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  1. Please don't forget to read the dammitland interview, you just can do it here on MH, no need to jump to jrocknroll for that! :D


    The interview is well answered so please check it out, also DAMMITLAND's music is great, so please support them at least via a youtube subscription ^^


  2. Nice to meet you DAMMITLAND. How did you all actually meet? KAZUKI: A mutual acquaintance told me about Kyuusuke and for the first half year we were looking for other members however we always ended up drinking in a izakaya. “If we will continue like this, we won’t ever be able to form a band!” So we started searching seriously and then we found P, and P invited his acquaintance MAa to join us too, and so our current line-up was formed. DAMMITLAND is active as a visual kei band, however what’s the reason that did you form DAMMITLAND as a visual kei band? KAZUKI: The other members’ past bands were Visual Kei bands, and we just wanted to challenge the visual system in terms of the music scene. I’m glad to read that you guys want to rebel against the world with a taste of irony. What kind of things going on the world have influenced your lyrics the most? Kyuusuke: Actually, I’m just writing about what’s happening around me and what I’m thinking and feel about it, so I’m not really influenced by anything. Why did you become a musician? Could you name some artist that inspired you to become a musician? Kyuusuke: I just wanted to be in a band, no other reason. I guess I am inspired by many various people. KAZUKI: I just wanted to stand out and express myself. THE YELLOW MONKEY and LA★69 inspired me the most. P: I started playing guitar in my free time, because I wasn’t in any high school club, also I found the joy of playing live. BUMP OF CHICKEN and HIGH and MIGHTY Color inspired me the most. MAa: When I saw Tomoyasu Hotei performing a show, he was surrounded by women, that made me think that I also wanted to be popular. Tomoyasu Hotei and Dir en Grey inspired me the most. We all get our inspiration from someone or something so what’s your biggest inspiration for making music? Kyuusuke: Sleeping well KAZYUKI: A crowded train and other frustrating and negative emotions in everyday life. P: Drinking or taking a walk with a camera MAa: Coffee Time KAZUKI, your band history isn’t visual kei, why did you decide to follow the visual path? KAZUKI: Originally I was doing hard-rock and metal, I always played the music I wanted to play with my hard-rock band-mates. We have done one-man shows, various tours, support stuff and we even went overseas. However this time I wanted to write my own music. Visual Kei is a genre made up of many different kinds of music and I thought it was a scene where I wanted to create my own songs and videos to present them. I’m not hiding who I am, whether it’s hard-rock or visual kei, I’m just me, so I’ll do whatever I want. Recently some people say “Today’s visual kei is fake, just host-kei imitators etc”. How do you feel about those words? KAZUKI: There are times when songs have similar chord progressions and riffs, but I think the band’s power is being tested by how to make it a song full of originality. Kyuusuke, why did you switch from guitar to vocals? Kyuusuke: Well, I like singing. Also if I loved to dance, I would be a dancer. I saw the cover of LUNA SEA ROSIER, Why did you record a cover this song? Do you all like LUNA SEA? Or did you just choose this “one song”? KAZUKI: We are going to release a cover song every month as one of our YouTube projects. ROSIER by LUNA SEA is a famous song and we like LUNA SEA, so we thought it would be a good first song for this project. You said that you have recorded your last single at home. Because corona makes it more difficult to record stuff at a studio, but will you continue to record your releases at home? KAZUKI: If possible, we would like to share all our songs on YouTube and streaming media. Recording at home is a good way to keep the costs low, so we probably will continue to do it in the future. What other struggles do you face because of Corona? KAZUKI: It’s difficult to perform a live show, however instead we think of doing other fun things which we couldn’t do before, like shooting videos for YouTube. Anyway you said that you did choose not to use electronic sounds? However Such sounds are very popular these days isn’t, so why do you omit them? KAZUKI: It’s not that we are omitting them, but I don’t use it in our existing songs because it’s not necessary. I might like to use synthesizers and other electronic sounds in the future, if we feel that they are necessary to improve the quality of the song, but we don’t need them for our existing songs. Your YouTube channel is filled with variety of videos channel. Such as rate this beer, without know which beer you are actually drinking. Will you continue to create these fun videos? KAZUKI: We surely will continue to share more of these kinds of videos in the future. It would be good if people would discover DAMMITLAND through live shows and YouTube. What about digital music distribution? Will you continue to distribute your music digitally? KAZUKI: If we are going to release more songs in the future, I guess we will mainly distribute them to YouTube and streaming sites, because I think it’s a good way to introduce DAMMITLAND to people who might enjoy listening to us. If you write brand new songs… where is your favorite place to write them? Kyuusuke: I guess in my bed KAZUKI: In my room, in front of my computer. P: On my sofa. Is it difficult to be an artist? if so what’s difficult about it? Kyuusuke: As long as you enjoy it, nothing is difficult. KAZUKI: To find the right izakayas after the shows to share your thoughts together afterwards. P: To be on time for meetings, studio and live shows. MAa: Human relations. Is there any valuable moment in your music career so far? Kyuusuke: Receiving fan letters. KAZUKI: Being in the band DAMMITLAND with members who share the same way of thinking. P: The very first live show I played in my life, it was the day that I found the joy in performing live. MAa: Being cheered by the high-pitched voices of our fans We all know age is secret, but still we would like to know who is the youngest and who is the oldest in the band? KAZUKI: I’ll leave that to your imagination! If someone would ask you, “why should I listen to your band” what would you tell this person? KAZUKI: I would tell this person: I think that all the songs which Kyuuske created and wrote are amazing, so please check them out and listen to them often. Do you have any Ultimate goal for the future? Kyuusuke: To stay healthy and enjoy life for a long time. KAZUKI: To be able to enjoy music activities for a long time. P: To play a one-man show at OSAKA-JO-HALL. MAa: To play at Fuji Rock. Beliefs and Mottoes, please share yours. Kyuusuke: If there is something you want to do, you should do it right away! KAZUKI: I want to be the bassist that the 20-year old me would adore and think “he is cool!”. P: Always keep the strongest image of yourself in your mind. MAa: Forever Young We came to the end, so please give a message to your fans and readers. Kyuusuke: Please don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and to follow me and us on Twitter. KAZUKI: Thank you very much for reading this interview. I like to continue to share various interesting things on youtube, I also would like to try TwitCasting, so please keep up following me and us! P: Thank you for reading until the end. I will continue to do whatever I want, however I’ll avoid the inconvenience. MAa: Everyone, Let’s keep on living! Questions discussed together with @Katt
  3. Don't forget to read the interview with MOB


