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  1. Wow... YouTube is now showing ads giving really misogynistic and downright rapey dating advice.

    If you get an ad for "the desire system", that's the one. 


    Isn't it funny how content creators have to follow these super specific guidelines just to get advertising, but the ads can literally flat out go "How to control women's minds!" And just.... wow...

    Just watch this video


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    2. Himeaimichu


      @suji Oh it's more than that. She's basically become a political pundit like her brother and her entire fanbase is just Ben Shapiro fans who want to fuck her lmao

    3. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Hime has it down. My biggest gripe is that she says stuff like "If you don't wear modest clothing, don't expect men to not objectify you or treat you as an equal" yet she wears modest clothes and people objectify her as nothing but a MASSIVE (and I mean massive) rack all the time. 

    4. suji


      At least her youtube is a refresher from all these other Youtubers who try to look like Kim Kardashian.

  2. Having obscure music tastes is a curse because it limits your dating pool (and I'm one of those people who can't connect with people who have vastly different music tastes) and it's like... why can't I just be like all the other girls and like P!ATD, Lil Peep, BTS and Ariana Grande? Why do I have to be into nobodies like Cuartet and DEViL KiTTY?

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Well, there's no worse curse in this world than being a normie in my opinion

    2. CAT5


      Hey, i feel ya, plebeian music taste is annoying. 😅


      Tho I would submit that it may not be the most resourceful measure to base a potential relationship on. Besides, you never know - there are tons of people out there who may have vastly different music tastes than you, but would also be open minded enough to learn about and possibly even enjoy the music that you do (in addition to being a great partner in every other aspect). This has been my experience at least.


      Just my two cents 😁

    3. cullucoo


      Lil Peep is better than 99% of Visual Kei anyway

  3. This dude shares the last name of Saki from Cuartet and I was thinking... Saki could easily pull this scam off because he and Kyo look (and in some ways, sound) exactly the same lmao
  4. Himeaimichu

    Well that was a short run for the new AINS, since Jiga was the most promising band. Looks like Yukika is going to have to look for some other naive bandmen to scam
  5. I wish there was more Missalina Rei live footage. Their last-live just doesn't cut it for me, because they're barely even dressed in Vkei.

  6. I'm at a weird point where I know a super basic amount of Japanese words and grammar that I'm able to pick out a lot of words and context from Vkei songs.


    Maybe there is hope in me learning Japanese. Just gotta find the right program to work with. I tried Duolingo but I didn't like it too much. 

  7. Who the fuck decided that for architecture or design to be "modern", it has to have no curves or intricate decorations, and has to be completely made up of straight lines and right angles?


    Bruh if the future is jut a bunch of squares, I wanna live in the past

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    2. reminiscing2004


      Bruh if the future is jut a bunch of squares, I wanna live in the past


    3. Himeaimichu


      I'm mostly just disillusioned by seeing so many old homes being taken down and replaced with really ugly looking ones. Like, I get that cheapness and efficiency is importance, but I wish they would figure out a cheap and efficient style that you can add on, and I wish they would at least keep the artistic vision of the buildings they're replacing. Especially with old Victorian homes. I fucking hate seeing Victorian homes get replaced with bland, gentrified squares.

      My problem with a lot of modern exterior and interior designs is, there is no room for adding on, because they're made in such a specific way that anything added to it would look oddly out of place.


      Take this victorian home for example. I could easily see myself using this as a blank canvas for interpreting my artistic vision on the house. While it's very rooted in English styles, it's neutral enough to where a change in color scheme and the addition of decorations could turn it into any style I want. That's the ethos a lot of colonial architecture in India and Vietnam take. They take a British or French base, and add on traditional elements to their liking. However, if you wanted, you could totally turn this into something modern or even futuristic looking, with the right know-how and artistic vision.


      But then you have houses like this, which you can't really do much to without it looking weird. I can't add any "old world" decorations to it because it would look massively out of place. The style is kind of forced to me minimalistic.


      And yes, I get that with buildings, function matters more over aesthetics, but I do feel like there should be a balance between efficiency and artistic design. And I would at least like to see some curves and shapes that aren't rectangles. I mean, not every house can have a completely flat roof, that just doesn't fit for the climate of every place lol.

    4. Himeaimichu


      Plus, one thing I've noticed, ironically, this this new "cheap" style of architecture, is actually mainly a thing of the rich. Most of the towns I see with old-school architecture, are often the poorer parts of town (I mean, I am poor so I have lots of experience in those places lol).

      But then you go to where the rich people live, and you see these people paying out the fucking ass for buildings that look so... square. So while theoretically it may be cheaper to build, the people commissioning them can afford to actually have some artistic taste.


      I actually find that poor people who save up to add on to their old houses, put more effort in making it look tasteful than the rich people who just plop a fucking square anywhere, even if it looks out-of-place.


      And look, if I were rich enough, I would just have my own house built in whatever architectural style I want, but sadly, I'm not. I'm disabled and lower class, so if I ever do get lucky enough to own a home, I have to work with what's given to me. All I ask is for a neutral style that I can actually work with lol. One that I could make as minimalist or as maximalist as I want.

  8. So they're gonna betray the scene just because one of the members gained weight? Bruh moment
  9. Is it just me, or does the chorus for "Carnation" by Kamaitachi go "Thank you for your kindness, I must die by suicide"?

  10. Himeaimichu

    I am a lover of Asian food of all kind. I kind of have my own Asian "struggle meals" where I take ramen, mix it with lunch meat and various sauces, and stir fry it. Here is something I made a few nights ago
  11. Himeaimichu

    imo if you're willing to leave a band because you got married... you probably are best off not playing music in the first place...
  12. Did 舞-mai- ever release the version of Kaos ~貸せ殺せ埋めろ~ heard on the Image 漆黒 ii VHS on a CD? I like the organs in that version 

  13. Himeaimichu

    Do we get a new PV for BUS・ガス・爆発 where they go out to the scrapyard to break a bunch of shit?
  14. I'm considering making a blogspot for Visual Kei downloads, a-la evil-en-lucifer, because I'm gonna be real, MH is probably gonna die and those 10+ years of hard to find vkei downloads could disappear.

    So I was wondering if any old-school collectors would want to help with my project.


    I have a lot of Vkei CDs I inherited from my ex who doesn't like Vkei anymore, so I can start it off, but this is gonna have to be a group project.

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    2. Mamo


      @Axius you may not remember but we spoke back and fourth on here a couple of years ago. On R-shitei, Awoi, and Amber bullet and possibly other topics lol.

    3. Axius


      hmm. Wait yes i do remember. I followed you shortly afterward :) 

      Im terrible with names i do apologize lol 

      Hello again

    4. Himeaimichu


      @Axius I added you on discord! My username is Fairy Aimy

  15. I fucking hate how I can't create an account on anything anymore without putting in a phone number. You shouldn't need to have to pay for a fucking phone service just to fucking use twitter and facebook.


    Oh and burner number apps don't fucking work with twitter

    1. platy


      that shit is so intrusive

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