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  1. after pretty much listening to the same maxi for a decade, i'm FINALLY diving into the rest of Dolly and omggg i can't believe it took me this long 💯

  2. if you see this, how are you doing? how is your life nowadays?

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    2. Linh-san


      Pretty alright, though this year feels quite lonely. How about you?

    3. reminiscing2004


      @platy health before all else! ganbatte ne


      @Linh-san definitely a lonesome year..


      i have that feeling like things are changing, or maybe that i'm changing, but i'm not yet sure how

    4. Linh-san


      Yeah the world is changing already, just gotta try to enjoy everyday even if you have to stay a lot indoors >,<

  3. reminiscing2004

  4. washed-up nü-kei h8r reporting in to say: キズ rules

  5. old ガゼット lyrics were emo af... 😔

  6. reminiscing2004

    Really like the vocals. But the sound is ruined by the programmed drums for me. Programmed drums ruin everything
  7. Hey, all! It's moving season again and I'm trying to downsize my collection. Shipping from US. If you see anything you'd like, feel free to make an offer [this is slightly time sensitive]. Happy to provide pictures on an individual item if you want or answer any other questions -- my dms are open 12012 - ベルサレム Berusaremu [2nd Press] 12012 - Shudder 12012 - 深 ~deep~ Shin Deep [2nd Press] Alice Nine - Mirror Ball [Regular] Alice Nine - 華 Hana [Limited Edition A w/ DVD] Alice Nine - TSUBASA. [w/ PV DVD] Alice Nine - Complete Collection 2006-2009 Alice Nine - Vandalize [Nice Limited Edition] ALSDEAD - Paradox And アンド - Gang 5 [w/ DVD Limited Edition] And アンド - 兇Kyo [w/ DVD Limited Edition] Babylon - 繭空の下は孤独と空白 Babylon - 不死蝶~CLAN GENEⅡ~ Baelscope - Borderless Impact Balloons - 9:40PM D - 桜花咲きそめにけり Dali - Inkblot DELUHI - FLASH:B[L]ACK [CD+DVD] DELUHI - Orion Once Again [2nd Press] DELUHI - Revolver Blast [CD+DVD] DELUHI - MAHADEVA DELUHI - JAGANNATH [CD+DVD] DELUHI - VISVASRIT Dir En Grey - 脈 Myaku [w/ Photo Cards] Dolly - -tricolor opera- 鬱雪ドロップ Ussetsu Drop [CD + DVD] Due Le Quartz - Re:plica Exist Trace - Vanguard Exist Trace - Ambivalent Symphonie the GazettE - 犯行声明文 Hankou Seimeibun [2nd press] the GazettE - SHIVER -Auditory Impression- the GazettE - Live DVD Tour 09 - Dim Scene - Final At Saitama Super Arena [Limited Edition] the GazettE - Film Bug II [CD+DVD] ギルティア Giltia - Clown [CD+DVD] Girugamesh - BORDER [Type B w/ 80min US/EU Tour Documentary DVD] Juliette ジュリエット - STARlighT☆WORLD Juliette ジュリエット - シャドーリィ・ベートーヴェンのユメ調べ LIN 凛 -The End Of Corruption World- - As if Forever Exists [TYPE C] Matenrou Opera - Anomie [Limited Edition CD+DVD w/ first press bonus DVD] Maximum The Hormone - ロッキンポ殺し Rokkinpo Goroshi Miyavi - Fan's Best Miyavi - Miyavizm Nightmare - Anima [CD + DVD] Nightmare - Majestical Parade [CD+DVD / limited edition Large Photobook Package] Nightmare - Lost in Blue [CD+DVD Lost In Blue PV] Nightmare - Killer in Show [CD+DVD] NIghtmare - 10th anniversary special act vol.1 GIANIZM [3x DVD + 2x CD + Tour Badge/Lanyard] Nightmare - Rem [CD+DVD] Onymouza 陰陽座 - Chimimouryou Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Maou Taiten Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Inyou Shugyoku [2x CD] Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Kokui no Tennyo (黒衣の天女) Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Fuuin Kairan Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Soukoku/Doukoku spiv states - novelty hunter [CD + DVD] Versailles - Jubilee [Limited Edition w/ DVD] Versailles - Prince & Princess [Regular Edition] Versailles - Prince & Princess [Jasmine You Type] Versailles - Prince & Princess [Yuki Type] Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER [Regular Edition] Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER [Type A w/ DVD] Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER [Type B w/ DVD] Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER [Type C w/ DVD] Versailles - Chateau de Versailles [2x DVD] Versailles - History of the Other Side [2x DVD] Vidoll - Puzzle Ring [CD+DVD] Viored - [Created Perfect New Vision] -Taste Of Heartless-
  8. when that next tradeoff tho 🤠

  9. Weirdest / most experimental / avantgarde VK band or release? What do you guys think?

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    2. reminiscing2004


      @Jigsaw9haha you had me intrigued, a straight NOISE vk act. singer looks cool tho

    3. Ikna


      @reminiscing2004 their singer is gene from sick2 (ex SectMa) btw. Quite the change the dude went through…

    4. Enki


      To say something unexpected, Raven by Mejibray. Ive always felt so about this song, especially the drum rolls with the guitars and how they even sound in the mix

  10. It's funny how at the time of MYV doing the Kvki Boiz stuff, it seemed to have huge mixed reception in the foreign communities. People were shocked by him having like mc hypemen and a DJ.


    In hindsight, especially considering what he's done in the last decade, that period was so fucking inspired and unique ..

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    2. reminiscing2004


      Lucky you! @Jigsaw9 It was definitely one of the best eras for him live.. I've gotten so much playtime out of this dvd


    3. Jigsaw9


      Awyeahhh, classic stuff!

    4. nekkichi


      I hated that entire period, but I'll always respect Tomomi for staying sane enough managing this mess and calling Sugizo's digits. their collab single was that periods saving grace


  11. favorite aicle release?

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      It's gotta be 心臓。for me. I had the titular track on repeat when I first became a fan. Also got some other bangers on there like Meltdown

    2. platy


      I have a tie between three releases.

      心臓。has too many good tracks

      Dokuiro Marbel and Kaitan Shinsho are killer singles.


  12. anyone on AvistaZ? 👀

  13. Is there a reason Wagakki Band isn't associated with Visual Kei? I just watched one of their really popular videos for the first time and everyone looks the part. Went to look at their wikipedia page (lel), and vk isn't mentioned at all

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    2. CAT5


      I believe it's because these bands were originally rooted in the doujin/touhou scene which, from my understanding, isn't traditionally associated with Visual Kei. Though I doubt the two are entirely mutually exclusive.

    3. Himeaimichu


      @CAT5 For Wagakki Band, they were initially a vocaloid cover band, which is definitely a completely different continuum from Visual Kei (but that hasn't stopped Gackt or Yohio from jumping in on making a vocaloid lol).

    4. KrumpingChihuahua


      I remember that i thought at first also they are a visual kei group. Beside the visual kei connections from some band members i think the main reason comes from them wearing costumes on stage, then their bassist asa crossdresses often, it comes easy to someones mind they could be visual kei.  There is a high chance that the vk refusal had to do with them being a major band like Himeaimichu stated. (They was contracted to avex)

      Also Machiya is Machiya in Waggaki Band but Shin Oumura(its his real name) in m:a.ture and his solo stuff. 

  14. Laybial easily one of the best matina bands.. every track bangs

    1. Naaaaani


      Try Eze:quL, you will love them too

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