  4. I wonder which next visual band I should try to contact for an interview, please don't point me to too big names.

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      @suji do they actually have any interview in Japanese?

      If there any, please link me to it. 

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      what about kebyo, Spookjack or ロゼ?

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      I doubt I can reach to spookjack...


      but ロゼ might be fine. 


      kebyo I contacted yesterday... but I have low hopes.

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    Of course of course another bandman who wish to break contact with his bandmates...
  6. The world of MOB is very interesting so could you please tell us more about the world of MOB? The word MOB(crowd) is a connotation of “zako(a nobody)”. Originally, the word referred to a crowd or other people. We decided to express the feelings that a “zako” has inside his heart if he is in the middle of a crowd. Also our lyrical worldview is: We intend to represent the emotions of “zako” in various situations. With that in mind, we want to show the feelings and scenes that people who are defined as “zako” might imagine and feel in society, relationships with friends, school life and their position in a hypothetical world of devastation. We try to create a sound that gives a melodious impression while emphasizing a heavy bass. Anyway let’s learn a bit more about each member. Don’t we all have a single Kanji which fit our personality or just keeps or own attention? So what’s your favorite? U: 新 (shin)(new) Because new things are wonderful. CHIHIRO: 千 (chi/sen)(thousand) Because it’s a part of my name. MAST: 初 (hatsu)(first) You don’t forget your original intentions KANADE: 響 (hibiki)(sound) I like to make sounds by singing and playing an instrument. We all do have hobbies isn’t? So besides music, what are your hobbies? U: I love to drink and to watch various videos. CHIHIRO: I like to travel around. MAST: I like to travel around. KANADE: I like to play around with gatchets. Anyway what about your musical background, do you have any? U: I’ve been through a lot of bands. CHIHIRO: Actually I don’t have a long band history,… so MAST: I’ve been in the visual world for a long time. KANADE: I tried punk and rock, changed the guitar to vocals and then I became a bass player. Are there any artists and / or events which have influenced you the most? U: DEAD END. The live of “1989/09/09 HYPER d. at Tokyo Hibiya Yagai Daiongakudou” is the best! CHIHIRO: L’arc’en’ciel. When I saw the flower PV, hyde left an impression on me. MAST: LINKIN PARK. I was fascinated by the band’s musical skills, Chesters voice is my favorite and it’s a band that incorporated various genres. KANADE: 蜉蝣 (Kagerou). I like their sound, lyrics and worldview, I still do listen to them. You all love visual kei isn’t? But how did you encounter it? U: I like Japanese metal, so it grew with me. CHIHIRO: It was l’arc’en’ciel MAST: When I saw Luna Sea on TV, I was impressed and thought they were so cool. KANADE: It started with Dir En Grey and started listening to other bands from there. Anyway what is visual kei? Is their any connection between music and visual? U: The band’s appearances look like artworks, the sound is like art pseudo-sense. CHIHIRO: It requires make-up and an over-the-top hairstyle. MAST: I still don’t know. KANADE: It’s a bundle of fun. Also the music will never age. Being an artist isn’t always easy so what’s most difficult thing for being an artist? U: Just the feeling of wanting to do it. CHIHIRO: Feelings MAST: The difference between your vision and reality. KANADE: It’s a fight with yourself. If you are satisfied or give up, it will end just there. Let’s talk about MOB’s image, style and music. Could you tell us something about your costumes It’s an image of a decadent worldview. Please tell us something about the CD jackets. What’s the idea behind all jackets? 