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  1. Interview with Dear Loving https://monochrome-heaven.com...-interview-with-dear-loving/

  2. Interview with Dear Loving


  3. https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-dear-loving/3/ What’s the secret behind “Dear Loving” staying together as a band for so long? It comes down to two things: patience and responsibility. Doing what you want to do and having someone’s support means taking up someone’s time. If you understand that calmly, you wouldn’t choose to quit for a half-hearted reason. That’s our opinion. It’s not so much about the people who quit, it’s more that we wouldn’t quit because of those ideas. Anyway. We, Dear Loving, are really good friends, so being in a band together is always fun for us. How would you describe “Dear Loving” with just a single kanji, and why did you choose this kanji? 生 (sei/life) Breath to stay alive and everything around it is also connected to the band. How would you describe yourself with just a single kanji? MASA ☆ → 漢 otoko/man → Because it is a man among men YUKI → 骨 hane/bone → Because he is so skinny, like a skeleton. KURO → 柔 juu/soft → because lots about him is soft. Have any memorable moments happened after 2011? One of the highlights we had was going to France for the Japan Expo. We were able to go with all three of us. Due to the coronavirus, it wasn’t possible to perform lives earlier this year. How did this affect you? How did you deal with it? It’s the kind of world we live in now, and it feels that we don’t have a choice to face it no matter what. But we are kindly using the time to fill in the missing spots and to learn a lot of new stuff. Even if we cannot really perform live shows, it’s not really that bad. We’re looking towards a future that we have no idea what it has in store for us as a band, but, yet we are pursuing the future as a band at full-speed. Venues started to offer to rent their space to hold “digital” live-streams to reach fans at home and around the world. How does this new way of performing feel? We try not to think of performing a streaming live as different than performing a normal live show. It would feel like a live show if you don’t focus on that, so we are trying to make it as realistic as still we are in front of you. The most important thing is that it won’t turn into a circus, movie or piece of art, but just as a live show which is the same as watching it at a live venue. Many musicians say; in order to play live, you have to have a live audience. So what was it like to perform to an empty venue at your July 7th one man? Did you still feel the warmth of your fans? If there is no audience, it’s hard to know who you’re singing to. After all, the excitement and laughter is all what the audience brings along, so you cannot blame it on that, but whether you have an audience or not, the important thing is the sense of unity, so in that sense, our goal is the same. When corona is finally over, will you continue with the “digital” live streams you’re doing now? I’m sure we will keep it as an option, but we’re old band members, so having people come to our shows is much more important to us. We don’t think that everything will be back to the state it was before, however if things will be the same, I guess we will stop doing live streams. However, since we think not everything will go back to normal, we probably continue live streaming, so we keep preparing everything to be able to stream our lives anytime too. Why are lives so important for a band? Why is it a fun challenge? It’s important because it is “Living in the moment”. There aren’t many things in your life that you truly can feel alive doing I guess? The only time this happens, that we can think of, is during a live show. When we play a show, it’s a good moment to be ourselves. It’s the best reward for us. Are there any challenges you face when you perform a live show? We always say “It’s going to be either the best or the worst”. We are always aiming for one of those options. We’re a rock band, so both ways are fine to us. We are not really interested in being a band where live shows are “high class” and always go “as planned”. Even after all these years, do you still get nervous before shows? What are some things that have changed between when you first started as a band and what it is like now? We don’t get nervous at all. It’s just nonsense to take time to prepare yourself mentally and be nervous about what you wish to share, and to be nervous about sharing the best music with your beloved people. So we quit being nervous. What’s the most fun about touring around Japan? The best thing about touring around Japan for us is meeting the fans from the different regions we play shows at. Since the start of your career, what changed the most? The biggest thing that has changed is our confidence in ourselves (laugh). We are now more calm about ourselves and we aren’t ready to give up. We are just trying to be the best band we can be. What’s the biggest challenge of being a musician? We don’t think of ourselves as musicians. We are just people in a band. How do you wish your fans would support you? What’s the most important thing you hope to receive? All of us are very appreciative of any support we receive, but we realize that each person’s situation is different and their money is limited. We would be glad if you support us with a method that we both can survive without overdoing it, yet we hope that you don’t forget that we also should be able to live as a band, however we hope to receive any reasonable support on your own pace that we both can survive. Thank you for your support! Besides your music equipment, is there anything else you always carry with you when you play live? Basically, we always carry our wallets and our smartphones with us. In all those music years, is there something you have learned? What we have learned is that it’s difficult and fearful to continue the same thing over and over again, and also being human is also not easy. What is your ultimate goal for the band’s future? We wish to sell well before we turn into old men. (laugh) Please tell your beliefs and/or words of wisdom to your fans. The future is now, so let’s make today a reality. Please tell some words to your fans and readers Thanks for finding us and reading until the end! Let’s enjoy life together!♪ SNS http://www.dearloving.net/ https://dearloving.official.ec/ https://ssl.twitcasting.tv/dearlovingmasa/shop https://ameblo.jp/dl-staff/ https://twitter.com/DearLoving1993 https://twitter.com/dl_staff https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmCncZ1zL1We45uFz-PTF0A/videos http://line.me/ti/p/%40pqr9000 https://twitter.com/dearlovingmasa https://twitter.com/DearLovingKURO https://twitter.com/dearlovingyuki https://jrocknroll.com/band-search-dear-loving/3/ Also thanks to RarezHut ( @Valicious @Biopanda) to ask me to make an interview with this band possible, of course RarezHut also threw in some questions which they would have liked to be answered! RarezHut is on a little break now, however you still are able to shop at their webstore and they also do sell some stuff from Dear Loving. And Thanks to @Valicious (RarezHut) & @Katt for English Grammar/Spell check!
