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  1. Can We Talk About GARGOYLE?!
  2. RomanNoodles

    Schardix Marvally - Tenkuu He No Monogatari- (2nd Press) It's Digital surprisingly And it's pretty good
  3. RomanNoodles


    Heya I'm noodles I guess. V-kei is kinda a side interest for me; my main interest lies with neoclassical metal and Speed Metal. V-kei just happens to have music in said genre. If you have crack brain info or lyrics please send them to me(It's becoming an obsession). My favorite bands Mark Boals' Ring Of Fire Dream Theater(30% of the time) Crack Brain Versailles Razor Madeth Gray'll Favorite Albums 緊縛依存症 (Crack brain) Damnation Game(Symphony X) Awake(DT)
  4. RomanNoodles

    I meant lyrics specifically I already have everything almost music wise and none of it that I have has any booklets or anything that might have lyrics. Thank you though!
  5. RomanNoodles

    Crack Brain My favorite v-kei band bar nun. Fast and loud song writing that doesn't sacrifice musicality and doesn't go overboard with medley. Also their live performances look stellar. Shame they disbanded, it was like 90% perfect. Worst part about the band is that the only more elusive task than finding their music is finding live footage. Doesn't help that they made a lot of it either. I don't know if I'd want all of Madeth Gray'll to reunite but Hisui and Yukina getting back together would be great. I'd jus rather they make music that has more guitar work.
  6. RomanNoodles

    I should probably add a caveat to my request; I will except lyrics for anything and everything you're willing to provide(it doesn't even have to be a translation). Thank you.
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