1st single: Gomibako (ゴミバコ) It represents the members of MOB thrown into a garbage can. The jacket is covered with the mask which we use in our live shows. Live limited: HUMAN DEBRIS As the title suggests, it’s ragged with human scum in mind. The jacket is a doll with a deformed mask which we also use at our live shows. The jacket also reflects the image of the recorded songs. Live limited: Gizensha NA kimi O Bokusatsu (偽善者ナ君ヲ撲殺) We were inspired by a scene of a person beaten to death, so we created a jacket with a photo of the band member holding a baseball bat. It’s also our first release after new members joined MOB, so that’s also a reason why we used a band photo as a cover. To learn a bit more about each song, could you give some nice self-liner-notes to each MOB song? * KILL ME WONDERLAND It’s a song with the story; living in a small world is a paradise for some people wile for others it’s a hell. * Gomibako (ゴミバコ) It’s the SE of our 1st single. It expresses the world feeling of the current MOB. * Signal (シグナル) The title already suggests it, but it’s a song about how no matter how many signals you shouted out with the message of “help me”, you won’t receive it. It’s a song about a life that ends up ugly, no matter how hard someone tried. * Karma (カルマ) This song let’s you realize the karma of being born as a mob. It depicts the struggle to find an escape route. * BOKU NO NAKA Deco Lolita (ボクノナカデコロシタアイツ) Are you the killer? It’s a song packed with envy and grudge. With other words, a song about “someone in the way”. It can be described as the highest (or lowest) grade. * BOKU NO TSUKUE NO ICHIRINKA (ボクノツクエノイチリンカ) This song answers the song BOKU NO NAKA DE KOROSHITA AITSU (ボクノナカデコロシタアイツ). Hate or grudge the result, it’s a song which made you choose to disappear. * RYOUKI NARU RIDDLE (リョウキナルリドル) It’s a song inspired by a tragic incident. It’s a story that tells the story of a young man who couldn’t maintain his mental health. * OVERDOSE The theme of this song is destruction and imagination. The song is about a person who misunderstood the idea of becoming a new self by destroying himself by relying on scientific things. * Gizensha NA Kimi O Bokusatsu (偽善者ナ君ヲ撲殺) It’s inspired by scenes of “beat to death”, so we wrote a song with this theme. You thought to be protected, however nobody is protecting you, after all it’s only about oneself pleasure, isn’t it? That’s the message. * Kankin My Room (監禁マイルーム) How did she spend her days after being trapped for two and a half years? We wrote this song with that question in mind. THE MV of “シグナル” has a really nice cool atmosphere. Could you tell us something more about the idea behind? The world of BOKU NO NAKA DE KOROSHITA AITSU (ボクノナカデコロシタアイツ) is very much like a school, so we shot it in that kind of atmosphere. If a new song has been created how do you actually decide the title of this new song? The lyrics to a song will be written after creating the melody of a song. What do you enjoy the most about playing live shows? U: That you are surrounded by music to which you are able to express yourself. CHIHIRO: It’s about going wild in the middle of an explosion! MAST: To make MOB as a complete piece by matching our music with our appearance. Also to express yourself with music. KANADE: The ability to express yourself with music. Since a band is always writing new songs, can we expect a new release this year? We have recorded a bunch of songs, we will let you know shortly when we will release them. Until now what’s the most valuable thing that has happened to you in your music career? U: I’ve felt the feelings of various people better than I would in normal life. CHIHIRO: Everything. MAST: To be able to play a show in front of a big crowd KANADE: Everything is valuable, because it’s stuff which I cannot experience in a normal life. We face a worldwide problem now named corona, how do you as an artist face it? U: I’ll do what I can do to express myself, however I don’t want to cause trouble. CHIHIRO: We just have to do what we can do. MAST: I love music, so we just have to take measures against corona and that’s all we can do. KANADE: We’ll do what we can do, while taking the necessary precautions. What’s MOB’s ultimate goal for the future? U: Living a fun life. CHIHIRO: I would be happy if you would continue to enjoy our music forever. MAST: I hope that I can play music with these guys forever. KANADE: living my life without no regrets. We came to an end, so please share your message to your fans and readers. U: Please enjoy the world of MOB. That’s all. Everyone, please be careful about your health and take the path you think is fun! CHIHIRO: Currently we cannot perform live because of the current situation, but I’ll send out messages in other ways, so please support us! MAST: It’s a tough time right now, but I’m sure the future will be bright, and that we are able to live the life we wish to live. Until then, we won’t give up and look forward to the future, so please keep your head up! KANADE: It’s a tough situation, but MOB will continue to move forward, so I would like to ask you for your continued support! Thank you very much for this interview, we wish the band all luck for the future! Learn much more about MOB via jrocknroll band search! Check it here https://jrocknroll.com/band-search-mob/3/