  4. BrenGun

    Yeah, their announcement sounds as they have to take a break... So we will see if they come back somehow ^^
  5. Thank you!! I also still have to check them out better, but all what I've listened is so amazing. love it!
  6. Don't forget to read an Interview with RANA




  7. Thanks to @Katt for the grammar/spell check! Read on jrockrnoll https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-rana/3/ RANA, thank you very much for accepting this interview! To know you a little bit better, please introduce each other with a funny comment. Vo. AME OTOKO AME (雨男雨) ↓ Ari’S is a multi-talented guitarist who can do everything and anything. Sola is a drummer with a five-dimensional sensibility. Gt. Ari’S ↓ AME OTOKO AME, is a serious, stoic and seamless person. But he is also cute and unexpected too. Funnily enough, when he’s drunk, you can have more mature conversations with him. Sola, is a natural and easy-going person, but he sees people and things in a different way that makes him dependable. When he’s drunk, he likes to act like a sumo wrestler. Dr. Sola (昊) ↓ AME OTOKO AME, is sensitive and stoic. He is quite versatile as he can compose and write lyrics and draw oil paintings. He is also very mischievous when he drinks. Ari’S, he is outspoken and an honest person, and on top of that, he has great talking skills. Japanese contains a lot of Kanji, so which Kanji would you give to RANA? 【真】[Truth] One’s true self, “truth”, is an attitude that we all share. Also it can mean that we are a band that pursues the creation of great and pure music. Also which Kanji would you choose to express yourself? AME OTOKO AME → 【雨】 Rain, I have a gloomy personality. Ari’S → 【無】 Nothing, No waste, no pressure, nothing at all… Sola → 【心】 Heart/spirit, Even when playing music, it’s the most important thing to live as a person. Please tell us about your encounter, how did you all meet? When frogman Jack-©︎ and AME OTOKO AME met each other, they talked about the need for musical notes “rain” to bring inside the modern world and so they planned to start a band to bring that kind of “rain” to the world. AME OTOKO AME asked his former band mates Ari’S and Sola to join him and so RANA was formed. Dir&Pro. Jack-© is a frog, right? Why does Jack-© look like a frog? Explain a bit more about the image of Jack-©. We don’t know if he is a human being who has turned into a frog, we don’t know if humans are disguised like frogs, honestly, we don’t know the truth I guess you could say? But he is the planner of RANA and he’s the one in charge of us behind the scenes. What was the reason why you became a bandman? Was there anybody who inspired you to become one? AME OTOKO AME → I thought it would be lots of fun, I like hide and Ulfuls (ウルフルズ). Ari’S → The first band I copied was SHAKALABBITS, and that was really fun. Sola → I love music and music saved my life. I started playing drums naturally because I loved to beat to the rhythm of music. The band who inspired me firstly would be the German heavy metal band HELLOWEEN. Being a bandman isn’t always easy so, what’s the most difficult thing about being a bandman? AME OTOKO AME → Mental strength. Ari’S → I guess for me, it would be to stay motivated? Sola → To earn money and to stay alive? RANA has an interesting worldview, so could you tell us a little bit more about RANA’s worldview? The perspective of humans and other living things and “rain” is also an important keyword. While “rain” seems a bit negative and depressing to modern people, everything is inextricably linked to each other, and because there is something negative, there is also a positive. If we can see it all in such a kind of “light“, the message is that “negative” isn’t just always something “negative“. Why did you decide to use “RANA” as a band name? And what does it actually mean? Rana is the human condition from a perspective that crosses the boundaries of living things. In keeping with that theme, we could have also used any non-human creature. AME OTOKO AME → So the word RANA felt right. Your costumes look trendy, so what about your costumes for RANA? How do you decide? We choose the ones that fit our music, based on fashion trends. Due to Corona your activities and appearances of live shows have been postponed. What would you want to accomplish when you finally can stand on stage? AME OTOKO AME → I want to increase the number of fans we have in an audience! Ari’S → Our first step is to make our lives a success. Then the next step is stepping up higher! Sola → It would be nice to have an environment where we can enjoy our live shows as we did before, but it will be difficult to do that for at least a while. But we won’t let that stop us from performing even better and we want to give everyone better shows than before. Being on stage, what’s the best part of it? AME OTOKO AME → The best part of being on stage for me is pouring out a song with a strong message and a hard sound. Also to introduce ambient surround synths, which is rare in live houses which expands the range of sound expressions. Ari’S → For me, it’s when i’m faced with lots of smiles and when I’m covered in sweat! Sola → I like it when there is a vibe, with intensity the genuine feel of live sounds. The drums in particular are an instrument that directly expresses emotions, and I want you to experience it for yourself. What’s your biggest inspiration for making music? AME OTOKO AME → Happiness, anger, sorrow and joy. Ari’S → When you find preciousness in your everyday life. Sola → Both sides of Sorrow and anguish, Ugly parts such as outrageous incidents and beautiful parts such as nature, art, and human goodness. How do you decide on the title of your new song? AME OTOKO AME → We decide by trying to be as original as possible. Please give us some fun comments about the release of your 1st EP “蛙の詩” and 1.5 EP “蛙の悪戯”. 