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  1. Hakari

    Silly to judge anything based on song titles. But some pretty cool titles.
  2. Hakari

    Hard to believe... I feel like the last time they were in the US they had decent turn outs.
  3. Hakari

    ahhh screw. i remember them!
  4. Agreed, absolutely fantastic album. Catchy yet crushing. Black Metal album of the year probably
  5. Can confirm. sure would be nice to get ahold of this without spending 40 bucks
  6. Hakari

    Hard to judge anything from such a short sample but the new song sounds just like arche
  7. Hakari

    Would be cool if they released this on vinyl
  8. Hakari

    Saw this on reddit my guess why wtd is getting so many votes is because it was their first release over here in the states and came out around the time Kroc saw its rise in popularity
  9. Hakari

    Come one diru release them all In a lp boxset
  10. Hakari

    Ninth odd smells from chaos? do they just throw random words around?
  11. Hakari

    Not sure if I understand but it looks like they are recording? According to their Facebook
  12. Man kyo sounds voice sounds worn on those lives. Wont buy this but will eventually check out the re-recordings. III Empire intrigues me and scares me
  13. Hakari

    Vocal: Gackt Guitar: Sugizo Bass: testu (larcenciel) drums: shinya probably sounds like crap but would be interesting
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