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  1. Hi all MH crew, I wasn't a very active person here - apparently because of not enough time and other priorities in my life. But just wanna to thank You for all the time I spent here, so much kindness from You all... This journey comes to an end. I'm leaving not because I'm angry, or have sth against You. You all guys and girls are really awesome, and please stay awesome forever It's just because some episodes in my life should've ended muuch time ago. It's one of them - my love for J-music is so weak now, cannot participate anymore in such topics. To be honest with You all: I need some more time and some more space outta internet and internet communicities. That's just it. To summarize it: thank You so much fo everything, keep going to be always so kind and awesome, and hope we'll meet somewhere on the same highway With this post please delete my account on MH - won't be back again Good luck ! Air
  2. L'air

    That's the way ppl are. Sometimes I'm hooked on someone for a long time, but know we won't be together. So... We shouldn't think about it. But it doesn't occur. Psychodelica, if there was no relationship - no worries. It's only imagination and subiective interpretation, not facts. It's difficult to admit this, but that's true. You should start searching nce again then.
  3. L'air

    Happysad, Ciało Obce. Polish rock music
  4. L'air

    DEG is too various in their music. Especially sadly, that they got deep into darker, and more growling tones. Since dum spiro spero all the songs sound... yeah, little familiar to the others. That's really shame - they were really good some years ago.
  5. L'air

    Jupiter definitely. And femme fatale. It was an epic error from kaya. He shouldn't sing in rock style.
  6. L'air

    V. Kaya/Asagi Keys: Hora Guitar I: Mana Guitar 2: Teru (Versailles) Drums: Shinya (DEG) Bass: Masashi (Versailles)
  7. L'air

    Some books "13 steps to become magic", "Rob into your brain", some golden-black playing cards.. yeah, it was some stuff, as I remember
  8. L'air

    Hello here Just talk with ppl here. I find them really awesome, sooo... Enjoy spending time here!
  9. L'air

    Nice cattie, psychodelica I have no pets right now. Had a hamster for five years (jungarian one?) than a cat for three weeks, because of bite, but we did't want to have one, than next hamster, and after three years... Till now no pets. Sadly
  10. L'air

    Warum ist hier so still? Nichts passierte in vorigen Monaten? Komplett nix? O.o
  11. Like the covers so much, and themes with door to light and cage (or kind of cage) in darkness. I think it's the best cover since artifficial hallucination
  12. L'air

    Much about oersonal development. But rait now, coaching magazine, where the topic is, how can ppl be working, staying alive in a corpo. Quite interesting, it gaves much stuff to think
  13. L'air

    I've listened to latest MM album and I wasn't impressed at all. I agree, it's a big step back to the direction, that manson had in years 2000 to 2007. Apparently i think, manson ended there. The next albums, like HEoL, born villain, or pale emperror, which is bland as bloody hell, are just mistakes. But be honest. Manson won't never return to condition from mechanical animals or portrait of us family.
  14. Holy... Mommy! Was waiting for the next Schwarz release and... Yeah, much new stuff. And even two cds. Maybe it's time to buy it. Glad they are back. And Hora took this awful horn at last!
  15. L'air

    Well, must admit, that their indies era was much more powerful, dark, it was sth new on a VK scene. The major era is a total reshape and a try of conversion. Seriously, two vocalists right now? Isn't it w much a kittle
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