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  1. Pretty sure my workplace is haunted. I was at work alone last night with one other person (I work the graveyard shift) and as I was kitting (putting stick packs into cartons to be shipped out) I heard my warehouse manager say "Hey!" except it was 1 in the morning and no one else was in the building except me and our QC. I turned thinking he had to come by for something but no one was there. Then when I went back to kitting, I started to hear like a snap coming from across the warehouse, like someone was pushing a chain against a wall. Everytime we went to check to see what it was out there, it stopped. 

    Also when I went to the front office to ask the QC something he asked me who I was talking to, I said "No one." 

    "I swore I heard you having a conversation." 

    Yeet, I almost just quit right there. LOL

    Long status but I had to share it somewhere.

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      a poltergeist, we stan 👏 👏 👏

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