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  1. Every day I check this website in the hopes that maybe, maybe, Avanchick have done something stupid again.

    1. Elazmus


      You just CAN'T have a bad day after hearing that shit lol

  2. Huniefoxx

    Is there any details on locations??
  3. Huniefoxx

    Ah, I'm sorry.
  4. Huniefoxx

    Tsuzuku dies, Mejibray disbands. MiA and Koichi go and do some new band (separately) and Meto fades into obscurity. Royz do something really stupid and Kuina probably someone gets arrested. They'll either disband or bring out a new mini-album with types A-R. Pentagon will get even worse.
  5. Huniefoxx

    I'm crying. Nobby, seriously?
  6. Huniefoxx

    Royz and Smileberry~
  7. Huniefoxx

    I'm crying right now... Rest in peace.
  8. Huniefoxx

    I'd seen it written in both ways, I wasn't sure which to use.
  9. Huniefoxx

    They look pretty cool, I'm pretty excited for them~
  10. Huniefoxx

    It's mostly just fanfiction tbh, a lot of Love Live stuff. I 'm planning to start a Vkei one soon~
  11. Huniefoxx

    Their look is cute but really simple. Hopefully the music'll be better. Still, I'm really excited about them! The members are adorable.
  12. Huniefoxx

    Nice to meet ya!
  13. Huniefoxx

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been on any kind of forum, so I thought it'd be best to introduce myself. Name's Huniefoxx, I'm an young English girl with a strong interest in Japanese culture. I've loved music for years, and discovered Vkei a couple years ago through the GazettE. I'm a Jpop fan as well, except much, much less. As for bands, I love Nocturnal Bloodlust, Dadaroma, Kiryu, and basically any band that can scream well. Other than Dir En Grey. When I'm not getting yelled at for blasting metal out too loud, I like writing stories and playing games. I sold my soul to Mystic Messenger. Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to ask me anything!
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