【蛙の詩】 Is our first release, so we thought a lot about the band and the message we wished to convey, and we made it. 【蛙の悪戯】 We created this EP during the Corona restrainment period. We did the entire process online, from arranging to mastering, also it was a good period to test the band’s teamwork. Please tell me about the composition of the EP. How did you write and create the new songs? AME OTOKO AME → We composed the EP by using smartphone voice memos and D.A.W.’s (Digital Audio Workspace). Do you have any fun comment to tell about your MV’s to “蛙の悪戯” and “蛙の詩”? 蛙の詩 is the front side, 蛙の悪戯 the back side of our image. For the MV’s, we had a meeting with the director and left everything up to his own imagination. Why did you choose the titles “蛙の詩(Frog Poem)” and “蛙の悪戯 (Frog Mischief)” for your 1st EP and 1.5 EP? AME OTOKO AME ↓ 1st → The title track [蛙の詩(Frog poem)] is used as it is. 1.5th → Since the theme is unhappiness, it’s a mischievous frog who can be compared to God’s mischief. What was your main inspiration for both EP’s? AME OTOKO AME ↓ 【1st蛙の詩】→ The desire to reset what you’ve gained, your pride, and your ego, and to start over, straight away. 【1.5th蛙の悪戯】 → Negative, yet realistic emotions in everyday life, such as sad events and unexpected misfortunes. Please tell us about the artwork and any other production efforts for both of your EP’s. 【1st蛙の詩】 On the cover, Jack-©︎ is observing us humans in the rain, and on the back, we have included a hopeful image of sunshine after the rain. 【1.5th蛙の悪戯】 Jack-©︎ stands in the street with the colors reversed. He’s looking at the other side of the world. → 1.蛙の詩 The world is full of complaints, yet despair and hope are linked with each other. This song tells you, no matter how you feel, you always can make a fresh start and try again. → 2.Llluvia Creatures that humans treat with a convenient interpretation is usually done by human pattern is drawn from differing perspectives. → 3.耳カラ脳ヘ You who behave pleasantly in everyday life. You who are obsessed with meaningless envy and information manipulation. The stimulus melody given to your mind via this song surely breaks your stress. → 4.ハルガサク Like a flower that blooms around… The proof of our lives continues to bloom in our memories. → 5.オタマジャクシの詩。 The things we’ve gained and lost. We were upbeat and depressed. Plus or minus 0. From today, let’s live well again! → 1. Tranquilio –Show your fists, not words.– Aggressive and emotional. An authentic rock number. → 2. 20% FORECAST -Sun then rain, then…– Funky & groovy sounds. It’s a POP SONG that shakes your body. → 3. 僕らはみんな観ている –When you look into the abyss, the abyss is looking at you.– A dark side mid-tune song with aggressive sounds and solid lyricism. → 4. Social Minority -D-on’t stop, go where the impulse leads you.- This is a new level rock number with epic melodies and dramatic developments. → 5. 他人には見えない力で動いてる –To the unseen you, who keeps doing your best. – You know, I’ve got an upper sound that I’ve been working on. A powerful, straightforward ale song! → 6. 悪魔の子 -Happiness is like a bubble that disappears when you cross a line.- A lyrical message song that questions modern society. What is your favorite music genre? AME OTOKO AME → J-POP Ari’S → Rock, metal, anime music, classics and everything in between. Sola → I like listening to rock music, anything loud, anime songs, electro, etc. Basically, I like a whole lot of different things, but mainly quiet and dark music. What are your favorite bands? AME OTOKO AME → My absolute favorite is X JAPAN. Ari’S → Recently I have found myself listening to Band-MAID. Sola → Some of my favorite bands include, Chouchou, Radiohead, 光田康典, ClariS, amazarashi etc. As for Visual Kei, I have found myself listening to Kizu a lot. What is your favorite local food? AME OTOKO AME → Soba noodles. Ari’S → Sanzoku-yaki is my favorite local food. Sola → I also like Soba noodles. What is your favorite drink? AME OTOKO AME → My favorite drink is black coffee. Ari’S → Mine’s whiskey. Sola → Lately, I’ve been drinking non-sugar latte coffee. What are your hobbies? AME OTOKO AME → I’m really into watching movies. Ari’S → My hobby is that I’m into gaming. Sola → Not much, I like to collect clothes and manga and I like to watch anime. What makes you smile? AME OTOKO AME → People make me smile. Ari’S → Mo—ne–y♡money。 