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  8. Interview can also be read on jrockrnoll https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-bebop/3/ 和 (wa)(harmony) We don’t like that Punk has an aggressive image. There is a saying in Japan that goes “Respect with harmony”, which means that it;s important to not just get along with each other, but also to discuss and talk with each other firmly. We feel this is also important as a “band” as well, which is why we chose the kanji for “harmony”. Tommy: 鮫 (same)(shark) A shark is strong, beautiful and disliked. TsutomuUSA: 笑 (wara)(smile) Because I always want to give my smile to anything. Tommy: A musician can convey a lot of information at a glance, for example, melody, lyrics, style and expression. I thought it’s wonderful. I started to play the guitar after I saw a live video of THE BLUE HEARTS, I was immediately impressed by their amazing guitar performance. TsutomuUSA: I just enjoy playing. I was inspired by NOFX Tommy: I’ve been in BEBOP since my high school years. TsutomuUSA: I have played in a band since I was 17, I played in three bands before joining BEBOP. It did teach us that you never should give up, even when a band comes to a standstill, there is always someone who will share a helping hand. We’ve learned that friendship is very important and that you shouldn’t lose it. Tommy: Old-fashioned and clumsy. Tommy: When I saw “The High-Lows” at their first live tour in my hometown of Niigata, Japan. I saw the artist of my dreams in front of me, I was amazed that it was “real”. Tommy: I switched from guitar to vocals, and I started to laugh/smile on stage. Back in the days, I tried not to laugh, nowadays I wonder why I refused it. Tsutomu USA: That’s it’s gotten more dynamic. Tommy: I write songs based on the lyrics, So when I have a lyric that feels good, I’ll start writing the melody. Tommy: To escape into memories, which leads into creating lyrics. Yes, Tommy writes the lyrics and melody, and the rest is left to the band. We arrange the songs in the way we want, and after that we complete it together at the studio. Tommy: A place where you can drink alcohol endlessly. Yes, since we are a band, we're doing it in that style so it’s a challenge to find a member who can keep up with us. Tommy: The moment of when the ad-lib melody gets you hooked. Probably because you never can’t do it again. TsutomuUSA: What do you mean? playing? (Laughs) For some reason, we used to be stubborn about it. But now we are open to it, so if you see us on the floor, be free to have a chat with us. https://open.spotify.com/album/5Fs1iclSKw7EIvsM9tuSld It’s not something we can interfere with. We try to keep up our life as normal as possible, and if we get an invite to play a gig, we will try our best! Tommy: Whiskey, especially Nikka Whisky. TsutomuUSA: When I’m staring at my Shiba dog. The last live show with Fuzzy. It was a memorable and precious experience for Tommy to see his childhood friend, with whom he came to Tokyo together, leaving the band. The live performance was so memorable and valuable because the audience loved it and enjoyed it so much. Unlike some other punk bands, BEBOP are not an aggressive band at all, we do have good melodies and lyrics filled with lots of ups, downs and shadows. We hope that people who saw us live for the first time that they will leave with a positive one phrase in their mind. Tommy: Co-star with Johnny Rotten, Mercy and Hiroto! TsutomuUSA: Living on as a drummer Tommy: Just keep going! It’s not that difficult. TsutomuUSA: Everything is fun! Tommy: It’s alright to believe in what you feel it’s amazing. TsutomuUSA: Just have fun in your life.
  9. Are you guys still enjoying the interviews? from now on (newest) I share them fully here too. so no need to go to jrocknroll anymore :D 

