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  1. Sickle

    There's never enough music from the gods.
  2. Sickle

    YES! that's some sick² news
  3. Love his voice but the song... too electronic for me. As it says in the video BAD YEAR.
  4. Sickle

    KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND's vocalist Hayashida Rinda
  5. Sickle

  6. Sickle

    that sucks
  7. Sickle

  8. Happy Birthday! \(^▽^)/

    1. yomii


      ありがとうございます( ´ ▽ ` )

  9. Sickle

    honestly I hate the "kpop" label and that scene in general, it's just normal pop but in Korean, I do not like pop, but some co-workers like that and I've listened to some songs and it's not bad compared to western acts is just a different language, many young people nowadays are interested in them, I don't understand the fandom but probably due to my age I heard about companies that overexploit their artists, but I think it's a common denominator of work in Korea (?), but I'm speculating (the girls in "twice" are hella cute)
  10. Sickle

    Awesome news, I really enjoy this 3/5 allure idea band, you know if they are going to sell it online like their singles? -google play or itunes-
  11. Sickle

    super hyped for the new album, their last ep "dark days" was just plain trash
  12. Sickle

    they will lead us to the F U T U R E
  13. Sickle

    Glad to know I'm not the only one loving this project, I really feel the nightmare vibe on their composition (he was the main compositor of nightmare am I right?) and I'm freaking fangirling about this new album
  14. Sickle

    I really dig more this look than the last one
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