Sola → Cute people/characters and Alcohol What’s your own habitat? AME OTOKO AME → My habit is that I like to act suspicious. Ari’S → I have lots of habits, but I always try to care about people’s opinions, so I am mindful. Sola → Being Dark-hearted, unpredictable, fickle. Where is your favorite place in Nagano Prefecture? AME OTOKO AME → My house. Ari’S → I like the countryside and the mountains of Nagano Prefecture. Sola → The places where I can feel the beauty of trees, forests and mountains are my favorite places. How would you like your fans to support you? What is the most important thing you want to receive? AME OTOKO AME → We’re very happy when people like our songs, and it’s very rewarding. Ari’S → We’re very happy when people try to get to know us and tell us what they think of our music in their words. Sola → We’re happy when people express themselves honestly in words, or when they like and retweet us. It’s best to be able to convey excitement through sound and appearance. How do you feel that you also have foreign fans? AME OTOKO AME → I feel Ve-r-y happy about it! Ari’S → We are just grateful that you found us before we even started! Sola → I’m very happy! Someday I hope to meet you in person. Corona is a global problem today. How do you, as an artist, face it? AME OTOKO AME → We’d like to put more effort into our video productions, so that we can present RANA on the internet in a style for when we don’t have the opportunity to present our music in front of so many people. Ari’S → I think that the conventional wisdom of the entertainment industry will not be accepted at all in this day and age, so we have no choice but to continue to search for entertainment that meets the needs of the times. Sola → Of course, we will make efforts to control the infection, but we would like to continue to communicate with our fans without losing against the virus. What’s RANA’s ultimate goal for the future? AME OTOKO AME → Making a living out of music. Ari’S → World domination! Sola → I would like to tour and perform at big halls, we’d like to one day tour abroad too. Why do you think we should listen to RANA? What do you think is unique about RANA that other artists don’t have? We are not limited only to just Visual Kei, our music is pure, free and has lots of diversity. Do you have any beliefs or mottos for your fans as an artist? AME OTOKO AME → I want to be an artist who can gently push those who want to live positively. Ari’S → I would be happy if I can be the energy to live tomorrow for you. For me, your smiling face gives me the energy to live for tomorrow. Sola → Give color to your days, put your fantasies in reality, music will snuggle up your loneliness. We came to the end, please give your final message to your fans. AME OTOKO AME → As RANA we are a newcomer in the music scene,, so please give us you support. Ari’S → We’re not able to do our activities as much as we would like because of the constant holding down, but we definitely do anything to be able to meet you, so please come to meet us! Sola → thank you for taking the time to read this interview. Hopefully we will be able to meet more and more people. We will do our very best to make you love us even more!
  8. Thanks to @Katt for some "question help and spell/grammar check!" You can read this interview also on J'ROCK'N'ROLL!! https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-nightingeil/3/ Japanese version https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-nightingeil/2/ ----------------- We are living in a global pandemic, so how are you currently dealing with the corona issue? Vo. Kon: I just leave the global corona problem to the experts. Gt. Kaie: I’m soooo tired of it. Gt. Nao: I’m taking more precautions than just following the general measures. Ba. Rei: I don’t take any special measures, because I think, if you get it, you’ll get it. Dr. Hakuya: I just endure it, and I’m aware of myself to stay safe and healthy. Japan is full of Kanji, so how would you describe NightingeiL with just using one Kanji? Kon: 傷 (kizu, scar): I guess because we are a naive and sensitive band. Kaie:血(chi, blood): Because it’s or underlying concept. Nao: 色 (iro, color): We have a dark image, but we have different nuances in various aspects. Rei: 闇(yami, darkness): Because we are a two faces band Hakuya: 夜 (yoru, night): It’s the opposite of the brightness of the day, we as a band can live without light as a nocturnal character. And how would you describe yourself with just one Kanji? Kon: 無 (Mu,nothing) Because I want to think about anything at all. Kaie: 楽 (Raku, easy) Because I am an optimistic person. Nao: 猫 (neko, cat) Because I can’t live without this creature. Rei: 陰 (Yin,shadow) Because I’m a gloomy person. Hakuya: 喰 (Ku, eat): LIVE is a one-shot soul life, I’m performing on stage with the intention of eating and swallowing everything! In 2012 you disbanded once, and in 2017 you guys returned back, has anything changed? Kon: We had a member change and we are a 5 member band now, also what we want to express has expanded with those changes. Kaie: To me it feels as if we started a brand new story. Nao: Of course the members changed, but I don’t think that the inner core of NightingeiL has changed. Rei: The color of Solei has become darker. Hakuya: We understand each other better and also our new members own input of their sound and entanglements ideas. Why did you decide to use the name NightingeiL as a band name? Kon: We chose the name NightingeiL to express life, love and death. What made you decide to use your stage name? Kon: I can’t remember it anymore, I chose it too long ago. Kaie: A character in the manga To-y is also called Kaie. Nao: It’s a part of my real name. Rei: My name is of no particular origin, but my fortune teller advised me to change my name because it doesn’t have any pluses. Hakuya: From the anime “Bleach” from Byakuya Kuchiki, the first captain. We are all influenced by someone or something so what are your musical influences? Kon: Many bands and artists have influenced me. Kaie: Punk at its core, also hard rock and positive punk. To keep it short, I like LUNA SEA. Nao: Of course it’s Japanese visual kei music, but nowadays I don’t care much about the genre. If I think it’s good music, I’m influenced by it. Rei: I like Zi:Kill and