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  1. fwiw: The songs Zetsubou no Hako and Think about death are by a different band with the name Gesshoku, not by Kyo's first band. Apparently, this was known since 2005, but some people mixed the bands up in the years that followed and yeah, now you find them with the other songs by Kyo's band. If you have them, you can delete them if you want to.

    1. WhirlingBlack


      It's probably by the Gesshoku that Frypan was a member of? 

    2. Seelentau


      Apparently, their vocalist was Tomoyuki Fujiyama and the songs were downloaded directly from his website in 2005 or so. Does that match the activity of Frypan's Gesshoku? I remember reading about it on last.fm years ago...

    3. WhirlingBlack


      Nah, his second band formed in 2001, so it must be a different one. 



      Then there's probably three bands with the name? Annoying.

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