  10. You can read this interview also directly on jrocknroll https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-ranze/3/ Today an interview with Ranze, you might know him from La Madame Rochas, MAGIER SEXALICE or DRESS or NUDE. He was kind enough to answer some quick to go answers with some strong powerful words. Please enjoy reading it. --- Please introduce yourself to your readers. I’m RANZE(ランゼ) from DRESS or NUDE Please describe yourself as a Kanji. 美 (Bi)(beauty) Doesn’t make something beautiful make you somehow nervous? Could you confirm and complete this band history? ○ La Madame Rochas(1987~1991) ○ MAGIER SEXALICE -> Waltz Veronica (2008~2014) ○ DRESS or NUDE(2017/08~) ○ POISON D’HERMÈS(2016~2019) Why did you want to become a vocalist? Well, I was actually a guitarist. Back then the vocalist was ill, so I decided to sing our songs. Also I was singing while I was playing the guitar. When you started your first band, “Visual Kei” was still not named. How did you call your own style? I didn’t transmit anything from myself. I left it up to the sensitivity of the fans’ perception. Back in the days, which bands or things inspired you the most? Pete Burns Why did you decide to wear strong make-up? I was able to transform into the other me. I’ve seen that “地下室の旋律” was an inspiration for “La Madame Rochas”. (a one shot manga from 1994). Why did you like this manga so much? A part of the story is about me. (laugh) Later when the term Visual Kei was used for bands who wear makeup. Did you embrace that term? Or did you dislike the term? I hate the word “visual kei” Visual Kei has really changed completely in the years hasn’t? The current scene is rotten. Everything is imitating. It’s just fake. Do you mind if people call you a “visual kei” band/artist? Please tell us the reason. As I said before, it’s up to my fans and third parties. When you look at visual kei nowadays, what do you think and feel? It’s over. I can’t look at it. You are already long in the music world, what changed the most in all those years? There are really less musicians who really play music with the heart. They only can say “We are the coolest!”. But only a few people really put effort in their own music to be really the coolest. What’s the most difficult thing about being an artist? SNS Are there more instruments which you can play? Guitar You formed DRESS or NUDE in 2017/8, what’s the biggest difference from your past bands? Making a sound which also gives sex appeal to adults. How did you meet the members of DRESS or NUDE? We are all acquaintances Why did you choose to name your mini album “PARADOX UNDERGROUND“? This one came to my mind straight away. So we chose this one. What was your biggest inspiration for creating 「PARADOX UNDERGROUND」? We’ve put on the most popular songs of that time. It’s like a business card. Please tell me the concept of each lyric of “PARADOX UNDERGROUND. 揚羽 / It expresses the mind’s dependence. 歪に曲がる / The madness which is hidden within you. SWEET SLAVES / A complete play on words. TANZANITE / A song about dependence and madness. DRESS or NUDE 1st mini album “PARADOX UNDERGROUND”, is it possible for an overseas fan to obtain it? Yes What is your inspiration for writing lyrics? It depends on how I feel at the time I write a song. Are you planning to release a new CD? I want to release a new CD as fast as possible. Do you have planned activities for the near future? Or will you wait until covid-19 is over? We will adjust our activity to the world’s situation. You have many tattoos. Are you still happy with all of them? Or do you regret a few? I will get some new ones! What does tattooing mean to you? To be able to express myself What’s your favorite tattoo? Butterfly What’s your most beautiful memory? That I was born into this world. What is your biggest loss? Also that I was born into this world. What’s your favorite place to write new songs? In my car or inside my room. What’s your biggest future goal? To stay beautiful Please tell me some words of wisdom. Wolves live and pigs die. Please say some words to your fans and readers. Let’s do our best to be able to stand on stage again as soon as possible in this world.