Merry Go Round. Hakuya: 90s J-POP. You all play an instrument (vocals included(smile)), but what made you want to play your instrument? Kon: Because I didn’t have to spend money to buy an instrument. Kaie: I just happened to be in charge of it. Nao: My dad had a guitar at home. Rei: I’ll skip answering this question because it’s an impure motive. Hakuya: My parents played the drums as a hobby, so we had a drum set at home, so also I started to play the drums for fun. So please tell us which type of instrument you use. Kon: I’m using SHURE BETA58A. Kaie: The tones I play are almost straight from the amp. Nao: The current guitar I use is one I painted myself. Rei: I’m using Warwick JAZZMAN. Hakuya: My drum set: TAMAdrums starclassicBirch. Hardware: TAMAdrums Cymbals: Zildjancymbals Twin Pedals : AMAHA FP9310 Talking about memories, what are some of your favorite memories? Kon: Our emotions after we finish recording together.. Kaie: Can’t choose, so I guess all of them. Nao: Our live shows and also our daily life together. Rei: That I am finally able to perform with the legends which I saw in magazines as a junior and High school student. Hakuya: Our live shows at big venues and touring around. You’ve been in the music industry for a long time, so what has changed the most since the start of your career? Kon: I stopped to compare my own band with other bands. Kaie: I don’t have too many expectations anymore. Nao: We don’t have to be bound by certain stereotypes anymore, we can express ourselves in different ways. Rei: Our hair was up to our waists, however now our haircuts are shorter. Hakuya: Our music and attitude towards the band and how to enjoy it has changed. And what’s the secret to staying active for so long? Kon: It’s finding the good balance between yourself and bandmates, also too keep up a healthy distance between each other. Kaie: Because I love what I do and because we have people who support us. Nao: We love our music and we respect each other, which leads to good relationships between each other. Rei: We don’t get into conflicts easily because we don’t play as a band on a regular basis. Hakuya: The most important thing above all is that we all love playing music and we are having lots of fun while doing it. Which song do you think is most popular under fans and what’s your own favorite song? Kon: Our most popular song is “吊り下げの恋”. And my own favorite is “その手” Kaie: I guess that our most popular song is “吊り下げの恋” and “白い森”. My personal favoriets are “その手” and “彼女と空腹” Nao: There are various of popular songs “吊り下げの恋” “12秒間” and “水銀”, but my own favorite is “孤島の彼女” Rei: “吊り下げの恋” a song which is easy understand, so it’s loved by many people. My own favorite is “孤島の彼女”. Hakuya: 歪んで走る and 身代わりの人 You have a lot of introspective lyrics, where do you get your inspiration for writing lyrics? Kon: I take inspiration from everything that happens in my life. How do you write and compose your songs? Kaie: We bring our ideas to the studio, and turn them into a real song together. Nao: When we write a song idea, we turn it together into a song. Rei: Based on our ideas, we create the final song together in the studio. How has your songwriting changed as you have gotten older? Kon: If you wonder about the lyrics, they haven’t changed. Kaie: Basically, I haven’t changed at all. Nao: WE haven’t made any big changes, but we’re not trying to omit them with negative energy, but we’re trying to affirm them and trying to absorb them. Rei: It’s getting simpler. Due to Corona, you weren’t able to perform live earlier this year. How has this affected you? How did you deal with it? Kon: No, problem at all, we didn’t have any live show planned. Kaie: We’re just in the middle of a hiatus, so… Nao: We weren’t able to make any plans originally, so it didn’t really affect us. Rei: It didn’t interfere with NightingeiL’s activities, so I just gave my dogs attention during the self-restraint period. Hakuya: I’ve been doing some personal activities, so I was able to perform live. However I wasn’t able to do any activities for about 3 months during the self-restraint period, so in that meanwhile I just practiced at home. When you are standing on stage, do you face any challenges? Kon: I’m always wondering how I can betray my audience in a good way. Kaie: To keep doing stuff easygoing, just to be natural and not being afraid of what I’m doing. Nao: Just to have fun. Rei: I always feel sorry for my dog to let her stay alone at home. Hakuya: To stay calm, if you stay calm you are able to enjoy the live show. Why is it important for (rock) bands to play lives? Kon: To feel alive. Kaie: Because it’s fun. Nao: It’s the most fun to do and more importantly it’s not only fun with the members but also with the audience. Rei: It’s a great way to earn money. Hakuya: We want people to see us because we’re alive. What’s the most important thing that has happened to you in your music career so far? Kon: Being into this current state now. Kaie: To be able to meet a lot of people. Nao: That I am blessed with my musical friends. Rei: Everything. Hakuya: Playing with my favorite artists and supporting them. Some years have passed since your last release, can we expect a new release soon? Kon: If it’s expected we’ll release it, we are also considering digital distribution. Kaie: We’re looking at it positively! Nao: Maybe yes, maybe no, I’ll give my best. Rei: Would love so. Hakuya: We’re currently considering it. What’s the biggest challenge of being a musician? Kon: To stay