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    Today arrived my auction items, from RarezHut It was: the GazettE Artbook - DISTORTED CITY - 2008 the GazettE Artbook - DECOMPOSITION BEAUTY LIVE - 2006 Gackt - DIABOLOS ALBUM SuG - Beautyfool Days (Giveaway item) And a Sample <3 Click for the CD's Click for the Artbooks Thank you for this items Biopanda!
  2. UruhaTakashima

    Welcome on Board from a new user to a new user <3
  3. UruhaTakashima

    My biggest wtf moment at this moment are the death from Isshi (kaggra,) and Jasmine You (Versailles). I was a new fan from that bands and after few months, they was dead.
  4. UruhaTakashima

    That made me wtf... xD I mean he is so short and so old
  5. UruhaTakashima

    Thank you for this warm welcoming <3 I hope I get new friends here <3
  6. UruhaTakashima

    Hello people! I'm a VK Fan from Germany and live their since 23 years. I'm born in Hamburg at this date: 10. October 1993. It's the same birthday like ToshI from X-Japan, but I will tell you my most favbands. the GazettE, Laruku, VAMPS, A9, SuG, Dir en Grey, Gackt, Versailles, Malice Mizer and other When do you want more than that, I don't bite Greets Uruha
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