  11. Read fully on JROCKNROLL https://jrocknroll.com/an-interview-with-einsvier/3/ Which Kanji character would you choose to describe Eins:Vier and what’s your own favorite Kanji? HIROFUMI ・ Eins:Vier: 想 (sou) | Thought Myself: 空 (Sky)(sora) | Sometimes vast, sometimes empty. In all those years how did all the experience affect the band? HIROFUMI ・Enhancing our living Genes. LUNA・Nourishment. YOSHITSUGU・ To stand where we stand now. What makes you smile? HIROFUMI ・People smile and laughter. LUNA・Alcohol!! YOSHITSUGU・Of course the smiles and laughs of our fans. How would you describe your musical style? LUNA・Obsession. Has the influences of Eins:Vier changed since you first formed? HIROFUMI ・ We have changed. Instead of being stuck by rock, I(we) also learned to play/create music acoustic. LUNA・It’s always changing. I’m still unbounded by anything! YOSHITSUGU・It’s not that we changed, but that we have expanded ourselves. What has changed the most since you started your career? HIROFUMI ・Own pace. LUNA・My skills grew. YOSHITSUGU・I think to be a little bit more expressive. The word visual became a common word for makeup bands. Did you adopt that word? Or do you feel uncomfortable with the words? HIROFUMI ・I never really was aware of it, and now I don’t mind it anymore. LUNA・I’ve never used it myself. I don’t care about genre division. YOSHITSUGU・I never called myself visual kei. But in the past it was common. You have been wearing make-up since the days when the word visual kei didn’t exist yet. What made you choose to be a visual kei band? HIROFUMI ・Because it was something everybody around me was doing. LUNA・Back then, I thought it was cool. YOSHITSUGU・I was influenced by my friends at that time, and I really liked the idea Has the process for making music changed since you started making music again? HIROFUMI ・Roughly speaking, it doesn’t change. LUNA・Everyone continues to make music! YOSHITSUGU・Not really. Has touring as a band changed from when you first formed? HIROFUMI ・Emotionally it doesn’t change LUNA・We’d be screwed if we didn’t! YOSHITSUGU・It’s not just the momentum. What’s your favorite place to write new songs? HIROFUMI ・Home LUNA・Home. YOSHITSUGU・ I only write at home. Where do you draw your inspiration for your own work, both musically and lyrically? HIROFUMI ・ Stuff what happens in our daily life. LUNA・Accidental impulse! YOSHITSUGU・daily life happenings Which Eins:Vier song is your favorite? HIROFUMI ・I can’t choose. LUNA・Impossible to choose. YOSHITSUGU・ I guess these are the two new songs that have been released now. Which song to you is most loved by fans of Eins:Vier? HIROFUMI ・Please ask our fans. LUNA・I don’t know, please ask our fans. YOSHITSUGU・I don’t know which song our fans rank as the number one. Do you plan to continue online streaming? HIROFUMI ・ I don’t know what the future will bring. But it won’t be our priority. LUNA・I don’t know our future plans. YOSHITSUGU・I don’t know, but if we have the chance, we could do it. Since the mini-album has been postponed, is there a chance we’ll see this music in digital distribution? HIROFUMI ・We will not release the songs as digital before releasing the actual CD. LUNA・Advance sales have already begun! YOSHITSUGU・Only two songs are distributed in advance. The first press of your upcoming release will include a bonus disc containing MV’s of [To the FLAT]. LUNA・There is no plan to include [To the FLAT], but the recorded songs of this mini-album will be recorded as an MV. Corona is currently a global issue. How do you face as an artist? HIROFUMI ・We are trying to find a way to be secure and do our best to stay in between the realities. LUNA・We fear no more than necessary! We are careful and following the rules! YOSHITSUGU・We do what we can do. What is the most difficult thing for being an artist? HIROFUMI ・For me being an artist isn’t difficult at all. LUNA・To keep up your motivation. YOSHITSUGU・Various stuff. What is the most precious event in your music activities? HIROFUMI ・All! LUNA・That we formed Eins:Vier. YOSHITSUGU・There are many events which are unique. What is your ultimate goal for the future? HIROFUMI ・To be able to die happily. LUNA・To live a happy life. YOSHITSUGU・A peaceful life. Please tell us about your beliefs as an artist and inspiration for your fans. LUNA・Let’s live as freely as possible. And please write a message to your fans and readers! LUNA・Thank you very much for your support. YOSHITSUGU・Please listen to our upcoming mini album! And please come to our live shows which will be held next year.
  12. You also can check the interview on https://vk.gy.
  13. I wonder, shall I just share my interviews here full to read?

  14. september 11th ^^ and they prefer to call it " The Human Anthem'
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