yourself. Kaie: To absorb things without losing yourself. Nao: How to deal with music. Rei: To not get fat and not to age (becoming unattractive). Hakuya: To keep loving and enjoying it. Have you ever thought about performing overseas as NightingeiL? Kon: If you have an offer for us, we’d love to consider it! Kaie: I would love to go abroad! Nao: Currently not. Rei: It’s hard because it makes me feel homesick. Hakuya: I always wanted to go abroad. Kaie tweets a lot of anime, but what are some anime’s everyone watched as a kid? Kaie: Can’t really tell, just check out my tweets. What’s your ultimate goal for the future? Kon: Sokushinbutsu. (To become a Bhuddist mummy) Kaie: My goal is as long as I can enjoy my life, it’s the best life I can have. Nao: filial piety (laugh) Rei: To own lots of dogs. Hakuya: To be a respected musician and not just a band member. Please tell us your beliefs and/or mottos as an artist? Kon: Where there is will, there is a way Kaie: Don’t beg, win, and it will be given to you. Nao: The first thing to do is to make something that you are convinced and confident about. Rei: It’s going to be a long story, so we’ll have to come back to it another time. Hakuya: I always like the drums, hit the drums, and push the ensemble to the next level. Please write a last message to your fans and readers. Kon: If you haven’t been exposed to the world of NightingeiL yet, this is a great moment to start. Kaie: The reason why I can take it easy is because there are people who are waiting for me. I am sincerely grateful. Although we are a peculiar band, we are looking forward to your continued support. Nao: Nice to meet you. My name is Nao, I play guitar in NightingeiL. Thank you for taking the time to read this interview. I hope you will continue to support us. Rei: Please let me touch your boobs when we meet. (laugh) Hakuya: Thank you for your support. I’ll always play the drums with my heart and soul. I will continue to play the drums, which is my life’s work, and I will continue to work hard every day to provide you with a comfortable and pleasant sound. I will continue to be a band member, musician and drummer for the rest of my life. --
  9. nevermind lol well... Might they also think they are too old for vkei. Misery seems to be end 30ties already.
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    Ah I guess that's why they didn't want to be interviewed.... o.o
  11. https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-aizawa-ayaka/3/ Aizawa Ayaka, thank you very much for this interview, firstly could you please introduce yourself a little bit? - Hello, I am a singer-rock songwriter from Fukushima (Sendai), I write all my lyrics to my songs with a straightforward message. Which kanji would you give your personality? - 真 (shin) – Truth Anyway, how did you enter this music world? - I really wish to reach lot’s of people with my songs, so what if I would become something to deliver something to someone else? So I started to sing. On stage you are supported by nice support members. Could you please introduce them by telling something interesting about them? - Gt. Takaki Hisanaga → He is the manager of “Otsuka Welcome back”. When he plays his guitar he always has a happy face. He is a person who laughs easily. - Ba.miyou→ Free bassist. You cannot find her without carrying her bass. She is a wonderful hairstylist and her own hair-styles are very beautiful and amazing! - Dr.MAR→ He is my boss. He is an overwhelmingly consisted drummer. Everyone who sees him play the drums like him, also wants to play the drums! You are supported by wonderful support members but how did you meet them and what made you decide to work with them? - I met MAR(the boss) when I was performing in the north of Japan. Many different kinds of support players have supported me in the past. After a while I played much more frequently in Tokyo than in Sendai, so I was looking for support members located around Tokyo and so we found and settled on our current members. Well, before I knew it, I found my place in Tokyo. (smile) Did you ever asked your support members how they would describe you? If so, how do they describe you as a person? - Oh, I never have talked with them about such a topic, but I surely would like to hear it from them in the future, at some point! (smile) However I guess they would say “Ayaka is a person who loves music”. Everyone writes and compose songs on his/her own pace, but what about you? Could you please tell us about how you write and compose your songs. - In the past but also now “I want to make what I feel is breathtaking” But what has changed during the time, is that I want to put a bit of my own color and messages inside which I want to convey. The thing I want to convey is “straight and strong feelings”. So I’d be happy if those feelings were conveyed to you. You released two MV’s earlier this year. Could you please tell us some more background about those videos? - 「Be crazy」It’s the very first video and for that reason an important video which I made as a solo artist “Aizawa Ayaka”. At live performance this song melody became a killer tune, so to me it felt that the content of the lyrics was often overlooked while performing it live. So I told my team members that I wished to convey my message with the MV and so we created together an MV with the expression and worldview which also shows the story behind the lyrics. The team who filmed my MV are mainly movie filmers, so I’d be happy if you could enjoy my acting