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  1. ‼️Now accepting orders for: 10/25 → 仮病(kebyo) 11/3 → DEXCORE vs NAZARE
  2. Yeah I received it. But I still think that the lack of info and/or any posts about it for a long time was bad service. I saw Japanese fans kind of complaining too.
  3. Ugh people actually still supporting this guy
  4. ‼️Now accepting orders for: 9/19 → SARIGIA/鴉-カラス-(karasu)/CHOKE/BRAY KiD BREAK iT/UNDER FALL JUSTICE/DAMILA/ヒッチコック(hitchcock)/デラシネ(Déraciné)
  5. That it takes time is not even the problem, I can understand that. I live in Japan and many things are postponed, but bands inform their fans about that. Usually when bands do this pre-order thing, they do write an estimate date like for example "by the end of September". Now there's literally nothing. No estimate date, no reply to my email, no posts on Twitter since 8/17. Especially the latter is very strange imo for a band (VK bands are usually active on Twitter) that has a new release.
  6. Did anyone else reserve this? Like what is the release date? I paid on 8/16, but still no shipping information/confirmation and they don't reply to my message (via "contact" on their website) either.
  7. xLIZ4

    They also stopped performing any of their older songs. Any live since the Corona break has been with a complete new setlist.
  8. xLIZ4

    I love their new look. Their oneman today was great. VENOM and the other new songs > definitely approved. New band logo. They're underrated imo.
  9. xLIZ4

    Apparently the new single won't be live limited anymore...? lol SARIGIA has an online shop now, with VENOM as only listed CD atm. So just a reminder, I can help anyone with getting anything from this store. Just PM me.
  10. xLIZ4

    But as I mentioned before, most small bands are not focusing on their overseas fans at all. If they can't even sell out small venues in Tokyo yet, they have to focus on their sales in Japan first. Selling "rare/hard to get" stuff can help then. The point is that many overseas fans don't really wanna understand this. I've been in the same position for many years myself (not being in Japan), so it's not like I don't know how it feels. Yet from a realistic point of view, not so strange/surprising that bands do this imo. Also of course everything would be easier without a middle man. But if you have to choose between getting the item through a middle man or not getting the item at all, is a choice. To complain every time any band has a live limited release gets a bit annoying, because those complaining are the ones never contacting a middle man offering help while the silent ones do.
  11. xLIZ4

    I feel both of you!
  12. xLIZ4

    That's what (mainly) small vk bands do. I honestly don't understand people still complaining about it. And in this specific case, they are not trying to go abroad nor gain foreign fans, but are trying to make more fans coming to their lives. Especially onemans. That's how they make most money, so they can grow bigger. There are several people on MH offering shopping services for live limited stuff, including myself, but people rarely contact me to actually get their CDs when I tell them that I attend their lives regularly🤷‍♀️
  13. No further details announced yet, but VENOM will be live limited and available from their upcoming oneman on 7/26. They will also reveil their new look then. Since they started doing lives again (after the corona break), they've been performing new songs only... So I guess we can expect another single soon? Or finally a (mini) album? Edit: I can't go see them live until this oneman, so I don't know anything about the new songs yet.
  14. xLIZ4

    The onemans are still far away, but I'm definitely planning to go to at least one of the December shows in Shibuya. (I live in Tokyo) I've only seen them at taiban before, but I'm very excited about the new member, release and whatever comes with it.
  15. ‼️Now accepting orders for: 7/1 → 鴉-カラス-(karasu)/RAKUGAKI/-ジガ-(jiga)/mama./ミスイ(misui)/エンヴィル(envyl)/ALCYON AND 7/26 → SARIGIA ✨✝️Paradox Shop✝️✨
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