9


      There's no talk of any disbandment yet. From the band's Twitter it looks like they even have gigs lined up for April and May so looks like they're continuing.


      I don't see any info on the new guitarist tho, might be a support member or they might be announcing the new member at one of these future lives, we'll see I guess...

    2. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      I'm pretty sure bands under crow actually just never make music because its almost been a year since the one je:nova single as well

    3. Euronymous


      I personally don't like that label

      I wished they could move to another one,but they probably needed to disband first and possibly they'd change their concept and I don't want that, we'll see...thx 

  14. Euronymous

    Next year the joke will be "Tsuzuku ex mejibray back at metal music"
  15. Euronymous

  16. giving a try to 8P-SB again and it looks perfect for Koichi,but whenever i hear Genki's voice it just makes me angry.feels like he's wasting his great vocals.luckily mejibray's discography is huge so still can enjoy his golden years.

  17. Zouka to Kalashinikov,Lucid Dream,Ame no Waltz and Tururira are as epic as Oboreru Sakana,period.

  18. Euronymous

    I don't care very much, although I really like Yoshiatsu,so I hope he can come back in the future with a different concept.
  19. Sometimes I miss 1999-2009 , life was different those years.

  20. Euronymous

    I'm drinking again and that's a problem.
  21. MISC just took me by surprise...I was waiting for the same anguish from CHEDOARA and they changed it to a sokoninaru/lingTosite atmosphere,but still with DIMLIM's identity.Sho's clean vocals are so enjoyable that I don't even miss his growls,not to mention Retsu and hiroshi's work,they are magicians. Thank God, different from DEZERT,they are keeping it interesting and not a boring ass emo-keihelpme stuff

  22. Euronymous

    On Instagram,few bands cancelling gigs and festivals being cancelled too, some others asking people to buy their merch ,since they couldn't perform,etc. Don't even know what to think about all of this situation. Centuries ago we had the black plague,who said that another thing similar to that couldn't happen to humankind again? Hope we can get through this,maybe.
  23. If anyone asked me what I would like to see in the vk scene in 2020, I'd say: "the gazette traces vol 3" with more re recorded tracks. (But the old school ones,of course) 

    1. ghost


      I'd like to see them go as far back as their first 3 singles. Wife and Akai One Piece sound like they would turn out well reworked and they already still play a somewhat updated version of kantou dogeza kumiai live.

  24. TV or radio,I keep hearing about this coronavirus thing during the day. Not sure if it's time to get really scared  

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    2. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I am in Italy, literally one of the worst places to be in this current situation... what I can say is to not be panicked but at the same time you need to be careful...

      Limit your going out to job and urgent things
      Avoid to touch things (having gloves is even better) and touching your face too

      Avoid overcrowded places (if your country didnt close them)

      But above all... WASH YOUR HANDS! It may seem stupid to say, but please do it!

      And if in your home you feel bored, try to occupy at best your time; watch a movie, play a videogame you love, read tons of books, bake a cake, make a damn origami, shortly whatever!
      As an Italian, I am feeling this thing more that what you would think... but at the same time I am staying lucid and to continue being myself.

      Be safe guys, I love you all 💗

    3. platy


      Just some extra thoughts: I think if the countryside or some green area is easily accessible going outside for fresh air would help. Because the worst thing when one has a cold (and that's essentially what corona is) is to stay inside a stuffy house breathing the same old air. So avoid crowded spaces, but don't avoid fresh air and sunlight. 


      @Ada Suilen stay safe! 

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Thanks @platy! You're right, if you have the luck of having some green area (I don't unfortunately), have a walk there for some minute, fresh air is always healthy!

  25. Euronymous

    just sent the insulated world to a musician friend of mine check out,and his mind is blown away .he instantly became a DnG stan.then i got intrigued,like "why can i not enjoy that album as well?".so i just decided to give it a spin,without any sense of criticism or comparing with previous works,and it actually flowed really well. i've come to the conclusion that TIW can be an outstanding experience for non DnG hardcore fans.compared with the 3 previous albums,TIW is just ridiculous,but i think if we take that out from the dir en grey-hall and listen to that as a random metal album,we'd be able to enjoy with no problems.
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