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  1. Maiku

    Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. Her writing style is amazing and I'm in love with her prose. ;___; <3 After that I'm gonna read A Feast For Crows by George R. R. Martin.
  2. Maiku

    Sweeet~! :'D <3 I'll be lookin' forward to reading it! :'D
  3. Some parts seem really convoluted and messy. Then other parts of the song are ok. Not really sure how I fell about it though~.
  4. Maiku

    Sweet. I like what they've been doing with their new members. 8D RETINA is also a very cool name for an album~.
  5. That would be a really nice show to see I think. ;O; <3
  6. Maiku

    They've been on quite a few record labels. Tokuma, King Records, etc. I'm so excited to see what they do next.
  7. Maiku

    You're welcome Konono~! :'D <3 <3 <3 You should write a review of what you thought about this amazing album in the review section and help get more people interested in the amazingness that is BugLug~! :'D
  8. Glam Grammar has to be the coolest name ever. @_@ Probably gonna be a new favorite~.
  9. Yay~! :'D I've been needing some new Blu-billion in my life~! :'D Just gotta wait a few months~.
  10. Maiku

    VK will go on as long as there are fans who buy the cds and go to lives. Of course styles and such will evolve and things will change but I don't think we can expect anything too drastic to happen soon unless some new bands show up with some fresh concepts. Some of the best bands in the scene are looked down on or ignored because of their band name. Some people look down on bands because it doesn't fit with their self image of what they like and listen to. I used to be a metal diru elitist and listened to a lot of harder rock VK bands. Then for some reason a shift happened for me and other bands started to seem more interesting and I was bored with all the new rockier VK bands and the ones I liked seemed to lose what I thought was interesting. (Also, a lot of weird let downs from bands. 12012, Deluhi, Girugamesh, and then a bunch of disbands and break ups too.) The scene is constantly shifting and looking for the next niche. I believe BugLug would fall under the Neo-VK label but they really seem to be doing way more interesting things than the more popular bands but no one gives them a chance beyond checking out a PV and making a swift judgement. This is the problem with a lot of really good bands I feel like. I guess a lot of it is a matter of taste but I feel like the cool thing about VK is the GIANT mix of genre and style. It's all different. It's all similar. VK is special because there is a want of stylishness and fashion mixed in with the music that a lot of non-VK rock bands don't care about. VK bands have a flare that regular bands lack and it's honestly a lot more interesting to watch. And seriously, a lot of VK bands are no different from American pop stars that dress in crazy dresses and outfits of meat. I can't even remember where I was going with this but I hope I made some sense ahaha.
  11. Maiku

    Welcome! :'D My name is Maiku~! Nice to meet you Shidou~! :'D Don't be afraid to post and make friends with all of us! :'D You have a good list of bands there~. <3
  12. Maiku

    Welcome! :'D MUCC is pretty cool~. I hope you have fun here at Monochrome Heaven and make lots of friends to share your music taste with and find more bands to enjoy. :'D
  13. Maiku


    You should fit in well~! :'D A lot of people like those bands~. Welcome to Monochrome Heaven~! Your English is fine and this is a really fun music forum. :'D It's the only Japanese music forum I've ever liked. :'D I hope you become an active member and make friends with all of us! :'D
  14. Maiku

    Welcome~! :'D My name is Maiku~! Please feel free to post and join in on any topics with the lovely members of the forum~! :'D Everyone here is really nice and we hope you become a friend to us~. :'D
  15. Maiku

    Yay~! :'D
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