too which I tried for the first time. (Moshimo kyou sekai ga owaru to shite mo) 「もしも今日世界が終わるとしても」 This MV was fully shot in Osaka. In contrast to “Be crazy” it’s a work that you can see how I am isn’t? The shoot was done with our usual team so I guess the MV has a totally relaxed look. There is a part in the lyrics I hope you pay some attention too “Let’s live our lives laughing like there’s nothing left to do.”, However I hope you take that sentence in a positive way and get some life spirit from it! You released your first album “Search for” last year. Could you please tell us something about this album? - It’s my first album and I remember that I really felt excited about it since a tour was also decided to promote the album. I only released “one” single before this album, after releasing that single it became clear to me what I wanted to express with my music, and so I wanted to make this album with lot’s of my expressions. Before the album release I’ve released 7 singles, but I guess the album shares a totally different taste. How do you prepare for the live shows? - I think that there are various ways to prepare for live shows, but mostly I am careful about the condition of my throat. Last year I had a vocal cord polyps surgery…So I should pay attention to how I speak and laugh, so that it won’t get damaged again, also I don’t smoke passively and I also refrain from drinking alcohol before the show. It’s a trivial matter, but I think such kind of preparation is very important for any live show. We all love to go to a live show to feel and see you which make us feel exciting, but what’s the most exciting thing about live shows for you? - That it’s possible to deliver songs by looking in the eyes of someone who came to the venue. You would like to ask that person while performing a song “How do you feel now?, what are you thinking about? Are you going crazy?” Anyway, it’s a place where you can feel the emotion of each person with your eyes, ears and skin. You released a bunch of songs already, you gotta have a favorite or two? So which song do you love yourself the most? - That’s a really difficult question… Every song has different feelings and charms, so I like every song. (laugh) If you would like to try some strong songs, I would say; “HELLO” if you like rock songs. “go for it” if you like pop songs. On your profile is written that you love Kirby and time to time you also share Kirby photos, anyway how many Kirby goods do you have? And what’s your favorite Kirby goodie? hmm! I’ve no clue, they are countless! (laugh) My fans gave Kirby goods as a gift often, so I really do have quite a few. (smile) My favorite are “hand mirror”, “lamp” and a “plush toy, which was won at a game center for ¥ 1,000” ELLEGARDEN seems to be your favorite band isn’t? What’s so good about them? Why do you love them so much? Yes, I love them. I guess they were the artist I listened to the most when I was in school. Not to mention the songs, but I especially like the fact that the live show is so innocent and straightforward in its own way. Your fans love you but how do you really wish that your fans support you? I want you to be absorbed with me. I wish that you will be my number one fan forever .I would be very happy if I would gain your unwavering support. Also, since it’s natural, I would really be happy if you could come and see me performing my live shows, if possible! Some of us read books and or manga do you have any favorite? I usually don’t read books or manga at all, so I don’t have a favorite one… Please let me know if you have any suggestions of books/manga I really should read. (smile) We all love to watch movies so what’s your favorite movie? I really do like movies, however recently I haven’t seen any. A movie which I’ve seen and that I do remember is the movie “Happy Death Day“. I really like to watch lots of suspenseful movies. Japan has many delicious local food, so what’s your favorite? I could only think of my hometown, and my mother’s cooking. (laugh) I really love my mother’s “唐揚げの卵とじ“. I often asked her to make it. Lately, what got your interest? Recently, I’m starting to get more interest in beauty again. Such as Make-up and Skin Care. I always want to meet everyone in my best condition, so I’m studying every day how to take the best body care. We all smile and laugh, so what makes you smile? I guess it’s when I play live shows together with my friends. However these days I laughed the most when I was playing with soap bubbles.(laugh) Soap bubbles, yes that’s funny, anyway what’s your ultimate goal for the future? Ultimate?… I guess my ultimate goal is that lot’s of people around the world will know my songs. But I always also hope to be able to play at bigger venues. My dream is to have a live show in a big venue to fill it up with my own fans only. Talking about venues, how do you actually deal with the global corona issue? To me it feels that it’s really important for everyone to continue to cooperate with each other. currently there are many new rules for venues, so I hope that everyone will follow them so that we can keep up creating places where we can meet everyone. And we came to the end, please write your last message to your fans and readers. To those who have read this so far. Thank you for reading it until the very end. I really enjoyed this interview because it had uncommon questions. So I’m glad that you learned lots more about me. From now on I wish that you will know me even better!♪ So, see you at the venue!
