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  1. Himeaimichu

    I am a lover of Asian food of all kind. I kind of have my own Asian "struggle meals" where I take ramen, mix it with lunch meat and various sauces, and stir fry it. Here is something I made a few nights ago
  2. Himeaimichu

    imo if you're willing to leave a band because you got married... you probably are best off not playing music in the first place...
  3. Did 舞-mai- ever release the version of Kaos ~貸せ殺せ埋めろ~ heard on the Image 漆黒 ii VHS on a CD? I like the organs in that version 

  4. Himeaimichu

    Do we get a new PV for BUS・ガス・爆発 where they go out to the scrapyard to break a bunch of shit?
  5. I'm considering making a blogspot for Visual Kei downloads, a-la evil-en-lucifer, because I'm gonna be real, MH is probably gonna die and those 10+ years of hard to find vkei downloads could disappear.

    So I was wondering if any old-school collectors would want to help with my project.


    I have a lot of Vkei CDs I inherited from my ex who doesn't like Vkei anymore, so I can start it off, but this is gonna have to be a group project.

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    2. Mamo


      @Axius you may not remember but we spoke back and fourth on here a couple of years ago. On R-shitei, Awoi, and Amber bullet and possibly other topics lol.

    3. Axius


      hmm. Wait yes i do remember. I followed you shortly afterward :) 

      Im terrible with names i do apologize lol 

      Hello again

    4. Himeaimichu


      @Axius I added you on discord! My username is Fairy Aimy

  6. I fucking hate how I can't create an account on anything anymore without putting in a phone number. You shouldn't need to have to pay for a fucking phone service just to fucking use twitter and facebook.


    Oh and burner number apps don't fucking work with twitter

    1. platy


      that shit is so intrusive

  7. Yuugure ni Wristcut is the name of a JyuLie song, so maybe it's a rerecording?
  8. Alternate universe where X Japan is just left where it ended, and COLOR is the one promising a new album and milking MARRY's legacy

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Maria Cross would be a higly talented musician, and Mejibray would make good music.

    2. Himeaimichu


      Cuartet becomes the next biggest Vkei band in 2005, while this random-ass band named "Gazetto" or something just fizzles

  9. Did Kamaitachi ever release the song "Neurose" on a CD?

    1. Total Saikou
    2. Himeaimichu


      So I guess I either have to deal with the crusty tape rip on Chan Macky's channel on YT or hope that someone uploads a rip that I don't have to take from youtube lmao

  10. Is it just me, or do Jesse and James from Pokemon look like the kind of people who'd listen to Visual Kei in the early 90s?
    I could imagine Jesse listening to X Japan and COLOR while James listens to D'erlanger and Zi:Kill.

    Also my headcanon is that they met at a Kamaitachi concert

    1. Ikna
    2. Himeaimichu



    3. ki11edb1th3qu33n


      omg u fan too ! yes riley also if u ever saw movie lucario myserh of mew i recommend it! on YT i got 3rd place back in the championships in 2007 for polemon diamond and pearl was cool lol yes i agree some rmeind me of VK the outfits

  11. Imagine if outdoor Visual Kei concerts were still a thing


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    2. Paraph


      Marvelous Cruelty had a show outdoors semi-recently

    3. Himeaimichu


      Oh shit I didn't know that. That's awesome

    4. patientZERO


      DEVILOOF and Tensai did an outside concert (kinda) in Amemura in Osaka, where they played in an open area behind where a billboard usually is.


  12. Wow facebook's new layout is fucking shit.

    Seriously, the old layout had nothing wrong with it! Why does everything got to look like a mobile app now?


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    2. ki11edb1th3qu33n


      i wouldnt bother using fb since cambride analytica and cyber hackings and how info mation kept and now asking some users verify name and ID i wouldnt bother supporting the ceo or site not becux the ceo socialist or leftists but privacy not there they always get hacked 

    3. Himeaimichu


      @Enki You're right lol. The only reason I even use it is because all my friends are on there lol. If it were up to me, all of my friends would use FriendProject (a clone of old myspace with all the old HTML editing)

    4. ki11edb1th3qu33n


      or make your own site or msngr on wix chat like that because we cant trust big tech websites now adays the privacys concern right now

  13. Himeaimichu

    Yeah man, Shipping is a hard job, having to drive the mail truck so far- wait, wrong kind of shipping
  14. It's funny going all these years assuming Kamaitachi sounded like The Dead Pop Stars and Genkaku Allergy, 
    When actually they sound more like An Cafe and Guruguru Eigakan

    1. Himeaimichu


      14 year old me would be disappointed but current 20 year old me is pleasantly surprised

  15. Man I forgot how much I enjoyed Aya Hirano's music. I wonder what she's up to these days 

    1. SakuraFox512


      Doing stage musicals nowaday, for the most part, following her scandal in the anime world. Her voice has gotten more polished:


      First vid. had a lot of Japanese people who previously knew of her really surprised (mostly in a good way).

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