  12. Please don't forget to read the dammitland interview, you just can do it here on MH, no need to jump to jrocknroll for that! :D


    The interview is well answered so please check it out, also DAMMITLAND's music is great, so please support them at least via a youtube subscription ^^


  13. Nice to meet you DAMMITLAND. How did you all actually meet? KAZUKI: A mutual acquaintance told me about Kyuusuke and for the first half year we were looking for other members however we always ended up drinking in a izakaya. “If we will continue like this, we won’t ever be able to form a band!” So we started searching seriously and then we found P, and P invited his acquaintance MAa to join us too, and so our current line-up was formed. DAMMITLAND is active as a visual kei band, however what’s the reason that did you form DAMMITLAND as a visual kei band? KAZUKI: The other members’ past bands were Visual Kei bands, and we just wanted to challenge the visual system in terms of the music scene. I’m glad to read that you guys want to rebel against the world with a taste of irony. What kind of things going on the world have influenced your lyrics the most? Kyuusuke: Actually, I’m just writing about what’s happening around me and what I’m thinking and feel about it, so I’m not really influenced by anything. Why did you become a musician? Could you name some artist that inspired you to become a musician? Kyuusuke: I just wanted to be in a band, no other reason. I guess I am inspired by many various people. KAZUKI: I just wanted to stand out and express myself. THE YELLOW MONKEY and LA★69 inspired me the most. P: I started playing guitar in my free time, because I wasn’t in any high school club, also I found the joy of playing live. BUMP OF CHICKEN and HIGH and MIGHTY Color inspired me the most. MAa: When I saw Tomoyasu Hotei performing a show, he was surrounded by women, that made me think that I also wanted to be popular. Tomoyasu Hotei and Dir en Grey inspired me the most. We all get our inspiration from someone or something so what’s your biggest inspiration for making music? Kyuusuke: Sleeping well KAZYUKI: A crowded train and other frustrating and negative emotions in everyday life. P: Drinking or taking a walk with a camera MAa: Coffee Time KAZUKI, your band history isn’t visual kei, why did you decide to follow the visual path? KAZUKI: Originally I was doing hard-rock and metal, I always played the music I wanted to play with my hard-rock band-mates. We have done one-man shows, various tours, support stuff and we even went overseas. However this time I wanted to write my own music. Visual Kei is a genre made up of many different kinds of music and I thought it was a scene where I wanted to create my own songs and videos to present them. I’m not hiding who I am, whether it’s hard-rock or visual kei, I’m just me, so I’ll do whatever I want. Recently some people say “Today’s visual kei is fake, just host-kei imitators etc”. How do you feel about those words? KAZUKI: There are times when songs have similar chord progressions and riffs, but I think the band’s power is being tested by how to make it a song full of originality. Kyuusuke, why did you switch from guitar to vocals? Kyuusuke: Well, I like singing. Also if I loved to dance, I would be a dancer. I saw the cover of LUNA SEA ROSIER, Why did you record a cover this song? Do you all like LUNA SEA? Or did you just choose this “one song”? KAZUKI: We are going to release a cover song every month as one of our YouTube projects. ROSIER by LUNA SEA is a famous song and we like LUNA SEA, so we thought it would be a good first song for this project. You said that you have recorded your last single at home. Because corona makes it more difficult to record stuff at a studio, but will you continue to record your releases at home? KAZUKI: If possible, we would like to share all our songs on YouTube and streaming media. Recording at home is a good way to keep the costs low, so we probably will continue to do it in the future. What other struggles do you face because of Corona? KAZUKI: It’s difficult to perform a live show, however instead we think of doing other fun things which we couldn’t do before, like shooting videos for YouTube. Anyway you said that you did choose not to use electronic sounds? However Such sounds are very popular these days isn’t, so why do you omit them? KAZUKI: It’s not that we are omitting them, but I don’t use it in our existing songs because it’s not necessary. I might like to use synthesizers and other electronic sounds in the future, if we feel that they are necessary to improve the quality of the song, but we don’t need them for our existing songs. Your YouTube channel is filled with variety of videos channel. Such as rate this beer, without know which beer you are actually drinking. Will you continue to create these fun videos? KAZUKI: We surely will continue to share more of these kinds of videos in the future. It would be good if people would discover DAMMITLAND through live shows and YouTube. What about digital music distribution? Will you continue to distribute your music digitally? KAZUKI: If we are going to release more songs in the future, I guess we will mainly distribute them to YouTube and streaming sites, because I think it’s a good way to introduce DAMMITLAND to people who might enjoy listening to us. If you write brand new songs… where is your favorite place to write them? Kyuusuke: I guess in my bed KAZUKI: In my room, in front of my computer. P: On my sofa. Is it difficult to be an artist? if so what’s difficult about it? Kyuusuke: As long as you enjoy it, nothing is difficult. KAZUKI: To find the right izakayas after the shows to share your thoughts together afterwards. P: To be on time for meetings, studio and live shows. MAa: Human relations. Is there any valuable moment in your music career so far? Kyuusuke: Receiving fan letters. KAZUKI: Being in the band DAMMITLAND with members who share the same way of thinking. P: The very first live show I played in my life, it was the day that I found the joy in performing live. MAa: Being cheered by the high-pitched voices of our fans We all know age is secret, but still we would like to know who is the youngest and who is the oldest in the band? KAZUKI: I’ll leave that to your imagination! If someone would ask you, “why should I listen to your band” what would you tell this person? KAZUKI: I would tell this person: I think that all the songs which Kyuuske created and wrote are amazing, so please check them out and listen to them often. Do you have any Ultimate goal for the future? Kyuusuke: To stay healthy and enjoy life for a long time. KAZUKI: To be able to enjoy music activities for a long time. P: To play a one-man show at OSAKA-JO-HALL. MAa: To play at Fuji Rock. Beliefs and Mottoes, please share yours. Kyuusuke: If there is something you want to do, you should do it right away! KAZUKI: I want to be the bassist that the 20-year old me would adore and think “he is cool!”. P: Always keep the strongest image of yourself in your mind. MAa: Forever Young We came to the end, so please give a message to your fans and readers. Kyuusuke: Please don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and to follow me and us on Twitter. KAZUKI: Thank you very much for reading this interview. I like to continue to share various interesting things on youtube, I also would like to try TwitCasting, so please keep up following me and us! P: Thank you for reading until the end. I will continue to do whatever I want, however I’ll avoid the inconvenience. MAa: Everyone, Let’s keep on living! Questions discussed together with @Katt
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